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    Hi folks,

    I just spent a few days in Mexico City, Condesa neighborhood. Before we left, I search BA and found nothing at all about CDMX, hence this post as a potential future hit for someone. My wife found The Tasting Room on yelp and we visited twice. They don't appear to have a web page, but do have a Facebook and Instagram presence. They've been open 3 years and we (wife and I) give them 4 thumbs up.

    20 taps, mix of Mexican craft and worldwide selections. 12 oz or 16 oz pours, flights available. The 2 bartenders we interacted with spoke flawless English. Food is also available, but we did not have any, just beer.

    Didn't run across much craft beer anywhere else. One of my travel buddies was told to go to another bar, but it wasn't as good, having mainly things in bottles. I can't remember the name.

    cheers, John
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    Hello! I live in Mexico City and you’re right, there are not many options, but there are a few worth trying (not in any particular order):
    • Tasting Room (Roma/Condesa)
    • Drunkendog (Roma/Condeda)
    • Tres Gallos CdMx (Roma/Condesa)
    • Procer (Downtown)
    • Doble Malta (Del Valle Sur)
    • Beer Bros (Narvarte)
    • Cerveza en Punto (Narvarte)
    • Taberna Calacas (Portales)
    • Fiebre de Malta (Polanco/Cuauhtemoc)
    • Insurgente Pop Up Tap Room (Juárez)
    • Principia Tasting Room (Del Valle)
    Certainly a few other I might be missing now, but not as many as you would expect in a city this size.
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    Hi there, I can help if we're making a list of venues:
    Falling Piano (Roma)
    Escollo (Roma)
    El Trappist (Roma)
    Jardin Chapultepec (Roma)
    Jardín Juarez (Juarez) Jardín Chapultepec's little brother
    HOP The Expierience (Downtown, Polanco, Narvarte), being the Narvarte's the largest
    Hilaria Gastro Bar / Hilaria Terraza Jardín (both in Downtown)
    Beer Factory (9 locations around the city)