Limit on kbs that seemed extreme

Discussion in 'New England' started by Tryionn66, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Tryionn66

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    I went to one of my local beer stores today looking for some kbs. I search the shelves and didn't see them so I decided to ask the clerk. As I approached the counter I noticed two bottles with a 7.99 price tag on the counter so I decided to ask the clerk if he had anymore packs for sale. I was quite surprised by what he told me.
    Its a one bottle limit per person unless you buy a pack of founders breakfast stout then you could buy another bottle. He said that they were limiting how much kbs each store got by how much breakfast stouts they sold. So if the store sold 5 they would get 5. To me this seems to be ridiculous. Especially since I just drove 15 minutes out of my way and grabbed a 4 pack no problem.
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    Next time go to Hannaford and get 4 packs for $18. Easy game
  3. Tryionn66

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    The store I was at is always very reasonable and is right across from where I work so I decided to check it out and see if they had any left. It's not the price that surprised me so much as the one bottle limit
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    Gotta go outside of the typical beer geek haunts to get what you want here. If limits and price were a problem you didn't go to the right spots.
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    I'm pretty limited where I live as far as good places to get beer, there are really only two that are worth checking into and the one that was so strict about it is usually the better of the two place. The prices are usually better and usually have more variety in stock.
    I'm guessing from the responses that that is an unusual thing to pull
  6. DarthCerevisiae

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    If he's referring to how Founders determines who gets KBS and how much, this is 100% inaccurate. Sounds like the store has been sitting on some Breakfast stout that they feel the need to get rid of, or they're just trying to sell more beer on the back of the KBS hype train
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    Limits boil down to how much allocation the store gets and anticipated demand. If a store will only get a case or 2, they'll likely limit it to a bottle or 2, to get it into more peoples hands. Other stores, especially the big ones will get higher allocations, and the non-alcohol specific ones, like Wegmans, Hannafords and so on will be less likely to have small limits - they generally don't really know what they have, versus package stores. I'm lucky enough that I've been going to one particular store forever, - my parents went there from the time I was a little kid, and now of course I go there, so I was able to get a couple 4 packs. I don't know how much they got or if they were limiting others to one, or that was the limit. Either way, I'm grateful. This place is not really known for being a beer mecca, but they do sometimes get some good limited releases.
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    I went in to a store and asked for 5 cases, and was told NO. I mean, don't they know I'm entitled to that beer because I'm a millennial? :grimacing::astonished::wink::slight_smile:
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    I doubt its tied directly to breakfast stout, but how much KBS a store gets could certainly be based on how much Founders they sell the rest of the year(s).

    Say they sell 10000 cases in your state of all brands. One account - maybe Market Basket or another grocery chain sells 3000 of them.

    Once they know 100 cases of KBS are going to that state, why wouldn't they say 30 go to MB. A store that sells 500 cases of all brands gets 5 cases, a store that sells 100 cases gets 1 case of KBS.

    A store could certainly try to work the system by requiring accompanying purchases like you ran into, this year they inflate their non KBS sales by requiring purchase to get KBS. Next year they get more KBS because their other sales were higher.
  10. Auror

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    He is not. In NH, some of the KBS was allocated on a "buy 3 cases of mixed high gravity Founders specialty 4-pack, get 1 case of KBS" deal. Should be noted that this was "extra" KBS, and I believe most stores were allocated some based on other means, probably based on Founders' portfolio sales / key account status. Chain stores also operate outside of this framework, and from my rumormill understanding were given KBS in exchange for some ludicrous All Day IPA 15pk deal.

    Insert The More You Know shooting star pic here.
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  11. DeweyCheatem-n-Howe

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    I know that's how BCBS works - the more A-B stuff a store sells during the year, the more BCBS they get in November.
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  12. sosbombs

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    Biggest limit I saw was charging $40 for a four pack.
  13. bbtkd

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    Last summer, a local store sold a truckload of overstock FBS for $20 a case, which contributed to them getting the biggest allocation of KBS in the state. Their allocation was huge. I reserved mine in advance - they asked my how many 4-packs I wanted. I reserved four and when I picked it up, the clerk was flabbergasted that I turned his offer to get a whole case.
  14. Jaycase

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    Interesting. They were obviously selling FBS at a loss for $20 a case. How much were they charging for KBS? Is this store still in business? :wink:
  15. bbtkd

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    I figured they must have gotten a deal on the FBS since it was overstock and out of season, so maybe they sold it at cost. KBS was $21.99 per 4-pack, $2 more than the FBS cases went for! The store is the rather large liquor department of Hy-Vee, a major regional food-store chain. This one store got the big supply because of their FBS sales, while their other five locations didn't.

    Usually KBS arrives here in one wave, often with a limit of one or two bottles, and is gone within an hour or two. This year most sales were 4-packs, and some stores got a second delivery 2 days later. Right now one store still has ten 4-packs, and another reportedly still has some too, 10+ days after local release. Didn't see any bombers here. Some folks are saying that KBS is no longer that good and is a shelf turd. Reviews don't indicate that though, so I'm thinking Founders is finding the balance between supply and demand, at least around here.