June 2019 Cellar Reviews

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  1. garymuchow

    garymuchow Poo-Bah (3,075) Aug 31, 2001 Minnesota

    Well okay then. I'll get this party started.
    2014 Allagash Tripel
    I was only mildly pleased with this one originally, compared to my score on other tripels. Maybe I hoped aging would improve it.
    Doughy, lemon zest, a little spice and a little cardboard. Gold, mostly clear and firm, dense white head.
    Still has a little sparkle and crackle and bite. Dries out nicely with just a hint of hop flavor and very soft bitterness. Malt has faded a little and just enough oxidation to show and taint, but not a lot.
    Still holds adequate to better carbonation with a pleasant softness and fullness.
    I don't know if this has changed a whole lot. I'm learning tripels don't change all that much with time. This is still a good enough drink to enjoy.
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  2. garymuchow

    garymuchow Poo-Bah (3,075) Aug 31, 2001 Minnesota

    Duchesse De Bourgogne Best Before 5/1/2014
    Aroma holds more vinegar and wine like qualities with a reduced fruitiness. Some oxidation (cardboard) and old grain. Kinda' cloudy but still holds a nice near tan head. Taste is still fruity and only hints of wine and vinegar. Tartness is reduce and some bits of stale malt.
    Nice soft fullness for a smaller beer.
    Not as good as when fresh (one of my favorites) but really still pleasing.
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  3. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,606) Mar 12, 2009 New York

    11/21/11 Palo Santo Marron

    Last of my 2011's. Had a feeling this one wouldn't do any better than last time I opened one, about two years ago, and it didn't. Now I/we know. It's why we do this, ayy?

    Aroma has diminished even more, and contains sherry notes it didn't have last time opened. No cardboard or papery notes. Dark fruit has faded to a background aroma, and a peachy sweetness that was little noticed in the past has appeared, and gets more delicious and prominent as it warms. There were always nutty, brown bread, rich, doughy, full of thick fruit kind of complex notes, and some roasty and hoppy notes that balanced well the outright fruity sweetness it had. Those elements are here in varying degrees of diminished proportion, with the bitterness of both roast and hop barely present, so it has more of an overwhelming sweet than it used to have. While this review is hardly a good one the fact is this always was a sweet beer, and strongly alcohol present beer, and along the way it developed strong fruit notes that came evident as the strong alcohol of its original form reduced wonderfully, and the more sharp notes gradually mellowed with time. I always considered this was a beer designed for aging, and I believe it is, but for fewer than the 7 years this one has slept. This is less and different than it was, but enjoyable for sure.

    tl;dr We are left with a beer that once had strong date bread, fig, plum, and lighter cherry and dark caramel, strong alcohol, and a bit of earthy bitterness. Now it has almost no roast or hop notes to balance what is a less bitter, some sherry to it, still sweet but with peach flavors and much lighter cake, plum and cherry notes
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  4. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (2,733) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Weyerbacher Thirteen Belgian Imperial Stout

    This is ten years old now and sadly this 13.6% abv beast is past its prime. The carbonation is all but gone. Most of the roasty chocolate I noted in my original review is barely discernible. The plums and raisins are stronger and showing some oxidation. There is an acidic, lingering cherry note at the finish. This is still pretty enjoyable, especially as I move to the second half of the glass. That might be the 13.6 talking.
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  5. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (6,454) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    That beer was my favorite of the Anniversary Series (so far). The Sixteen (Dark Braggot) was a close second though.
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  6. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (4,165) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota

    Both versions of Fourteen were amazing, as was Twelve. Weyerbacher had a fantastic run of anniversary beers for several years.

    Still hanging on to one Twelve & one Thirteen from my original stash. Might be about time.
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  7. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (2,733) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania

    My favorite as well, by far. Too bad they had tinker with Tiny. It's very good but comes up a bit short.
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  8. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (2,733) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania

    I've had my last 12 around 2 years ago and thought that it held up extremely well. Very viscous sweet and satisfying.
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  9. CaptainHate

    CaptainHate Savant (940) Apr 22, 2006 Ohio

    2015 Ballast Point Indra Kunindra

    3.74/5 rDev +1.9%
    look: 4 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.75

    22 ounce bottle was a gift from a friend moving away dated 12/13/2015. Poured into a pint bottle produced a full dark tan head over a dark brown body. Smell was of an oddly spiced cola aroma, not unpleasant. I'd like to taste this fresh because I think, other than the cayenne, the spices have faded. There's definitely a cayenne burn and I can probably taste the cumin and faded coconut, but I wish it was more distinctive.

    It's not bad by any means but probably better fresh.
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  10. garymuchow

    garymuchow Poo-Bah (3,075) Aug 31, 2001 Minnesota

    2010 Bigfoot
    Man this is really smooth. Still looks fantastic. Full head and crystal clear with brown/gold amber color. Tons of lacing. Hop bite is nearly gone. Just a smooth malt character. A little hop left on the finish with taste and a touch of bitterness. Aging seems to thin beers out a bit and that is true for this, but it is still rich and full. Full malt character. Not as sweet as some and no candy or toffee to speak of.
    Probably past prime esp. if one likes the hop flavors, but still an enjoyable drink and worthwhile.
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  11. AirBob

    AirBob Defender (661) Jul 15, 2014 Massachusetts

    Allagash Farm to Face (July 16, 2015 bottles on date)

    1/2 finger of dense white head. Dissipates to a thin white film and large collar within one minute of pouring. Light orange, crystal clear body with very active, visible carbonation.

    Pungent nose of white wine, musty basement, sweet vinegar, and stone fruit.

    Taste starts funky and slightly tart. Wet horse blanket, oaky white wine, and lemon. Middle of the mouth bring peach and oaky vanilla. Finish is tart lemon and more funk with some white vinegar. Very clean finish. Medium bodied.

    This has aged well for a fruited beer. More funky white wine notes even though some of the peach as faded. Still outstanding.
  12. BalancingBrooms

    BalancingBrooms Meyvn (1,244) Aug 22, 2013 Illinois

    Yup, i held onto a 2013 Celebration in cellar conditions (mostly). I had heard this turned into a barley wine-lite and can confirm that around 2 years thats true. At almost 5, its starting to fall apart. Aroma is wet cardboard with a hint of lime. Up front theres somehow some classic sierra nevada hop profile that opens to a brief hint of malt and ends with a slight roast. Body is a medium to thin

    I have a 2014 as well and might hold onto it for longer because why not?
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  13. BalancingBrooms

    BalancingBrooms Meyvn (1,244) Aug 22, 2013 Illinois

    2014 BCBS: basically everything at this point has melded together but with the barrel being the strongest. I had wished that the barrel had fallen out more with more dark malty chocolate coming forwards but o well. Not sure if this was just in a weird spot for me and more time would help but im willing to see it out till it falls apart. Got some 13's in "cellar" for the long haul
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  14. BalancingBrooms

    BalancingBrooms Meyvn (1,244) Aug 22, 2013 Illinois

    I wish i had drank this fresh. What made KBS so perfect for me fresh was that every piece of the puzzle shined and worked in perfect harmony. However at a year for me, not surprisingly that distinction had faded. It faded faster than i thought it would and blended into a muddy swirl. I think for some people this would have been really enjoyable but what made KBS perfect for me was lost. Glad i did it, and learned a lot.
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  15. rypkr

    rypkr Champion (880) Nov 19, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I might review a 2018 founders better half for this thread when the time comes...
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  16. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (6,454) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    2017 - Cigar City Marshal Zhukov - 22 oz bottle dated 7/13/17 so almost a year. Had this beer previously fresh on draft and thought it was excellent so didn't want to go too long. I had moved to the fridge from the cellar recently, so let it sit out and warm up a bit before pouring.

    jet black, pours like used motor oil, with extremely dark brown head. decent head retention. aroma is bitter chocolate and a touch of dark fruit - like a little red wine or black cherry. taste is moderately dry and roasty, with again mostly dark chocolate flavors, rich espresso. full bodied, thick and smooth mouthfeel. overall a very good imperial stout.

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  17. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (6,910) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Society Trader

    Totally forgot that I still had a bottle.

    Reasonable hiss when I popped the cap, the black liquid sits under aboot an inch of tan foam.

    Loads of sweet caramel malt on the nose first and foremost. Reminds me bigtime of an aged English Barleywine with a smidgen of hop bitterness. Coffee is pretty much gone.(some of the light bitterness *could* be attributed to it, I guess)

    The taste? Well, as long as you go in realizing that a near 4 year old Imperial Stout that had coffee as its main point when fresh would probably play a lesser or even no role, you can probably appreciate what this has morphed in to.

    Caramel malt with some of the "good" oxidation going on here. Bit of port, cardboard, dark fruit. Smooth as hell, one sip demands that another follows.

    Creamy mouthfeel that I find outstanding. Better than fresh? I don't know; 2 completely different beasts that have characteristics that I can revel in, hook line and sinker.

    Would I be as impressed with another year or 2 on it? Hard to say but I will guess no. I *may* have caught it just after its peak* but that, again, is another guess on my part .

    *carbonation is very light now.

    Prost my fellow beer cellar aficionados!
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  18. bl00

    bl00 Devotee (405) May 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

    2015 Stickee Monkee
    Didn't take the time to snap a nice pic of this, I had people over that night.
    Pours cloudy dark burgundy with ruby highlights, half Moon of head.
    Smells of brown sugar, buttered popcorn, trace of dark fruit in the back end, maybe port or bourbon.
    Taste is caramel popcorn, pastries, vanilla frosting, smooth wood notes, long soft finish.
    Mouthfeel is thick, somewhat prickly.
    Overall this is a super tasty beer, though is not quite the one that I fell in love with when it was fresh. It feels more muddy, muted in some aspects. I think I have a 2016 around which I would love to open soon for comparison.
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  19. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (6,910) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Society Trader

    I had a few 2016s and I thought that they were excellent. Not exactly fresh excellent but...
    The regular Breakfast Stout is one that I would and did cellar more of and that turned out to be gooder than any KBS I have cellared in the past.
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  20. BalancingBrooms

    BalancingBrooms Meyvn (1,244) Aug 22, 2013 Illinois

    For me i prefer both KBS and FBS fresh. I can see why you appreciate FBS and KBS with some age especially after reading your review. I did a vertical of FBS with fresh, 1, and 2 years and did not really enjoy the results. I guess i couldnt get over what had been lost but youre absolutely right, if you go in with that in mind you can appreciate how its changed. I would absolutely agree that its 2 different beast, even at 1 year! Glad i could compare notes with you, cheers!
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  21. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Zealot (523) Apr 8, 2017 Indiana

    Haven't opened a KBS in While, and still sitting on...like 16. You guys are going to make me open one soon! (From 2017)
  22. garymuchow

    garymuchow Poo-Bah (3,075) Aug 31, 2001 Minnesota

    2009 Bourbon County Brand Stout
    Even with a twist off cap it still provided an ample pssst upon opening.Dark head is small and largely a smear and a rim. Aroma is a sweet aged vanilla, bourbon and wood. Also some deep dark fruits and a soft sweet coffee roast with chocolate. Really still quite nice and no real character of oxidation here.
    Still really rich and holding a somewhat sharp bite in the drink. Immediate hit of alcohol warmth in the gut. Again even though there is some slight fading of the intensity there is no oxidation to speak of. Maybe a little thinning from aging, but really quite impressive. Same notes as the aroma. All more closely balanced evenly and with every take able to focus on one aspect or another. Nice almost sweet drying and bittering left on the finish. Decent fullness in the feel that is helped by the pleasing fullness of the flavors.
    This is still an impressive beer.
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  23. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Zealot (523) Apr 8, 2017 Indiana

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  24. garymuchow

    garymuchow Poo-Bah (3,075) Aug 31, 2001 Minnesota

    2013 Schells Barleywine
    This was closer to an English style originally with a nice refined English hopping. That seems to have impacted the aging with the overall impression that aging hasn't not been that good for this one. More oxidation than others of same age and not in a pleasing way. There is a streak of hop flavor that's okay but the original enjoyable hop flavors are all gone. Bittering is only in balance. Not very sweet and it never was but the sparkle in the malt flavors is gone. Still drinkable but all the best fun has passed.
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  25. CaptainHate

    CaptainHate Savant (940) Apr 22, 2006 Ohio

    2017 North Coast Old Rasputin Barrel Aged XX

    4.18/5 rDev -1.9%
    look: 4.75 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25

    I've been looking forward to this for a while. Poured into a DFH tulip had a thick tan head, which never completely dissipated, over a dark brown body. Very aesthetically appealing to look at. Smell was very nice with a boozy barrel aroma over a roasted chocolate malt base. Taste was fine but didn't quite deliver on the promise of the smell; lacking the complexity I was hoping for. Mouthfeel was just fine.

    I don't know if it's appropriate to address it here but I'll do it anyway: is it appropriate to hold barrel aged Russian Imperial stouts to the same standards as double imperial stouts? Because I think it's an arbitrary differentiation and prefer to lump them together. That said, although I am enjoying this a great deal, I prefer KBS, BCBS and Ten FIDY and maybe more. I'm not trying to badmouth this by saying that as much as putting it in it's proper slot in the hierarchy. Maybe further aging would have improved this but I snagged the last one available.
  26. kemoarps

    kemoarps Poo-Bah (1,527) Apr 30, 2008 Washington

    Decided to dig in for this Satuday evening... hey, Saturdays from the cellar, yeah?
    I started putting beers away to age probably in 2013/2014. I didn't really know what I was doing (still don't, not really), and so I've got a glut of options available from that era that I've held on to because I never found 'the right time' to drink it. A lot of them were/are intended for verticals etc, but tonight I was feeling like grabbing something dark and vintage.

    Lagunitas Imperial Stout (2014).
    Comparing my experience tonight with what I wrote 3 or 4 years ago about it, it seems that the nose has less depth and richness and becomes more metallic. The head retention and lacing were pleasant surprises, and the flavour profile seems to exert more dark fruits with a touch of molasses, and less rich chocolate and coffee. I'm actually enjoying it more than I had expected, and will let the other 2014 bottle that I have sit for a while longer, for science of course.
    While I don't remember it per se, based on what I wrote back then I think I probably enjoyed it better fresh, but it is a different, and still enjoyable beast now, and one that I do not regret having laid down for a while.
  27. joberlander

    joberlander Disciple (335) May 30, 2014 Massachusetts

    2012 De Dolle Stille Nacht. Really nice beer. Have 4 more from around that time in the cellar still. The flavors are very well blended with candied sugar, vanilla, dates, and banana shining through. It actually is pretty similar to Firestone Walker's Stickee Monkee but a little more complex and the banana stands out. I have yet to have a stille nacht with less than a year on it to compare but this is pretty fantastic.
  28. darktronica

    darktronica Poo-Bah (2,249) Aug 29, 2014 Indiana
    Society Trader

    2014 Dogfish Head Raison d'Extra
    Still nicely carbed, with similar sediment from when it was fresh. The 18% ABV is readily apparent on the nose, with some sharp ethyl notes, along with raisin and brown sugar. However, the palate has smoothed out a lot, without nearly as much heat as it used to have. The raisin is still there on the tongue, but it's also now progressed to having some more vinous qualities to it. A touch of cough syrup on the finish once it warms, but overall, I think this is in a good place, and I'm glad I still have another bottle left.
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  29. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (6,454) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    I had a couple bottles of one of the older batches, and drank at 3 years and 6 years old. It was still going strong at 6 years.
  30. Lucular

    Lucular Poo-Bah (2,578) Jun 20, 2014 Maryland

    I saved a 2017 and depending on how that tastes at a year old (will be finding out soon!) I may be tempted to start a Celebration vertical - maybe save 5 beers every year. Could be interesting.
  31. sjjn

    sjjn Zealot (558) Jun 4, 2004 New York

    For my money the 12 and 13 were the best they ever made. Held up for years. Just drank my last 12 a month ago. Gonna miss that beer.

  32. Realsambo

    Realsambo Aspirant (275) Apr 15, 2016 Texas
    Society Trader

    I guess none of ya'll are gonna mention the thread title?
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