Kegging and dry hopping

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    I have been brewing since the early nineties but just recently started kegging (can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner). I usually brew 10 gallon batches of IPA, split into two 5 gallon carboys. I usually only drink about 5 gallons per month. Since I started kegging, I have been racking 5 gallons to a keg and dry hopping there. Meanwhile, I have been leaving the other 5 gallons in the primary for another month before racking that to a keg and dry hopping.

    The second keg always tastes good, but not as good as the first. Not sure if I should:

    1. Rack both into kegs and dry hop both at the same time and let them sit.

    2. Rack both into kegs, dry hop one and wait another month to dry hop the second.

    3. Rack and dry hop one in a keg, rack the other to a secondary for a month.

    4. Drink twice as much beer so I don’t have this problem.

    5. Or….

    Any help will be appreciated!
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    I would suggest option #2, in theory this gives you the most hop aroma for the buck. Also, check out Home Bar Forum . . . the people over there may be a little smarter than on this Forum.
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    I would think #2 for sure. Having another month aging in the keg is fine, and dry hopping will punch it some more.

    Then Option 4, thought 10 gallons of beer a month seems like a lot for one guy?

    Option 5 would be to dry hop both, but using different hops, to keep it interesting.

    I guess this is all assuming you can keep more than one keg cold and/or can serve more than one at a time. If not, option 6 would be to buy a bigger kegerator!
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    I am going to go with @NickTheGreat Option 5, keg and dryhop both at the same time, but with 2 different dryhop variations. Swap back and forth between them over the next 2 months. Beer still lasts as long, you get some variety, you get to see how your process holds up over a 2 month time, and you get to know what different hops will do in different amounts.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I will try option 5 with different types of hops this time, and maybe try option 2 on the next batch. I love this forum as I have learned so much over the years!