Milwaukee Breweries

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  1. ChicagoMilwaukeeGalway

    ChicagoMilwaukeeGalway Initiate (24) Oct 26, 2018 Ireland

    I used to live there and noticed there's a ton more that have opened since the days that MKE and Lakefront were all the there was.

    Any recommendations for the weekend? I did Goodcity & Mobcraft around Christmas.
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  2. dbelford

    dbelford Initiate (64) Nov 7, 2017 Illinois

    I like 1840 Brewing Company. Eagle Park Brewing Company is pretty good as well.
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  3. stave000

    stave000 Initiate (26) Nov 5, 2019 Missouri

    Eagle Park is really, I also liked Third Space when I was there which was very close to City Lights (ok beer but really cool space)
  4. RickBelgique

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    BrokenBatBrewery is pretty good. It's easy walking distance from Milwaukee Ale House in Old Third Ward.

    This is getting off-topic, but PurpleDoorIceCream rocks! They have a lot of unique flavors. Also, DoubleB'sBBQ in West Allis is easily one of the best BBQ joints in the Milwaukee area. Much better than the better known places downtown. While you're in West Allis, WestallionBrewing is definitely worth checking out. They don't go in for the latest hazy/cloudy/sour IPA/gose fad. Just easy drinking, tasty beer. Especially their peanut butter porter and malted milk ball stout. Their tour, for $10 and all you can drink for 2 hours, is a great deal. For info, click the Tap Room link at the top and scroll down.
  5. RickBelgique

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    Also, check out this thread.
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  6. Bshaw22

    Bshaw22 Crusader (737) Aug 29, 2013 Wisconsin

    Hacienda Beer Co. has a tap room about 2 miles from Eagle Park.
    Best two spots in the city for beer are those two.
    Good City down the block also has good food (curry fries are yum).
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  7. AndyChambers

    AndyChambers Initiate (52) Jan 25, 2017 Wisconsin

    Not to muddy the waters so I'll just comment on what others have already suggested:
    Eagle Park, 1840, Hacienda are my favorites, and are all well worth visiting and are highly regarded.
    Third Space is fine.
    I can't recommend Broken Bat or Westallion at all. All taste is subjective, but...just can't.
  8. teemoney

    teemoney Disciple (388) Jun 28, 2014 Wisconsin
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    I will concur about 1840 and Eagle Park, these are definitely the most interesting breweries in Milwaukee, in my opinion. Hacienda also makes some good stuff. Third Space and Good City are fine, but not super exciting. I also like Black Husky and Company Brewing, if you find yourself in Riverwest. A bit more out of the way, I had some good beers at Explorium, and you can go buy some clothes or something while you're at the mall. There is also a place called Dead Bird that just opened... not sure about the quality of their beer, but they have been advertising themselves quite a bit.

    I can say that Broken Bat and Enlightened didn't impress me when I visited them, so I woudn't be too excited about them. I wouldn't say they were bad, but I probably won't go back to them.
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  9. WoodenHeart

    WoodenHeart Initiate (25) Jan 28, 2020 Wisconsin

    Hacienda makes solid beer but I havent heard good things about the owner and how they treat their staff. Not saying nobody should ever go there but worth mentioning
  10. nuplastikk

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    Third Space, 1840,Gathering Place, Vennture. Explorium also has a nice taplist of around 20 of their beers or so, worth a visit.