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    A friend and I will be heading south in a couple of weeks to go and catch the Tennessee/Florida game in Knoxville. We will be stopping in Lexington on that Thursday, followed by 2 days in Knoxville. I'm looking for the can't miss breweries or beer bars. With Lexington being only 1 day, I want to make sure I spend my time wisely.

    In Lexington, the ones I see getting the most love are West Sixth, Ethereal, and Mirror Twin. So I'm already including those 3. And I'll probably stop at Hopcat, since I've been to a couple of there place in other cities and seemed to enjoy it. We will probably have time to hit a couple more, which is where your input would comes in. Also, if there is a good wings or pizza place worth checking out, let me know. I think the original plan is to stop at Mirror Twin when we get there and eat lunch. I believe they have a pizza shop right in the brewery.

    For Knoxville, it looks like there are 2 areas where I have some places to hit. the main downtown and north of the downtown, if that's what you would call it. Probably spend the Friday in the "northern" are where places like Schulz Brau and Elkmont Exchange are. there are a few others in the neighborhood as well. We may also go across the river, from our hotel, and hit up Alliance and Printshop, if you think it's worth it. I found a place a long the river called Calhoun's which might be a good dinner stop. Saturday, since the game isn't til 7, we will probably be in the main city area around places like Blackhorse, Pretentious, and Balter. And like Lexingotn, if there is a can't miss pizza or wing joint, let me know.

    Thanks for the assistance!
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    The best local-ish pizza is at Goodfellas, located next door to Ethereal. MT's pizza is hit and miss based on who is working and how busy it is when you visit. West Sixth has a seafood/burger place under the same roof, and a tiny, upscale smoked meat-type place across the street.
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    For lexington, I'd actually recommend Pietana off rosemont garden for pizza. Goodfella's is too heavy on the grease for me