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ISO: Side Project / Toppling Goliath

Discussion in 'Limited' started by TurkeysDrinkBeer, Sep 5, 2023.

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  1. TurkeysDrinkBeer

    TurkeysDrinkBeer Pundit (990) Sep 8, 2018 Virginia
    Society Trader


    Side Project:
    -Continuance B4
    -Phase Rule
    -RBBT '23
    -VW BBT
    -Terminus Bourbon / Rye
    -Flim Flam

    Toppling Goliath:
    -DB Rye Assassin
    -Assassin 2023


    Side Project:
    -Anabasis B6
    -Maltvin B2
    -For TWCP
    -Tete de Cuvee V19
    -Tete de Cuvee V20
    -Coeur de Cuvee Blend 8
    -Saison du Ble Blend 13
    -Saison du Fermier Blend 6

    -Wendigo TO B2
    -No Answer

    The Veil:
    -Sleeping Forever Grand Cru
    -Vanilla Willet Sleeping Forever Barrel Pick
    -Starve F
    -Starve G
    -Circle Of Wolves Vintage Reserve

    Wax Wings:
    -BA Vanilla Rye Heights
    -BA Heights 2023
    -Harbors 3
    -BA Lay This Body Down
    -Goodbye Mr. Sun

    Little Cottage:
    -2nd Anniversary Blend
    -BA The Sun Is My Destroyer '23

    -St Lam
    -Sang Blue
    -Lambic D'Aunis
    -Magic Lambic

    Feedback welcome. Thanks for looking, Cheers!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.