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  1. PNW_IPA

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    Hi Guys and Gal, I am going to be making an all grain lager with 10lbs 6 row malt, 2lbs carapil, 2lbs mecca munich malt, 1 oz magnum hops, 1 oz Tettnagn hops and 2 packets of saflager 23 yeast. My Question is am I going to have problems with amount of 6 row malt? I have been reading and seen that it is high in proteins and low in Starch, so my conversion from starch to sugar will be low. should I have added 2 row to this grain bill or am I okay with all that I have?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. NeroFiddled

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    It should be OK with 6-row (check your conversion, give it extra time if needed), but 2 lbs of carapils seems like a lot. 2-row would have been a better choice overall, but OK. What is your planned mash temp? OG? FG? How big is this batch, and how are you doing it? What is the style? Why not Pilsner malt?
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  3. VikeMan

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    Why would 6 row need extra time to convert? IIRC, 6 row has more diastatic power than equivalent 2 row. I may be overlooking something.
  4. PNW_IPA

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    Mash temp 150, 4.5 gallon strike water. .30 for my strike water with 14lbs of grains gave me 4.5 gallons 6.5 gallon boil. Light American lager.
  5. PNW_IPA

    PNW_IPA Initiate (32) Nov 18, 2017 Washington

    I read it is good, but you need a low temp at a longer rest. I will find it for you. Maybe I am over thinking it.
  6. Prep8611

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    It’s your beer but for an American lager you could make it even easier and just use 2row and minute/flaked rice. Mash at 148 for an hour and be done.
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  7. pweis909

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    You'll have no conversion problems. You will have a very fermentable mash. North American 2 row and 6 row are more similar than people credit. Both have a lot of diastatic power, and while 6 row has more husk material per lb, you won't see much difference in gravity contribution and you will be hard pressed to taste the difference. The husks might make 6 row taste a little grainier or earthier; I have experimented with it and was undecided on this point. If I could taste a difference it was small, and I found myself going back and forth on (1) whether I could distinguish beers that differed in only by these two malts, and (2) whether I could firmly state a personal preference. I
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  8. billandsuz

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    I am under the impression that 6 row is ideal for US brewers because it allows for them to use more adjunct with no conversion power at all; rice and corn. It is also domestic and widely available and therefore cheaper. 6 row has more diastatic power than 2 row, reportedly. None of which really matters to homebrewers.

    But modern 6 row and modern 2 row are supposed to be quite similar now. The differences being more about agriculture. Though 2 row is sold as a premium product and I am fairly sure no Continental brewer would ever admit to using 6 row. Or Cluster for that matter.

    Personally I use 2 row, because it is what is available and everyone knows if it preferred by Continental brewers it is superior.
  9. EvenMoreJesus

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    ^^^^ These things.

    I'd definitely thing about using all base malt for this beer, or maybe base malt and an adjunct like rice. Maybe consider wheat?
  10. hopfenunmaltz

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    Enzymes are proteins, so high protein means high Diastatic Power, it will convert, and fast. You might get haze with 6-row and no adjuncts to dilute the protiens.

    6-row has more husk, so less starch per unit mass. The extract will be a little less than 2 row, but 81 vs 79% on a dry basis.

    I have had little graininess when I mash 6 row at 5.2 pH.
  11. GreenKrusty101

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    With no adjuncts in the recipe, why even consider using 6 row? I doubt if it is much cheaper and probably a lot older.
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  12. JackHorzempa

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    Does your LHBS sell you 'old' 6-row malt?:confused:

  13. GreenKrusty101

    GreenKrusty101 Crusader (730) Dec 4, 2008 Nevada

    They would if they could :slight_smile:...just assuming it stays on the shelf longer anywhere.
  14. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (250) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Prolly a safe assumption.
  15. Shawn3997

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    I read (somewhere) that two-row has a higher yield so it's cheaper and that's probably the main reason everyone uses it over six-row.
  16. PNW_IPA

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    So update, lager is fermenting great. Is was a 1.050 at pre boil which came out to 1.065 with the temperature correction. The post boil came to 1.050. Did the math and had a 92% mash efficiency. So now in the garage fermenting. Will update when finish.
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  17. PNW_IPA

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    Update: so 2 weeks in the glass carboy in a plastic bin with 2 inches of water and a towel around it to keep temp at 52 degrees F. I went out to look at it and there is condincation on the upper half of the carboy and in the thin layer of krausin there are tiny little bubbles forming. Is it infected should I keep it going in the primary for the 3rd week before transferring it to my secondary. I been reading and everything I read has said to ride it out. Is this true?
  18. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (250) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Let it ride.
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  19. PNW_IPA

    PNW_IPA Initiate (32) Nov 18, 2017 Washington

    Yeah figured. Thanks I will do that.
  20. PNW_IPA

    PNW_IPA Initiate (32) Nov 18, 2017 Washington

    Okay I will do that.
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