Long-time Journalists Relaunch All About Beer

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    John Holl and Andy Crouch bring All About Beer, a venerable beer media brand, back online to focus on news, analysis, and reviews for today’s modern beer consumer.


    Cambridge, Massachusetts (April 28, 2022) – All About Beer, the media brand founded in 1979 that helped generations of beer drinkers navigate the dynamic brewing industry through news, education, and analysis, is back online following a two-year absence.

    Veteran journalists Andy Crouch and John Holl recently acquired the All About Beer brand, digital assets, and editorial archive from former owners Daniel Bradford and Julie Johnson with a commitment to continue the company’s proud legacy and dedication to quality journalism in the beer space.

    The original All About Beer began as a print magazine in 1979, and quickly gained a reputation as a strong and reliable source for beer news, reviews, and features. It covered significant moments in beer history such as the 1980 announcement of Sierra Nevada’s formation and featured early profiles of future industry leaders Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing.

    In 1992, Bradford and Johnson purchased All About Beer Magazine and expanded the company into popular beer events and the early internet, all while continuing its mission to cover trends and changes in the growing American craft beer industry.

    After Bradford and Johnson sold the company in 2014, unfortunately its next chapter marked the beginning of its end. After a period of financial instability, the magazine ceased publication, the company that owned it closed, and then filed for bankruptcy in 2019. The magazine’s closure was a great loss to the industry and to beer journalism, but it also left subscribers, vendors, and contributors unpaid and in the lurch.

    “That the long respected All About Beer Magazine ended an impressive 40 year run under these disheartening circumstances was a true disappointment to us and many others,” said Holl.

    Holl and Crouch founded Beer Edge in 2019. The business focused company brings fresh content and insight into the beer industry through the lens of their combined more than 40 years of experience in beer. Beer Edge hosts podcasts including Drink Beer, Think Beer and The Beer Edge podcast, and more recently engaged with partner ProBrewer to provide business coverage of the beer industry on its website, ProBrewer.com. Beer Edge will continue its mission as will these programs and relationships.

    When All About Beer’s bankruptcy concluded and the company and magazine closed for good, Bradford and Johnson regained control of the brand, digital assets, and the editorial archive. In early 2022, they agreed to sell these individual assets to Crouch and Holl.

    “We are proud to add All About Beer to our media network and excited to uphold its legacy as a critical voice covering beer’s history while reshaping its role in the present-day beer culture,” said Crouch. “Stewardship of this esteemed and much beloved media publication remains central in our minds while we’re also energized to put our stamp on it.”

    The duo is dedicated to revitalizing All About Beer and bolstering its reputation as a trusted and cherished information source that brings engaging original content to digital devices and opens the world of beer to every reader and listener. They are committed to providing the coverage that has long been the calling card of the brand, and plan to offer engaging and in-depth articles and interviews covering every aspect of brewing, from the process and ingredients to styles, trends, recipes, business, and the social pleasures of drinking.

    Crouch and Holl intend to continue All About Beer’s tradition of hosting the finest writers, reviewers, and journalists covering beer today, while also expanding the roster to include new, diverse voices, to help us bring stories and podcasts to readers and listeners.

    “This is a homecoming. Andy was a long-time subscriber and avid reader of the magazine who graduated into a frequent contributor to its pages,” said Holl. “In 2013, Bradford hired me to help guide the publication into the modern era of beer, and I was honored to serve as Editor of the magazine until 2017. All About Beer holds a revered place in our hearts and minds as we know it does for many other beer lovers and professionals.”

    Crouch will undertake the Publisher role at All About Beer and Holl will again take up the title of Editor.

    “For nearly four decades, All About Beer Magazine both documented and shaped a new phenomenon: the rise of craft or microbrewed beer, and its migration from the fringes to the mainstream of American culture,” said Julie Johnson, former co-owner and Editor of All About Beer. The magazine's legacy is as much social history as it is the story of an emerging industry. It is very exciting to see that legacy being revived and reimagined for the future.”

    “We hope that beer enthusiasts will visit the site, tune into our podcasts, and engage with us on social media,” said Crouch. “We cannot wait to reconnect you with this great voice and to again bring you meaningful news and stories about our favorite drink and the colorful characters who brew it.”

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    Well... not that quickly. :grin:

    Some of the articles and cover features in those early issues were kinda embarrassing. I guess they were desperate for information and relied heavily on big brewers promotional material, but when they titled it "ALL..." there were being truthful.
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    What was Willie Nelson doing in that shirt?
  4. steveh

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    Looking for GIANT BEER CANS.

    To pair with his doobs. :wink:
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    I subscribed to this publication for several years starting in the mid-90s. It was always nice to receive that thick, glossy magazine in the mail.
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    Do they have an expected date to start posting content?
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    I subscribed as well and greatly enjoyed the content.
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    Nelson was the coverboy on issue #4, when he was pushing Lone Star Beer longnecks(right photo above, from the article).

    Oh, and the "BDI" referred to in several spots was "Beer Drinkers International" - was the official publisher of the magazine and some sort of club the magazine organized - sold hats, patches, T-shirts. CAMRA it wasn't...
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    Vol 1 No 2 - "Dragon Slayer remembered." I can't help but ask. What's that?
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    @jesskidden - Issue cover price doubled in a little over a year.
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    I always eagerly awaited All About Beer. I would hit this one news stand in Winston-Salem that seemed to carry everything- even The Manchester Guardian. I couldn't wait to dig in. It was a fine publication in a specialized subject.
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    A "Yard of Beer" drinking contest by some UK ex-pats in a faux British pub in Corona Del Mar, CA on St. Georges ("The Dragon Slayer") Day, trying to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. No Guinness involvement since they have "Watney's Pub" aprons on and a Wisdom Imports (Watney's US importer at the time) rep is there, too.
    Well, it was a high inflation period (I guess I avoided it by somehow getting a number of COMPLIMENTARY and SAMPLE copies? :grin:) :
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    Wow, thanks for posting. I had no idea that place existed. Next time I'm in Albany, I'll check it out.
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    Ya know... While reading the start of this tread, I was thinking, “burned by a friend.” Before I got to the bottom, I had already checked out the website, read an article, and saved it to my favorites.

    Good to have em’ back!
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  17. tolar111

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    They got the classic Beer Advocate thread shit. I agree the website looks pretty good to me. I subscribed.
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    I had a nice pile of issues starting with the early days back in the mid-80's thru the 90's. The ex tossed the whole collection some years back. Issues of AAB were read cover-to-cover...and read again.
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    Believe it or not, former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, held an unofficial world record for knocking over a yard glass of beer in 10 or 11 seconds (accounts vary!) at Oxford Uni back in the 50s. In his later years he was legendary for sculling, on request, whatever beer he was handed whenever he attended the cricket in Sydney.


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    Quick personal story. If this is the same company which I do believe it is.

    I was looking through their website several years ago. On a whim I found their cheif editors email and sent one about how I've been studying and wanted to write a freelance article for them. Long story short they shot me down BUT they gave me the info to another publisher of beer related articles and I had ended up getting about a dozen works published.

    I don't know anything about all about beer other than my interaction and can't thank them enough for their referral.
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    It was the best beer publication ever bar none. Those of us that were there at the advent of this modern beer revolution/evolution still revere this seminal journal. It helped light the fire!
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    I never bought into Ozark. It was overwrought and not authentic. We tried it again and it was still just too stilted. The mob? I'll stick with ancient Nordic tales.
  23. russpowell

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    Wrong thread?
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    I subscribed for many years. They were a Godsend after coming back from the UK, as there wasn't any internet I had access to... I am also a sucker for a big glossy mag to this day
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    I was always thrilled to find it at my favorite news stand. It would sit burning on the seat on my ride home...
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    My subscriptions were delivered to the office and I would carry them home in a briefcase.
  27. ATL6245

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    All I can say is "Yay! Welcome back AAB!"
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    That magazine looks great and a reminder of how crazy our world has gotten today in clown world that doesn’t make much sense to most people over the age of 30. Fast cars, fast women, beer, cool macho celebrity interviews, sign me up (and Al Bundy, Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimble want a subscription as well).
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  29. rgordon

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    I would like to think that things were simpler in that recent past, but wait, there's more.... They were never simple. Holy mackerel Buckwheat!!!!!
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  30. Squire

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    "The past is never dead. It's not even past".

    William Faulkner
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    That is such a profound statement and understated sentiment. I should never have forgotten that the past is alive, and that fearsome quote. I could try to tell you the stories that I know of the 900 years of my relatives that still thrill and haunt me. The Tombigbee and Black Warrior Rivers to the Von Poellnitz brothers, UVA educated Confederate doctors commemorated on The Rotunda on a brass placard. My Father, a true hero of Leyte and elsewhere. It all makes my political skin crawl with an odd knowing. Even General Eugene Johnston, the Shacklefords, and Holts truly live in all that I do and know.
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