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    I know, another one of these. I’ve been getting into home brewing, and my one limiter right now has been a decent kegerator in which to store beer when it’s made.

    I’ve read a lot and done a fair amount of research so know that the cheaper models just aren’t worth it, but at the same time I want to keep it from going above $1k to save my bank from crying too much. The other limitation is that the space I have available is about 20”W. I’m not in a position to build my own due to lack of tools and time constraints as the other caveat.

    I’ve read a lot of KegCo models are good, but there are some that really cut corners so I’m hoping you guys can steer me right to avoid making a very costly mistake. And apologies for another kegerator thread!
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    I'll wait for @billandsuz or @DougC123 to chime in, but I think this could be a decent bare-bones start:

    You could piece it together here with Perlick faucet, etc.

    On the tower kit, pick the stainless options for anything that touches beer, and get the Perlick 630SS faucet. I'd suggest you get a corny keg coupler as a second option since you mention home brew.
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    The dividing line between good and bad units is a tower cooler. If the manufacturer is astute enough to put a tower cooler in, then they know what they are doing. Without a tower cooler they are just selling dorm fridges with towers on top. You can also buy a dorm fridge conversion (I did!) and add a tower cooler. Not quite as elegant. Also cold plate type cooling systems tend to be of the lower end variety also, but still work. If you are building this into a cabinet you should buy one rated for that. Of course there are also people who do not do that and add supplemental cooling behind the cabinet. Don't skimp on any of the hardware, always get stainless for all beer contact surfaces, and IMO always get a forward closing faucet.
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