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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by ubenumber2, May 23, 2014.

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  1. ubenumber2

    ubenumber2 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 Arkansas

    Ok guys and gals , taking a vacation to the Chicago area with the family and was looking for a place with some decent beaches , we usually go to the Gulf but want to do something different , I was looking at Michigan City because it was close to a lot of breweries and a ton of beaches and shopping for the wife , we are going to spend 3 days in Chicago then spend 4 days there. What's the word on the beaches there? Any beaches with a bar on them? Any I can carry some beer on? Or should we drive somewhere else , or are the beaches there just not worth visiting , any info you got will work for me. This is kind of a family vacation with a beercation being sneaked in here and there. Thanks in advance
  2. Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2008 Wisconsin

    As someone who has been through Michigan City numerous times over the past few years to visit family, I would imagine four days there will be stretching the limit on what you can do. I would recommend spending a day or two in Michigan so you can see everything there is up there without having to worry about getting back to Michigan City. Indiana Dunes State Park is nearby and has some interesting natural made sand dunes and there is a beach there. You can cruise Lake Shore Drive in Long Beach to see how the better half lives and there are some other tourist options in town as well.

    Personally, and maybe it's because I'm from Wisconsin, but I would swing north from Chicago to Kenosha, WI and drop your wife off at a massive shopping center just across the border. It's right of the freeway as you come north. You really can't miss it, and I have no doubt any women could find stores to shop in. What's in it for you? Woodman's Kenosha with plenty of New Glarus, and other WI craft brews and just north of Woodman's is Uncle Mike's with 86 taps to choose from.
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  3. ubenumber2

    ubenumber2 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 Arkansas

    So how are the beaches up and down the Michigan side? That was all we were planning on doing in Michigan City was driving to a few breweries and spending a large amount of time on the beach , we can drive further north if we need to to be closer to some better beaches
  4. fishmich

    fishmich Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan

    if you really want good beaches id take the time to drive farther north. Pentwater is a very cool town with some good beaches but anywhere from South Haven to Ludington or past that is great.
  5. kiwifuz

    kiwifuz Initiate (108) Oct 27, 2005 Indiana

    When I was a kid my family used to rent a house in Michigan City and we'd spend the day at the beach. It was a good time. Now there is one, almost two breweries, in town so beer isn't too bad.

    There's a pretty sad zoo. Decent outlet mall that I shop at somewhat often. Beaches in the residential areas that are "for residents" are nice. I'm not a huge fan though of the public beaches and parks really. My personal opinion is that the undesirable element of the population makes me want to avoid the public areas and downtown for the most part especially at night. Some might disagree, but that my opinion living not too far away.

    I do like Michigan more. I really think the towns around the beaches are better. But you pay for it too. I would save money and traffic time if possible and do Michigan City or somewhere in Indiana. But that's me.
  6. miwestcoaster

    miwestcoaster Meyvn (1,226) Jan 19, 2013 Michigan

    Michigan city has an outlet mall that may be of interest. Lighthouse Outlet. There is a brewery 200 yards north of the outlet. Go to beaches in Michigan. Warren Dunes State Park, exit 16 off of I94. Greenbush brewery is at exit 12.
    Then go farther north to Saugatuck where there is small town shopping and a nice beach, Oval beach. Saugatuck brewing is there. Then go farther north to Holland or Grand Haven. Again, nice beaches and brews. New Holland brewery, Our Brewery (downtown Holland) and Oddside Ales in Grand Haven. Some shopping as well. Grand Haven is a two hour drive from Michigan City of that helps you plan. Enjoy your trip!
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