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  1. Jtomazich8

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    Hey everyone! I am new to this but I really want to try a Baltic beer. How do I find one or how do trades or whatever work? I’d be will to pay for some for sure! I have a really close friend who lives in Latvia and he tells me that I have to try it so I am trying my hardest to try and find some!! Hopefully you all can help me out!! Thank you all!
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    By "Baltic beer", do you mean a Baltic Porter? It's a style of dark, strong Lager, and plenty of American craft breweries make them. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding one.

    If you mean a beer from one of the Baltic countries, try your local Russian market.
  3. Jtomazich8

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    Awesome! Yeah I am looking for one from the Baltic countries. I will definitely look for a Russian market near me for sure! Thank you for replying!
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    Zywiec makes one of the best out there hands down(in my opinion), them and Komes. Happy hunting bud!
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  6. mambossa

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    Not sure where in Ohio you are, but if you are in the NE Ohio region, Hansa Import House on Lorain in Ohio City (Cleveland) gets a lot of unique eastern euro import beers I’ve never seen anywhere else.
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  7. konstbela

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    The best Baltic beers come from Latvia. Make sure you try:
    - Uzzavas (light and dark) - I prefer dark
    - Madonas brewery - Unfiletered is the best
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  8. Insomniac

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    Coincidentally, I had a Baltic beer last night. It was Must Kuld Porter from Pohjala Brewery in Estonia. It was very good. I guess the other two choices are Latvia and Lithuania.
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    Sinebrychoff Porter from Finland is one of my favorite Baltic Porters. Check Beer Menus to see whether you can get it in your area. I'd recommend it.