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    So i put 2.5 gallons of beer into a five gallon keg on Sunday. Tried to to a quick force carb. Dispensing from a picnic tap, but all im getting is foam, and its barely pushing out any of that even at 20-30psi. What could be the problem?
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    If you're barely pushing beer out of a picnic tap at 20-30 PSI (and the regulator gauge is accurate), something is clogged.
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    yeah its gotta be in the keg. Just go a little to flow and am seeing some stuff floating in my beer. kinda pissed that a brand new keg got clogged on its first use
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    Well, the good news is that it's not really a keg malfunction, so you're not going to be out a brand new keg. You just need to keep trub out of it.
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    @VikeMan is correct.
    Here is the cleaning procedure.

    You need a 7/8" wrench.
    Disconnect the gas.
    Release pressure by pulling the PRV.
    Unscrew the liquid out post.
    Carefully pull out the pin and rinse out the hops and trub.
    Pull out the dip tube and rinse until clear.
    Reverse order.

    Do not move the keg, not even a little, for 12 hours. Let everything settle.
    Then pour, and repeat because you will immediately pull more gunk. That's why you don't want to move to keg.

    Your Cobra tap is probably clogged too, so disassemble and clean that too.
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    In addition to billandsuz advice I offer this: On disassembling your liquid post don't forget to give the poppet a thorough rinse/sanitation. After cleaning the picnic tap I would not even put it back on until you are running clear (it'll just clog again). Rather, pour directly from the tubing until you are comfortable you've de-clogged the process. When the liquid post is off work quickly and sanitize'ily (if that's a word?). If you have a shortened dip tube now is the time to use it. I have one tube about 4" short that has saved me a couple of times.

    Oh yeah, you know your carb level will be all cock-eyed. Probably easiest to vent most of the pressure and start all over. Final oh yeah, wouldn't hurt to hang out some in Home Bar . . . we talk about stuff like this all the time (and we need the business).
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