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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Jerktookmyname, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Jerktookmyname

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    We'll be staying in downtown Toronto at the Sheraton in late August and will have a couple of well-behaved-ish kids with us in the 8-10 age range. We're from Wisconsin where it's just assumed pretty much all breweries are kid friendly, but I've found that other places have different ideas than we do.

    Wondering if anyone has some kid friendly options for breweries or restaurants with good beer? Saw WVRST in another thread and that looks worth a visit. We're going to be in town for two nights and have no plans other than a Blue Jays game, but would love to have a few options for a brewery or cool beer centric place we can go with the kids.

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  2. onezendad

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    I take my kids to breweries all the time. Never had anyone say anything.

    Downtown WVRST is good. CRAFT Market has a good taplist. Amsterdam in Queens Quay is fun too. Mascot has some fun beers but its a little hipster.

    If you feel like coming to the east end, Left Field is fun (especially if you are in town for a Jays game. They are baseball themed). Rorschach is family friendly and so is Saulter St.

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  3. Electros

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  4. Perry_W

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    As an east ender I can also recommend Left Field and Rorschach....the former for beer and fun baseball themed atmosphere...the latter if you want to eat
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  5. rejtable

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    I've taken my kids (now 12 and 15, but at various points in their growth) to many Toronto places including:

    Bellwoods: seating is the only issue I ever deal with there.
    Both Bar Hops (these make great before/after spots for Jays games btw)
    Craft Beer Market (there is NO issue there with kids for sure)
    Indie Alehouse (my then 7 yr old still raves about the mac n cheese he had there 5 years ago)

    I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.
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  6. Coronaeus

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    I’ll echo the recommendations for Indie Ale House. I’ve been with other people’s kids. They loved the fried chicken. (Hell, I loved the fried chicken...).

    I rarely see kids at Bar Hop. The menu is probably not super kid friendly, but the taps are the best in town and as another has said, a great spot before or after a game due to proximity to the Dome.
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