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  1. DanM20

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    Hey all - I'm doing a brief version of the Bourbon Trail this weekend and will be staying in Lexington for 2 nights. I'm looking to drink some Pappy, does anyone have advice for the best place to do so? Or potentially the most reasonable pricing (I know, relatively speaking). Also, if there are any places with a solid tap list, I'd love to know as well.

    Any advice would be great, thanks so much!
  2. IMFletcher

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    Old Bourbon County Kitchen is a restaurant with an extensive BTAC collection. You *might* also be able to find it at Arcadium, which is a tiny bar with reasonable prices. If you strike out there, I cautiously advise contacting Justins' House of Bourbon. It's a secondary resale shop for bourbon, and sometimes they have open bottles. But it's not cheap there.

    Hit the breweries. West Sixth on the weekends has their Barrel Room open in addition to some nice sours and IPAs. Ethereal is the gem of the town, but it can be crowded Fri/Sat night because it's in an old distillery complex with little parking and many businesses (take an Uber/Lyft). Rock House, Mirror Twin and Country Boy will not disappoint, either.

    Eating, Middle Fork is next door to Ethereal and foodies love it. Tony's is the best steak house, and Standing Room Only is an aptly named Japanese place less than a block from the previously mentioned Arcadium.

    If you drink gin, beat the bushes for a bottle of Castle & Key's offering. They are a distillery that opens next month, but are only selling vodka/gin until the brown stuff reaches maturity.
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    IMFletcher covered it all pretty well. I just wanted to reiterate hitting West 6th and Ethereal for breweries if you're going to hit any. West 6th has a fish/burger restaurant in it that has solid food and great daily specials. If you want a nice meal, go to Middle fork... extensive bourbon list, great food and cocktails, and is connected to Ethereal for your before and after imbibing.

    Good luck grabbing pappy (especially if trying to be budget friendly). I know bluegrass tavern downtown has an extensive bourbon list, and I believe that Belle's does as well, both would be good spots to check. Hit arcadium regardless, they have the best bourbon + taplist in the city.
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  4. DanM20

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    I very much appreciate the insight from both posts, thanks so much. I'll definitely hit up West 6th and Ethereal as I feel like I have to at least hit one or two breweries.

    I'll keep an eye out for arcadium and a few of the other spots as well. Thanks again!
  5. Henryb22

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    Bluegrass tavern has one of the best bourbon collections for a bar in the country. My brother works for Bulleit and recommends there. Also as others have stated, ethereal is great for beer.