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ISO: Prayer Group FT: HF / TH cans

Discussion in '$4$' started by WolfsburgVW, Oct 23, 2017.

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  1. WolfsburgVW

    WolfsburgVW Zealot (570) May 21, 2013 Maine

    Looking to secure two bottles of Prayer Group from Tired Hands. Looking to go 4$4 with a combination of cans from both Hill Farmstead and Tree House. I have the following to offer:

    Hill Farmstead:
    Difference and Repetition
    Society and Solitude 4

    Tree House:
    Alter Ego
    Bright (Citra)

  2. CharacterZero

    CharacterZero Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2017 Pennsylvania

    I can pick this up Wednesday for you if you don’t find a trade. Let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.