Manhan Rail Trail Breweries

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    The Manham Rail Trail in Easthampton Massachusetts affords the railer, biker or hiker a fine beer destination. Three breweries within a few miles. I hoofed it, visiting the Abandoned Building Brewery last year and Fort Point Brewery and New City Brewery last weekend. A nice walk alongside the Lower Mill Pond, some industrial decay alongside nature. And the decay is being reclaimed by these small breweries.

    The Abandoned Building Brewery, at least last year, was somewhat Belgian bent, with a cozy, artsy couch-populated tasting room. Big open area to hang out and drink beer.

    The Fort Hill Brewery brews lagers, German-inspired, and very good. Seems to be a spiffed up barn on a large spit of land. Used to be a farm I'm guessing. They had a fine bluesman playing when I went. And a robust Saturday afternoon crowd.

    The New City Brewery resides in the same building as Abandoned Buiding Brewery. Not so abandoned anymore, eh? They had a good range, more hop-centric which I like.

    All I think offer free samples. Flights & pints very reasonable $. Food has to be found elsewhere, or brought in, which they seem to be comfortable with. It's almost a 2 hour drive from Boston for me, but it's well worth it.
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    This sounds very intriguing. How long of a walk are we talking (my pregnant wife is curious)?
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    It's a mile and a half on the rail trail from Abandoned Building and New City to Fort Hill.
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