Beer ISO: Cantillon; FT: US Stuff

Discussion in 'In-Person (International)' started by Hopelessly0, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Hopelessly0

    Hopelessly0 Aspirant (258) May 13, 2019 California

    Hey, I'm looking to set up a possible future trade in Europe once things open back up. I'm flexible with where I travel to so that shouldn't be too big of an issue, but would likely be going to any of the larger European cities.

    I'm specifically looking for LPK and Blabaer, ideally getting both in one trade, but am also open to other lambics (Magic Lambic, Zenne, Fou, LPF, LPG, D'Aunis, St. Lam., Brabantiae, 50N4E, etc.).

    I have a bunch of bottles already BL, SARA, etc. but can possibly trade for whatever you may be looking for. If you're into hops, I can probably also get some OH or Monkish too. Let me know if we can get the conversation started.
  2. h_lupulus

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