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    Thanks for looking! I realize my ISO list is all over the place and not sure what is actually attainable. If you are interested in any of the Prairie stuff please message me and we can work something out. Cheers!


    Large Format bottles from Cantillon, Drie Foneteinen and Firestone Walker
    Bell’s - BA Expo and Vanilla Black Note
    Lost Abbey - Cable Car
    Side Project - Framboise du Fermier, Saison du Fermier, La Fosse and Blanc de Blanca
    Jester King - Atrial Rubicite
    Russian River - Beatification and Temptation
    SARA - West Ashley
    Casey - Leaner
    Perennial - Coffee Abraxas and Vanilla Abraxas


    Prairie List

    3L Barrel-Aged Birthday Bomb

    Year 2

    Cowboy Breakfast - Bourbon Barrel with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla and Maple Syrup

    Pirate Paradise batch 3 - Rum Barrel with Coconut and Vanilla

    Pirate Punch - Rum Barrel with Orange Blossom Water and Almonds

    Adjunct Trail (Angry Chair Collab) - Milk Stout with Hazelnut Coffee and Coconut

    W Boom Beat - Bourbon Barrel with Raspberry, Chocolate and Vanilla

    Little Festival On The Prairie - Whiskey Barrel with Pecan, Coconut and Cacao Nibs

    Proton Streams - Rum/Bourbon Barrel Stout blended with Boubon Barrel Brown Ale

    A Shark Eating A Gorilla Reaching For Bananas (Single Barrel) - Rum Barrel with Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Oreos and Banana

    Apple Brandy Noir - Apple Brandy Barrel

    Stock Photo - Foeder Aged Red Sour Ale

    Year 3

    This Is The Way (Single Barrel) - Bourbon Barrel with Dark Chocolate Cookies, Marshmallow, Coconut and Almond

    Üter Zörker (Single Barrel) - Bourbon Barrel with Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut and Marshmallow

    X Gon Give It To Ya (Single Barrel) - Bourbon Barrel with Brownies, Marshmallow, Vanilla and Walnuts

    I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (Single Barrel) - Bourbon Barrel with Coconut, Cacao Nibs and Pecans

    Holiday Weekend - Bourbon Barrel with Coconut, Caco Nibs, Cinnamon and Marshmallow

    Skonbeit - Bourbon Barrel with Coconut, Vanilla and Coffee

    Pirate Christmas - Rum Barrel with Holiday Spices

    Moken Troll - Rum/Whiskey Barrels with Vanilla

    V4NILLA - Bourbon Barrel with 4 types vanilla Madagascar, Ugandan, Indonesian and Tahitian
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