Kegerator Setup Questions... here we go again!

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by Lsxs13, May 16, 2018.

  1. Lsxs13

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    I've been researching and calling speaking with people over the last few weeks about kegerator setups. I have yet to get an answer that is what I want to hear.

    I have purchased this big boy...

    It comes with nothing so I need to figure out everything I need to make it a functioning beer spewing machine. My first question would be, where do you guys purchase your parts; couplers, regulators etc...

    Kegworks and Webstaurant seems to be the main sites from Google's standpoint.

    So far, what I'd need would be 2x 20lbs CO2 tanks. From one tank I would run a primary regulator to a 4-6 way manifold if those beers require the same Co2 pressure. Being I'd like to keep a stout on tap, I would setup the second co2 tank and run the desired pressure to that keg independently. From one person I spoke with yesterday I was told to just adjust the co2 pressure to 13psi and that would be a good pressure for all beers, so just a tank, primary regulator, 2x 4 port manifolds would cover it.

    Links below for parts used...



    My starting plan had two of these and just dialing in the correct pressure for each beer, but I was told this may be over kill.
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    Are you opening a bar? Bill or Iceman will likely be by to weigh in, they are professional installers. If it were me, I’d go with independent pressures and not manifolds. For your stout you might want to consider mixed gas which will require a different regulator.
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    Damn! That's a serious commitment! I assume you're single ...but I digress.

    Regarding online suppliers, it's been ten years or more since I bought equipment online, so I won't make any recommendations there, though for nuts and bolts DIY stuff, and are my go to places. FWIW, I believe I bought my original setup from Kegworks, but that was a few years ago, so I don't have any recent experience with them.

    Regarding a one-size-fits-all CO2 pressure, I would immediately take that person off speed dial. You'll need one regulator for each pressure. If you'll only ever serve two different pressures at the same time, then two low pressure regulators is fine. In that case, the quadruple setup is overkill. Fortunately, you can chain as many or as few of these together as you like - either order it that way or do it yourself using a handful of off the shelf nipples (I probably got mine at McMaster-Carr, but they're pretty generic).

    You can attach as many kegs as you like to each regulator using a manifold. If you only need two pressures, then you only need two regulators, regardless of how many kegs you hook up to each. Nothing wrong with three or four or six. Only you can decide how many is overkill.

    A two tank CO2 configuration is also overkill, IMO. You can feed all eight taps using a single tank, even at different pressures. That's what regulators and manifolds are for. 20# will last a good long time. That said, I would strongly recommend two CO2 tanks, using one as a spare. When one runs out (you'll only get a few hours' warning), swap it with the filled tank. Then get the empty one refilled at your leisure sometime over the next couple months.

    Since I serve 99% homebrew, I haven't formed any opinions on Sanke couplers.
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