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    I'm heading here for the next few days. What breweries in the area should be on my "must try" list?
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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but not a single brewery in Syracuse fits that description.

    That said -- there's a new spot out there I haven't tried and if you're willing to drive a little bit, you can find some things.

    - Talking Cursive just set up near Armory Square across from the old Niagra Mowhawk building, which is one of the most beautiful art deco buildings in the state, if that interests you.

    - ONCO Fermentations just opened down in Tully, heard some good things about them.

    - Prison City is about 30 minutes away in Auburn and they make some of the best beer in all of the Northeast.

    - Aurora Ale & Lager is making killer stuff in a beautiful spot on Cayuga about an hour from Liverpool.

    - Woodland Farm just outside of Utica is an hour away and they're the most underrated brewery in NY for my money. They just kill it and on a super wide variety of all styles.

    Failing any of those options, just go to Now & Later to try some of NY's best on tap (and take some home) or do the former at The Blue Tusk.
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    What’s your take on Middle Ages Brewing? Back in the day I was a huge fan of their Grail Ale. I’ve always wanted to visit the brewery but I see they don't even make Grail Ale anymore. I’m kinda surprised they’re still surviving.
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    Middle Ages’ Beast Bitter used to be one of the best bitters in the world. Seriously amazing beer. Beer Advocate reviews - and the one from the brothers specifically - agreed. Was an all time beer for me.

    Then they went and changed the recipe for no reason and hopped it with citra, which drowns out the beer’s tasty and unique English yeast presence, and now it ends up tasting like bitter soap. And this is coming from someone who typically loves citra in beers.

    So their decision-making leaves some questions to be answered... if they wanted to make a citra-based beer, why mess with their most well reviewed recipe?

    A gorgeous bitter turned into a very subpar pale ale. So lame.

    I see they have a bunch of milkshake NEIPAs on tap now, so I’m guessing they are just trying hard to adapt to new trends, though unfortunately that meant to over-hop a beer whose beauty was in its yeast/malt presence.

    Middle Ages was among the top breweries in the US with their English styles -- and Beast Bitter competed with any bitter in the word — so just sad to see them turn to more pedestrian non-English styles that are easily accessible at every other brewery.
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    I'd completely echo what mineo just said.

    I also wasn't super fond of the space itself. It's cavernous and dungeon-y but not in a cool or interesting way.
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    I'm going to second Prison City and Aurora: two awesome places.
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    Finger Lakes ON Tap in Skaneateles hosts 70 taps of Fingerlakes Brews. Great place to sample the Finger lakes
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    Local 315 brewing west side of Syracuse is doing some good brews. The new Summer Hill Brewing has started brewing on their 7 bbl system. Beers are excellent . Check web page for hours operation.