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  1. CaptainHate

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    Dogfish Head Siracusa Nera 10/11/17

    Decided to cellar this to 9 months from bottling date to see if there's any improvement, about which I was skeptical because of how balanced the taste was originally. The pour into a long stemmed tulip showed no deterioration of the head in both size and retention. The wine aroma may have faded somewhat but there's still a pleasantly sweet hint. The taste is where the major improvement has occurred because it seems richer than it was previously with maybe the wine a bit more forward. I still don't taste nearly as much barrel as I'm used to and the alcohol remains entirely hidden. Mouthfeel is still fine so I'd say the cellaring was a success, given the subjective nature of every tasting. Maybe revisit this a year from bottling.
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    2010 Pannepot by De Struise. I love this beer fresh, and have had it many times with 1-2 years on it. Never 8 years. This pours a nice dark brown with good carbonation. The nose is incredible. Tons of toffee, raisin, bread, and malts. Taste follows the nose. Nice a sweet (but not too sweet) upfront, with huge notes of dark fruit. Blackberries, cherries, figs, raisins. Lots of caramel. Mouthfeel is thick and creamy. This has held up really well, and I would even say that I prefer it with lots of age.

  3. bl00

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    2010 Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
    If I'm remembering accurately, I found this in a random liquor store in Ocean City, MD around 2012/13.

    Medium pour yeilds under a centimeter if tan head, dissipates quickly to a slight collar. Opaque deep brown body.
    Nose is chocolate, Graham cracker, caramel pretzels.
    Taste is fudgy brownies, some vanilla notes. Toasted marshmallow comes out as it warms. Cocoa notes finish long and smooth.
    Mouthfeel is thick and chewy, some carb. No heat on the back end.

    Overall this beer has aged beautifully. Less heat than fresh, still lots of bright candy bar notes that made me love it the first time I tried it.
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  4. darktronica

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    I totally agree, I love Pannepot and all its various iterations with 5 or more years on them. Despite knowing that most of the bottles I've had of it sat for years, dusty, on a retail shelf at room temp, I've never had a bottle that I thought was worse for wear.

    On the other hand, tonight I opened a 2013 Alaskan Barley Wine.


    This one is still really enjoyable, but I think I prefer it around 3 years old. All the signs of an English barleywine oxidizing favorably, plus a few signs that it's past its prime. Lots of plum, Christmas cake, leather, and brown sugar, but now also displaying some orange gumdrops and wet paper towels. It's trying to convince me that I should take up smoking cigars after dinner in the drawing room, with the rest of the old chaps.
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  5. TheGent

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    It’s been a few months since I’ve posted in this thread. I did not pull this from my cellar, but rather it was given to me a month or so ago by a generous BA who goes by @GreenBayBA

    Surly Darkness (10/21/2016)

    Appearance: Over time the head disappeared almost entirely but for a thin film across the top. Some sticky, bittersweet lacing was left alongside my glass. She’s got legs. She knows how to use them. No visible carbonation, but a nice hiss released when I got the wax cap off.

    Smell: The aroma of this beer is sweet, roasty, and piney. Powdered cocoa, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, espresso, raisins, figs, vanilla, marshmallow, a hint of cinnamon, a touch of wood, pine and a wee bit vegetal described as fresh pumpkin. The dark, dried fruits come through to me as a tawny port aroma. IF this beer’s taken on any notes of oxidation it’s just the right amount. The alcohol comes through just enough without being overpowering.

    Taste: I’m going to throw out the “follows the nose” comment with some tweaks. The woody and vegetal notes do not come through on the palate. There is a nutty flavor. This beer starts out sweet and shifts to bitter on the finish. I think part of that is driven by the roasty aspect of the beer, but make no mistake that there’s a piney, lemon rind, bitter hop component like you’d find in an American Barleywine such as Bigfoot. Picking an example for frame of reference. It’s not that bitter or hoppy, but almost. This is a big, flavorful beer. I will still be tasting it on my lips when I wake up in the morning. That’s a good thing. (And that’s what she said)

    Absent from this beer that I’ve had in aged RIS before (or even fresh) are the “soy sauce” and “meaty” flavors. If those are not your jam, no worries here.

    Mouthfeel: Although not the thickest beer I’ve ever had, this certainly is a chewy beer. The carbonation is mild and it feels silky smooth. The sugary sweetness coats the palate. There’s a pleasant warmth from the alcohol that fills the pipes.

    Drinkability: This beer is highly drinkable and enjoyable. While I’ve never had the beer fresh, clearly it has held up nicely, and there is really nothing off for me to mention. For a 12% beer it drinks easy enough. This is basically what I want in an RIS. IF I had more of this beer I’d be drinking them now. Really excellent, and well aged stuff. I’ve got about 6 ounces left by the time I’m done with my notes here so I’m going to put down my phone and enjoy the rest of it with some tunes.

    Cheers, and thank you, Micah.
  6. AirBob

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    Victory Storm King
    Bottled pre-July 2014, but I'm unsure of the exact date

    Pitch black body. One finger of foamy khaki colored head. Excellent retention and lacing.

    Nose bring a soft note of chocolate. Berry-forward coffee. Stale floral hops, like an old English IPA. Some sherry-like oxidation compliments the berry notes.

    Taste is layered. Starts with notes of red berry and lightly roasted coffee. Middle shifts to deeper chocolate and espresso with some floral notes. A bit of the oxidation peeks through too. Finish is extremely dry and bitter - super strong, slightly smokey espresso. Hint of citrus. Old espresso grounds and citruscitrus on the tongue.

    Medium bodied. Extremely dry. Very bitter finish.

    The fruity/berry notes on thr nose and palate are the highlight. Outstanding balanced andacomplex aroma. If you like intensely bitter, but flavorful espresso, this may be your jam. A little muc for my palate though.

    I was inspried to age this beer by recommendations in this thread from years ago - appreciate the advice. It was well worth the wait.
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