Melvin Brewing closes down in San Diego

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by PNW, Feb 18, 2020.

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  2. IceAce

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    Just saw this on the West Coaster site today.

    Sad news indeed.
  3. Rbarnes4381

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    This never seemed like a great idea to me anyways. Melvin is pretty average and to expand into a high rent area in San Diego seemed like a bad idea. I’m sure the 10 barrel is struggling as well but at least they got Budweiser money.
  4. mactrail

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    I walked in, looked around for a beer list, a hint of welcome, but it was just the wall of noise from the wretched sound system. So I unlocked my bike and headed on. You have to have a little oasis of calm and pleasure if you're going to make it in that part of San Diego where the cesspool laps at the shores of downtown.
  5. walterfredo

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    Melvin is a cesspool itself. Why anyone would give them a penny, I do not know.
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  6. bayareahustla

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    Whats the story on this?
  7. walterfredo

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    Or we could put our money and support into other places not run by complete tools instead.

    Also, is 2018 supposed to be a long time ago?
  10. Aztec_Chris

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    I went to the Alpine taproom last summer on my way to Yellowstone. The food was a average and the beer was decent but the location was awesome.

    Never went to the San Diego place because I’d rather support breweries that started in San Diego.
  11. putonyourwalkingshoes

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    Didn't know about the sexual misconduct just that there beer sucked all around. Mason Ale works sucks just as hard if not worse; only reason it's still around is because it's Urge Gastropubs operation. I can point out at least 2-3 other operations in Miramar that will be on the chopping block soon
  12. SDReaper

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    Legacy, Little Miss, Rough Draft
  13. ChazMania

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    Legacy falls into the "worst beer I've had since I moved to San Diego county"; along with Iron Fist and Indian Joes. The other worst ones have since closed.
  14. PatKorn

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    How will the Cartels launder their money....
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  15. honkey

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    And now they have a sales manager ranting on Twitter about how brewer’s jobs aren’t that hard. I guess it should be no surprise considering he’s only worked for AB, Elysian, and other similarly large operations that he’s out of touch with the reality of what it’s like to work production in the craft segment.
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    what this person's handle?
  17. honkey

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  18. hikanteki

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    Well, that's a shame/notshame. I went last year and the burger was fine, beer was good, $20 for a burger/beer/crowler of 4x8 was a steal. But I found it odd that an out of state brewery went to the trouble of opening up in California, but chose an already saturated and rather spendy market to start.
  19. ryno09

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    Yep. This would have been more exciting 5 years ago but things have changed a lot since then.
  20. carnevoodoo

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    It seems that a lot of breweries react very slowly to market changes. Like Green Flash and the facility on the East Coast.