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  1. dapatriot1

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    I am new to this group.I currently have a beer label collection I started 20 years go, sadly i stopped adding to the collection about 19 years ago.
    During this Covid madness I wasn't able to visit the Caribbean as i do every year. So since i wasn't able to visit I decided to build a bar on my back yard patio put in tiki torches and colorful lights i brought the islands to my yard! After i was done with the bar I decorated it with a few beer labels and it started looking good...now i want to cover the counter top with beer labels. In doing this I also found my collection and wanted to get back at it.
    Does anyone have beer labels for sale? I don't have many to trade as i cant find my box of extras
    Not looking for any specific brand or country...obviously Caribbean labels would go on the bar.
    if anyone can help me out please let me know
    thank you

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  2. sweetsimon

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    Hi Rob, I can probably gather a few visually appealing ones over the next few weeks and put them in an envelope for you in the mail, if you want to send me your postal address in a PM.
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    Also @dapatriot1, depending on how picky you are and whether you're wanting specific types of labels or just any random labels to fill up the counter top, eBay has options such as this one which lets you get 25 random labels for $3:


    You should find links to offers for a selection of other labels on eBay at the bottom of that page as well (in all different price ranges) if you want to look through and see if something's available that appeals more. You also can do a search there and see whether you might be able to find Caribbean beer labels specifically.
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  4. dapatriot1

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    thank you for the help and advice
    i will look at those links thank you!
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  5. dapatriot1

    dapatriot1 Initiate (151) Jul 7, 2020 New York

    Hey guys
    I have a decent beer label collection with some dupes. Is there anyone who also collects and would be into trading?
    most of my dupes are labels that have not been put on bottles some dupes have been soaked off bottles.
    I dont have any preference
    let me know if anyone would like to trade
    also to all you label collectors, what is your preference unused labels or soaked off labels?
  6. sweetsimon

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    Hi @dapatriot1, I finally got around to putting those labels in the mail for you today, so you should be expecting those soon. I sent you a PM saying so as well.

    I had a little trouble peeling some of the labels off the bottles, especially a few which were covered in plastic and others which seemed more like stickers than paper labels. I used the method of soaking in water with dish soap/baking soda described in this link "How To Remove Beer Bottle Labels" (https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/how-to-brew/how-to-remove-beer-bottle-labels/) but realized upon more careful reading afterwards that the writer was advising more for the purpose of using the bottles for homebrewing than for securing the labels intact, so I'm not sure whether there might be a better method? I just found this article which mentions soaking in a solution of Oxiclean and something about a "soak-or-bake" method depending on the type of label and adhesive: "How To Remove Any Label From a Bottle, Intact, in 15 Minutes" (https://thirstybastards.com/how-to-remove-bottle-labels-intact/). If anyone has any thoughts on this topic, feel free to share--I figure here is as good a place as any for such advice.

    By the way, I saw @brews4ever post yesterday to the 'ISO;FT (Breweriana Only)' forum looking to trade beer labels--here is the link to that post (@Jaycase also put a link there connecting to this forum): https://www.beeradvocate.com/community/threads/labels.645827/#post-7007479.

    Cheers, and enjoy!
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  7. CoolCol

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    Rob, I have a large collection of worldwide labels that I have built up over the years, with a large number of dups as well (from Europe/Australia/other random). I'm based in London UK. I'm interested in adding more US labels to my collection so if you (or any other readers) are still interested please get in touch to trade some beer labels thanks.
    Regards Colin