Latin America Mexicans assemble!

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    Good evening gentlemen,

    I will be visiting Puebla next week for a wedding. Any decent craft breweries or bars that are worth checking out? I can also do IP trade (have a lot of The Rare Barrel and The Bruery available).
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    I am a craft beer distributor in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Originally from San Diego, I moved here last year and found very few craft beer options in town. Cerveceria Tres Islas is definitely a great place to visit and always have quality drafts, including a few invited beers. I started my distributorship in January with one brand, Cerveza Naipe from Guadalajara. I now have 6 brands in my portfolio and I just opened my own craft beer bar in town. The only one, if you don't count the brewery. I have 4 beers on tap with rotating selection. I have over 25 different beers, mostly from the state of Jalisco. My bar is Craft Beer Company & Mezcal, yes I have that too! I am inside La Trockeria gastro park. My address is
    Avenida Camarón Sábalo 1802
    Sábalo Country Club
    82100 Mazatlán, SIN
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    ¡¿Qué?! ¡No lo creo! ¿Dónde dice que no podemos comunicar en español?
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    Do you know any craft distributors in Jalisco especially Puerto Vallarta? I am aware of some of the local breweries and their distribution, but was wondering about getting US and European craft into a craft beer bar in PV. I believe there is a market for such a thing, among the younger hip locals vacationing from hi-tech Guadalajara, and the American, Canadian, and euro ex-pats.