Mini Road Trip in the South

Discussion in 'South' started by HopQuest, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. HopQuest

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    Thought I would reach out to this group and see if people had any suggestions for stops on an upcoming visit to Tennessee in April.

    We will be flying into Nashville on a Friday, then driving to Asheville, then on to Chattanooga before returning to Nashville. Total trip will be one week with a few days in each city.

    I plan to stop at the Bearded Iris and Burial. Any other spots to visit on our journey. We love burgers, tacos, fried chicken, hiking, and donuts.

    Thanks for your input. Cheers.
  2. djtothemoney

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    In Asheville you have a ton of options. There are probably a dozen or so breweries within a 4 block area you can walk to. Definitely don't skip Wicked Weed, even though it's macro now. Their Funkatorium is fantastic. The tour is good as well.

    Sierra Nevada is amazing, not far from Asheville. I haven't been able to do a tour, but I hear they are really cool.

    My friend recommended the tour at New Belgium in Asheville as well.

    Lots of good hiking in Asheville area, including Mt. Mitchell, the highest point in the Eastern United States.

    In terms of Nashville, you'll have to try one of the Nashville Hot chicken places. Hope I was helpful!
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  3. IMFletcher

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    Also hit Southern Grist in Nashville.

    Depending on the time you have, and what days you're there, look up Zebulon, Fonta Flora, and even Olde Hickory when in Asheville. OH is a bit of a trek, but it's only another 20 minutes if you go out to Fonta Flora. Zebulon is 15 minutes north of Asheville, but is only open on weekends.
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  4. Thedusanmandic

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    Nashville- Mas Tacos Por Favor, Princes Hot Chicken, Desanos Pizza, City House, Vuis Kitchen, Pharmacy, Husk, Merchants, Smiling Elephant
  5. emmasmith

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    Nashville for night bites.
    Good ambiance with lots of beverage pumps.
  6. HopQuest

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    Thanks for all the great suggestions, I will try to hit up a few of these.
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  7. Tilley4

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    Bruisin Ales in Asheville is a must stop beer store...

    Craft Brewed in Nashville... Lots on tap and a good bottle selection

    From Chattanooga, head south a few minutes to Ft Oglethorpe to Beverage World... You'll thank me...
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  8. vol4life88

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    Hot Chicken: Bolton's Hot Chicken (always juicy)
    Pizza: DeSano Pizza, Five Points Pizza
    Thai, Vietnamese: Smiling Elephant, Love Peace Pho
    Burger: Burger Republic (sit-down), Gabby's (quick), TN Brew Works (yes, a brewery)
    Other: Josephine, City House, Treehouse

    Bottle Shops
    Craft Brewed
    Midtown Corks and Dorks
    Pour Vous
  9. NudaWaya

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    Well Yee Haw Brewery in Johnson City, Tenn. has a wonderful selection (The Dunkel being one of there best offerings) and JRH is there as well; both have a fine selection and food. Of course Johnson City may be out of your way unless your interested in taking a few steps on the Appalachian Trail while you're in Tennessee. If you take that route though then you have us in Roan Mountain but we are more of a tasting room/pub/hostel and then there is Banner Elk in North Carolina:
    Best of luck and safe travels.
  10. GaToWyo

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    Check out Heaven & Ale when you're in Chattanooga.
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