Mad Elf already? (10/14/13)

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by eagles7251, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. eagles7251

    eagles7251 Initiate (184) Sep 29, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Is it just me or is it early this year?

  2. GuinnessAtRogerWilco

    GuinnessAtRogerWilco Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2013 New Jersey

    It does seem early this year, by about 2 weeks. I think we didn't get ours at the store until the end of October or first week of November last year. I'll have to check to see what the invoice date was last year, but I don't think it was this early.
  3. phooky

    phooky Aspirant (209) Jan 23, 2010 New York

    Hopefully that means we'll get Nugget Nectar earlier too!
  4. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Initiate (0) Jan 10, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    That's just the nature of the market nowadays. Summer beers coming out in March, Pumpkin beers the first week of August. It is what it is.
  5. TheNightwatchman

    TheNightwatchman Zealot (512) Mar 28, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Their website says mid-October through December, so seeing it now is about right.
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  6. Steeeve

    Steeeve Initiate (0) Nov 16, 2010 Pennsylvania

    Mad Elf always comes out in October.
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  7. ffejherb

    ffejherb Poo-Bah (2,307) Oct 18, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Mad Elf came out the same week this year as it did last year. Cheers!
  8. MattFoley

    MattFoley Initiate (0) Nov 16, 2011 Maryland

    I'm fine with anything that gets these awful pumpkin and oktoberfest beers off the shelves sooner.
  9. xtremeski2001

    xtremeski2001 Initiate (127) Sep 20, 2010 Pennsylvania

    Anyone seen this around? It was just released yesterday or so, but made a few calls and no one has it or has any idea when they'll have it.
  10. eagles7251

    eagles7251 Initiate (184) Sep 29, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Usual spots in South Jersey have it. One noteable spot holding it for a later date in Nov. Most are one six pack only too.
  11. GuinnessAtRogerWilco

    GuinnessAtRogerWilco Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2013 New Jersey

    There's more than 1 doing that. Two locations had limits of two 6pks/customer and case/customer last year. Both sold out in 1-2 hours.
  12. ShanePB

    ShanePB Poo-Bah (1,659) Sep 6, 2010 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    It's just you. It came out this time last year.
  13. tigernipples

    tigernipples Initiate (198) Nov 21, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Is there a demand on this? Every year my stores has tons after Christmas still in the cooler.
  14. corby112

    corby112 Poo-Bah (3,908) Nov 19, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Just when it's first released. Everyone rushes to grab their fill for the season so shops put ridiculous limits on bottles. Then they are stuck with them for months after the holidays.
  15. Mighty_Joey

    Mighty_Joey Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2013 Ohio

    Even though this is far from the best holiday beer IMO, it's the one I am most excited for this winter! Maybe its because Ive had so many good times with this beer! Cant wait to pick some up!
  16. Harryrass

    Harryrass Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2008 New York

    Anybody see it on L.I. yet? Specifically Suffolk?
  17. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Meyvn (1,020) Apr 4, 2009 Pennsylvania

    But unlike all the other gimmicky holiday ales Mad Elf can actually sit for a year or more and still taste great. That can't be said for most seasonal releases.

    And I drank a bottle a few days ago and it is spot on this year. I feel Troegs is getting comfortable in their new brewery.
  18. mythaeus

    mythaeus Champion (837) Jul 22, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    For Philly area folks, Trenton Road Takeout got a whole bunch in (still have them as of yesterday). I skipped right by them. Not really interested in them for some reason. The Beer Store Southampton got them in also, but posted on Facebook saying they won't sell them until mid November.
  19. shadowane

    shadowane Aspirant (204) Sep 7, 2007 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    uh, 30+ minutes isn't really Philly area. I'm sure there will be plenty of Mad Elf in actual Philly soon enough.
  20. mythaeus

    mythaeus Champion (837) Jul 22, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I live in CC Philly, but personally consider anything around 30 minutes "Philly area" when it comes to beer access, especially if it's for something limited. That's a personal POV though as I frequent those places (along with Philly's Craft Beer in Oxford Valley) regularly.
  21. shadowane

    shadowane Aspirant (204) Sep 7, 2007 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I guess that makes sense to a certain extent. I wouldn't ever drive to near Yardley to buy something but I got tired of doing that shit a while ago. I barely feel like driving around Philly itself to get stuff nowadays.

    Regardless, it's Mad Elf. It'll be everywhere in a week.
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  22. victory4me

    victory4me Zealot (547) Oct 16, 2004 Pennsylvania

    Even if it's a beer brewed with honey and cherries? I love Mad Elf, but I think there are many out there who find it just as polarizing as pumpkin beers.

    You don't like Oktoberfest beers? Damn, that's my favorite seasonal style!
  23. hhkal17

    hhkal17 Poo-Bah (1,737) Jul 10, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Stopped at Craft Beer Outlet yesterday (NE Philly) and they had a boatload of Mad Elf out in front for sale.
  24. GuinnessAtRogerWilco

    GuinnessAtRogerWilco Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2013 New Jersey

    Actually, it did come out a bit earlier this year. My invoice dates for last year were 10-23 and a second shot of it on 11-7, where this year we got it on 10-14.
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