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    Here at BeerAdvocate (BA) we rely on volunteer users to help keep our forums and data as clean and helpful as possible. By joining the Moderator (mod) Team you'll be ensuring that BA remains an invaluable resource for millions of users and visitors each month and for many more years to come.

    "With great power comes great responsibility."
    —Ancient Adage

    Tasks include:
    • Using tools created for mods
    • Handling reports submitted by our community
    • Moderating forum posts
    • Updating beers and places
    • Communicating with other users and the mod team as needed
    Applicants must:
    • Have an active account that's at least one year old and in good standing
    • Be willing to handle tasks and apply our rules in a professional manner
    • Join our Discord server to communicate with the mod team
    • "Moderator" user banner on your profile
    • Complimentary Respect Beer Society membership as long as you're a mod
    • Invite to the #mods channel on our Discord server
    • Special discounts on BA Gear
    Interested? Drop me a note and tell me why you want to join the mod team.

    Thanks in advance for your interest!