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    NAME - Junetōberfest
    STYLE - Oktoberfest (Summer-fied)
    BATCH SIZE - 6 gal to fermenter
    OG - 1.053
    FG - 1.012
    ABV - 5.4%
    SRM - 7
    IBUs in Tinseth - 28

    70% Target Eff.

    5# Floor-malted Pilsner Malt
    5# Vienna Malt
    3# Munich (Light) Malt
    0.125# Acid Malt or equivalent lactic acid

    1.5 Ounces NZ Pacifica at 60 min to 27.5 IBUs
    0.5 Ounces NZ Pacifica at 0 min

    300 mL slurry of WLP833
    Oxygenate for 133 seconds at 1L/min or equivalent
    Pitch at 45 F allow to free rise to 48 F. Hold at 48 F for 3 weeks, then allow for a diacetyl rest for 1 week at 55 F.
    Carbonate to 2.5 vol. and enjoy.

    I target Brewer's Friend's "Balanced Profile" for this and a target pH around 5.4.
    On my system, using EZ Water, in about 9.4 gal of distilled water, that equates to:
    4g of Gypsum
    6g of Ca. Chloride
    2g of Epsom Salt
    1g of Chalk

    70 min boil
    Mash at 152 F for 90 minutes
    Boil Time of 70 minutes (I whirlpool chill, so adjust as needed if you need to do a full 90 min boil.)
    Mash Water Ratio of 1.5 qts/#

    Won gold at Robert's Cove Germanfest 2013. In an email exchange afterwards with one of the judges, he said that it would have made it further but hops were a little too "citrusy" and "upfront". (I entered it along side my other more traditional German beers on a whim. This is purposely designed to be a summer festbier. I was very pleased with the tasting notes from the judges.)
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