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    I am new here, and glad I found this site. I am looking to obtain Taiwan Beer (that is the brand name) for my girlfriend (she is from Taiwan). We cannot get it in our state, and I know it is available a few states. I am willing to trade any local beer from our state, Texas, that you would like to obtain. Or any other beer that will work for you.

    Please let me know if you can help me.

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    Looks like it's available at Total Wine in Washington. Just post a trade in the ISO:FT forum under locals or $4$ and hopefully someone can help you out. Good luck.
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    A couple weeks ago, I stopped at the Fubonn market in Portland, Oregon and they had about 5 (maybe more) beers from the Taiwan Beer company.


    Not a whole lot of traders in Portland, but you never know.
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    ^ Try this first @BenC123. If you don't have any luck in the trading forums, shoot me a beermail. I don't really trade much, but I'm happy to help out and/or do favors from time to time. I can easily get over to fubonn to pick up some Taiwan beer for you, if you strike out in the trading forums.

    Wife and I are on vacation in France for another week, but will be home a week from today.

    Good luck.
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    Looks like it is available at my local total wine. Thanks for mentioning that @Vitacca

    Shoot me a PM if you have not found it yet, @BenC123
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