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  1. heygeebee

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    Folks, at the risk of shouting in the wind, as let's be honest the forum isn't exactly the hot bed of discussion it was five years ago, I would value some input on Wildflower.

    I think they are great. Best thing that has happened in Aus for a while. However...

    I had a Gold late last year - can't recall the blend # but it was around a year old. Sensational. Lovely zesty carbonation. Full of crisp sour flavour - everything I wanted. I then had carefully saved a second Gold, about the same age, and was planning to savour. Oops... fairly flat, modest flavours, and not a hit. I have also had a fair bit of bottle variation recently in terms of both carbonation and intensity of flavour.

    Does anyone have any comments? Do you drink fresh or age?

    Cheers folks...
  2. hawthorne00

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    I've had 8 different ones (and I have Solera Pull 2 that I've not had yet). They're expensive, so having kept buying them means they've been: mostly good; convincing in matching rhetoric to product; and distinctive in mostly having a house style.

    Most of their beers seem to be going for subtlety and ease of matching with food. I like a non-shouty saison or sour beer -- it shows a confidence that quality will out through attention earned rather than grabbed, and a view that it's partly the palate of the blender as much as the ingredients or brewing techniques that counts. They are, however, too expensive to be regular drinkers.

    I also like the local notes in some of the beers - yes, a house culture, but also gumnuts, spices that presumably come from brewing or lagering temperatures etc.

    My favourites so far have been The International (which seems to have had another release), Gold, Amber, Solera (the first one, which must be the unblended base) and Foudre Beer 1. The Noel, which was kind of a French Amber with sourness that I suspect may have got away, was my least favourite.

    As to age, other than Solera - which I might have kept for 6 months - I didn't hurry but didn't intentionally age them. With almost any beer it's a gamble and given that Wildflower has deliberate variation from batch to batch and that they are new _and_ expensive... no. Indeed if a brewery isn't 20+ years old they don't (for me) have the track record to say that their beers can reasonably reliably age for 5 years.
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    I can't recall the two variants I tasted (it was definitely a long time ago now), and was frankly surprised when I subsequently saw all this hubbub over them in more recent times.

    So either I got a shit batch (of two different variants), or they're incredibly inconsistent/unreliable, or they've drastically improved over time. Sorry I can't provide more as they were so uninteresting at the time ><