Lagunitas Sucks 32's = October

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Frankinstiener, May 14, 2013.

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  1. LotsofLupulin

    LotsofLupulin Initiate (0) May 5, 2012 Colorado

    Please post a video of this when you do
  2. smitty5245

    smitty5245 Initiate (0) Mar 8, 2011 California

    Hell, I even tried to clon it when it was gone for the season! I cant wait to refill these 32oz bottles at home.
  3. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,258) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Didn't "Dogtown" (aka Tony Magee) reply to another - and now apparently deleted - thread a day or so ago on this very subject and say that the beer has been brewed and will be bottled/shipped soon?

    Anyone else remember that thread? I thought it had been merged into this one, but it appears it was axed completely instead.
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  4. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,307) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    I saw that too. Lost in the merging of threads, I suppose. The good news is that the wheels are definitely in motion.
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  5. sbxx

    sbxx Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2011 Illinois

    This, a million times over.

    I'm more likely to purchase Sucks on a regular basis now. I'd rather buy 2 pints worth when I feel like it, instead of having half the sixer sit for weeks while I drink all the other beer I have laying around.
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  6. Spikester

    Spikester Poo-Bah (1,819) Jul 14, 2007 Oregon

    I am Ok with the 32 ounce bottle but I wish you had taken the great leap to screw top 40s for the telling the spouce I had one beer honey, honest! Also would be cool for the you tube gomers chugging a Lagunitas Sucks 40!
  7. shand

    shand Meyvn (1,424) Jul 13, 2010 Florida
    Beer Trader

    It's shitty states like Florida that killed your dream by making any containers over 32oz illegal.
  8. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Only beer. Florida white trash has gotta have their Franzia and 2L bottles of Jack Daniels.

    Because laws make perfect sense!
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  9. mmmbirra

    mmmbirra Aspirant (206) Apr 19, 2009 Italy

    So 32 oz is two american pints. I don't see a problem. Split it with someone or drink two pints.
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  10. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,521) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    I think a 32 oz vessel is absurd as the only option. Should be in 4/6 pks too.
  11. Givemebeer

    Givemebeer Zealot (567) Apr 6, 2013 Vermont

    I need this beer in my life again.
  12. newyork326

    newyork326 Initiate (0) Jun 23, 2013 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    Can't wait to get my hands on a 32oz.
  13. thatinvisibo

    thatinvisibo Initiate (187) Sep 5, 2005 California

    Considering that Tony has already said that part of the reason it's in 32oz bottles is to lower demand, and therefore make it easier to keep up with demand all year... No. No it shouldn't be. I'm guessing they'll still have it once a year in 6-packs for the people who refuse to buy the 32.
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  14. MichPaul

    MichPaul Zealot (597) Jan 28, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Wait, am I reading this wrong or is he saying that Sucks will be in a 22oz format now instead of the 32's?
  15. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,521) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    If it's his goal to reduce demand that will do it, guys will think twice before opening one. Somethimes you want 1 not 3.
  16. fatsnowman22

    fatsnowman22 Initiate (0) Feb 2, 2011 Nevada
    Beer Trader

    Get a kegerator, a large stein, and position the couch next to both
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  17. shand

    shand Meyvn (1,424) Jul 13, 2010 Florida
    Beer Trader

    You're reading it wrong. He's saying that the glass developed for Sucks by the glass company won't have any custom Lagunitas branding (ala DFH or Green Flash bottles), so other breweries will be able to use the format if they want.
  18. JohnnyMc

    JohnnyMc Champion (889) Feb 14, 2012 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Hell, here in Ohio most of their bombers are only $4.99-$5.49. Lagunitas has amazing pricing! I just got a growler of Maximus for $9.99! How can people complain about that?
  19. MichPaul

    MichPaul Zealot (597) Jan 28, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Ahhh, gotta excuse me... 4 hours of sleep for the day, as well as a head cold beginning has got me down...
  20. HawkIPA

    HawkIPA Initiate (0) May 2, 2013 Massachusetts

    I don't get the bitching on price--the price is extremely reasonable. I will, however, be drinking less Sucks than I did last year because I'll only drink 32 ounces in one sitting on the weekend. Sucks was my perfect everyday beer last winter--affordable, and in 12oz bottles, so I could enjoy one during the workweek. I hope it's available in 6 packs as well as 32s so I can continue, but I'll still buy it, even if it's not--I'll just drink a bit less.
  21. shand

    shand Meyvn (1,424) Jul 13, 2010 Florida
    Beer Trader

    But those ever scary urban youth drink 40s!

    It's basically dog-whistle racism, one of the least offensive and harmful dog-whistles, but still one.
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  22. swolepeer

    swolepeer Initiate (164) May 23, 2013 California

    Never had Sucks but I am absolutely pumped for this to be released !
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  23. wr3ck00n

    wr3ck00n Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2013 North Carolina

    Hehe.. I'm familiar with that game..
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  24. wr3ck00n

    wr3ck00n Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2013 North Carolina

    Same. I think I have yet to dislike any Lagunitas I have tried and I have heard SUCH good things about Sucks. Can't wait!
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  25. Westuh

    Westuh Initiate (0) Oct 9, 2012 Wisconsin

    Lagunitas has the best pricing for their bombers, may be the cheapest in WI next to Lakefront's. I'll be being cases of these this year.
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  26. ChefHopMeister

    ChefHopMeister Aspirant (256) Aug 3, 2010 Virginia

    No Brainer...I'm in.
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  27. CassinoNorth

    CassinoNorth Disciple (308) Apr 5, 2013 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Probably won't see these in Jersey until they open Chicago unfortunately.
  28. drocpsu

    drocpsu Initiate (195) Dec 25, 2006 New Hampshire

    As much as I loved Sucks the first time around, I know I will find myself in this category. Typically, when I have a beer at home, I only have 1. When I crack a bigger bottle (corked Belgian, for example), I'll typically re-cork it and split it over 2 nights. I'm sure the times that I'd buy a 32oz bottle of Sucks for myself are far fewer than picking up a 6-pack and spreading it over a couple weeks. It's a bummer, because I love this stuff. But, it's Lagunitas business decision, so they can distribute it however they want.
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  29. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,521) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    I agree, it's a tasty Ca brew comparable to Alpine Pure Hoppiness perhaps in terms off style. My opinion here.
  30. southdenverhoo

    southdenverhoo Disciple (357) Aug 13, 2004 Colorado

    I guess this is a comment on my own fondness for beer in quantity but it just always surprises me on a forum of beer lovers how many of them think two pints is too much for a weeknight.

    Are these quarts still on for sometime in October or has that been pushed back? Coz, you know, 9/29/13, just sayin...

    Ps Alesmith IPA finally hit Denver early this mo and at $6.99 a 22 oz bomber I've been drinking one pretty much daily (and / or an Avery Dugana) and with absolutely no complaint about the price. That's more than Tony was talking about for a quart...lagunitas has in my mind been a leader on pricing as much as or even more than on quality, over the years.
  31. hoppytobehere

    hoppytobehere Defender (676) Aug 10, 2012 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

    AleSmith IPA is good, but it sure ain't no Sucks. Can't wait for this to hit Denver.
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  32. jminch

    jminch Disciple (399) Jul 17, 2011 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Is it October yet? I've been waiting for Sucks to return since last winter.
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  33. BadJustin

    BadJustin Initiate (0) Dec 18, 2010 New York

    Lol @ people complaint about having to drink two pints, the horror!
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  34. beercanman

    beercanman Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2012 Ohio

    It should be a 40oz.
  35. Jake1605

    Jake1605 Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2009 Missouri

    I pictured this having a swing top like a 30oz growler. I don't care though, if I open a bottle I'm drinking it. I like to set the cap or cork on top to trap the carb while I enjoy my pour.
  36. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,258) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    It is going to a pretty standard looking "steinie quart" bottle, crown-capped, if the image on their van is accurate.


    Quarts were once the second most popular beer bottle size in the US. Of course, that was in the era when one got a "cents per ounce" discount for buying a larger sized bottle over the smaller 12's...
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  37. Jake1605

    Jake1605 Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2009 Missouri

    That's pretty sweet.
  38. DBijnagte

    DBijnagte Initiate (109) Dec 7, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Talked to a rep last week and he said Cali might see 32oz bottles in Dec and they weren't rolling them out until Feb to other states. Also said that 6packs will be back this winter for the last time. I don't know if this is accurate at all, has anyone heard anything similar to this?
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  39. Dools9

    Dools9 Zealot (518) Jul 5, 2011 Massachusetts

    Last six pack run, that sucks imo. For me personally, I'm glad its going year round. However, I bought 2 cases worth of Sucks sixers last winter, always very fresh too. I rarely buy cases of a particular beer. These big bottles I will most likely pick up here and there, but nowhere near as often as the six packs. Not to mention that these quart bottles will most likely not turn over as quickly as a limited 3 month run would which makes it harder to get the beer fresh. If this beer went to a late December to early March release annually in sixers, I honestly could care less about it going year round. Worth the wait each year for fresh beer in a convenient size. It's a very puzzling decision by Lagunitas but I digress.
  40. JayORear

    JayORear Savant (932) Feb 22, 2012 California
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    I love beer, but sometimes I just want a single beer, not two pints of an 8% DIPA. What's so surprising about that?
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