MN Brewer's attempts at NE IPAs

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by MNAle, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Once more into the breach...

    As I mentioned in the other thread, I have tried Summit's Phazer, Insight's Surging from the East, and Modist's Dream Yard.

    Tonight, I was able to grab some Lupulin Blissful Ignorance. IMO, this one is the best of the lot. Thick and smooth mouth feel, plenty of citrus, and turbid appearance. Dilicious. I have no idea how it compares with the Vermont brewers, but on its own, it is very tasty.
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  2. nograz

    nograz Defender (627) Oct 30, 2013 Minnesota
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    Blissful Ignorance is good in its own right, but I would not consider it NE IPA style.
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  3. JakeJohnson

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    To catch this thread up to the one that imploded, most people thought every one of these beers were poor examples of the style (although not poor beers).
  4. gatornation

    gatornation Poo-Bah (3,796) Apr 18, 2007 Minnesota
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    Blissful Ignorance, & Cone Gnome both MN 2IPA,'S are 2 of the better ones ive tried, but neither are NE IPA'S, the closest ive had from MN in style to NE was Stupid Good, in color/texture,taste & mouthfeel to say Treehouse. IMO of course.
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  5. mjryan

    mjryan Zealot (581) Dec 22, 2007 Minnesota

    Cone Gnome is from Wisconsin.
  6. nachos

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    It's actually, "once more unto the breach." Not into.
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  7. KarlKarl

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    Had a small share tonight. Sampled a couple Treehouse and Trillium beers against DDH Sue, Dreamyard, and Insight East. I had tried the Dreamyard, Sue and east prior to the others and thought they were great NE IPAs. However in direct comparison though, other than the DDH Sue, they definitely are not NE styles, mainly in mouthfeel, clarity, and bitterness (what else is there right?...). East and Dreamyard were the definitely the most different. DDH Sue had the mouthfeel and haze, but also had more bitter than the Treehouse beers (Alter Ego/Green) and Trillium (DDH A Street/Scaled Up). That said, I enjoyed the Sue the best...

    DDH Sue>Alter Ego>Green>East>Dreamyard> A Street
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  8. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    That was Bill. This is me. :wink: It is definitely "into" the breach around here! :slight_smile:
  9. KarlHungus

    KarlHungus Poo-Bah (3,015) Feb 19, 2005 Minnesota
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    Unto the breach, my friend, unto the breach. The English Nazi in me wants to remind you the quote from Henry V is "once more unto the breach".:wink:
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  10. Surlyguy81

    Surlyguy81 Initiate (138) Oct 4, 2013 Minnesota
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    Forager, some of the best examples of NE IPA's being brewed in the state right now. Availability changes often but you can find one on tap most of the time.
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  11. MNPikey

    MNPikey Devotee (415) Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota
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    Lupulin Batch 100, now known as Hooey, is closer to a NE IPA than Blissful. Not super hazy though.

    Disgruntled and Forager and the 2 best examples in MN currently.
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  12. B-Stad

    B-Stad Initiate (168) May 16, 2015 Minnesota
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    I love DDH Sue. I was at a beer event two weeks ago, and Toppling Goliath was there. We were talking about DDH Sue and I told them that I had not had any IPAs from New England, but was willing to put it against just about any of them. One of the guys responded that they brewed with the guys from Tree House and allege that the style came from TG. You be the judge of fact or fiction.
  13. meathead

    meathead Initiate (110) May 30, 2015 Minnesota

    Is brewing this style of beer that hard? Hell, I get the majority of the population still drinks Coors Light and Mich Golden Light, but why is it taking this long for MN to get in on the action.

    Is it a MN thing, swing for average and not home runs?

    Is it snobbery among brewers? Are they worried about being labeled a copycat? Capacity issues? Not capable right now?

    For ex. Top Goliath, their bombers are awesome, hunting for them is a pain and the format sucks. When I still see 4pk Bottles of rover, nugget, and dorothy, you're hurting your brand. Florida sue is good but not great.
  14. cmannes

    cmannes Disciple (383) Mar 15, 2009 Minnesota
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    Perhaps. MN brewers are trying to make their own beers, and not copy someone elses?
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  15. TapsNRaz

    TapsNRaz Initiate (141) Jan 4, 2017 Minnesota
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    I've been lucky enough to try a lot of NE hops lately due to a buddy who works on the east coast during the week. I just had "The streets" last night and have had quite a few other Trillium/Tree House/Other Half beers lately. I was able to compare to Blissful last night and feel it's very close, but not "There". It's an amazing beer and unless I had them side by side like I did, I'd call them on par with each other. Either way, I wake up with a headache the next day.
  16. MNBeerGeek

    MNBeerGeek Zealot (565) Jun 25, 2013 Minnesota
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    It's been talked about ad nauseam, but the difference (so far) between most MN beers and those actually brewed in the NE part of the country is the soft mouthfeel and juicy hop presence without the bitterness. We all know that. Most beers mentioned in this thread and the previous dumpster fire of a thread range from good to damn excellent, but just aren't there. It is what it is. Disgruntled. Like 1 forager beer ever. And TG (not MN) bombers are there but that's it. Not an insult on the beer quality just not this mythical "NE" style
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  17. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    But it is still interesting to follow, track, and discuss their efforts in brewing the style, don't you think? Besides, it provided an excuse for me to pick up beers from Modist and Lupulin for the first time, to grab another from Insight, and make a trip to the Summit Beer Hall. All in all, a win-win-win-win... :wink:
  18. Otis32

    Otis32 Initiate (156) Jan 1, 2011 Minnesota

    Had the Insight 4 pack. West was actually the very well done beer of the two and IMO East lacked. Dream Yard and Blissful were nice but not wow beers at all.

    The TG bombers still routinely kill it (DDH, KS, Sosus etc) for juicy, hazy, low bitterness treats. Scorpious Morchella (sp??) Should be coming soon, is worth the trip to Decorah and may be the best of the bunch.

    In fact of all these type beers I have tried Iowa rules the category in the Midwest with equally solid offerings coming from 515, Pulpit Rock etc.

    When I get the opportunity maybe Forager & Disgruntled will change my mind....
  19. MNBeerGeek

    MNBeerGeek Zealot (565) Jun 25, 2013 Minnesota
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    Oh for sure. Was mostly just a summary
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  20. barrybeerdog

    barrybeerdog Initiate (183) Aug 17, 2012 South Dakota

    Disgruntled Stupid Good WILL change your is Stupid Good!
    Try to get you hands on a growler!
  21. shlub

    shlub Initiate (154) Jan 11, 2008 Minnesota

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  22. Mplsmetro57

    Mplsmetro57 Aspirant (280) Jan 30, 2013 Minnesota
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    Local 756 will certainly please MN palettes. Crushable.
  23. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Since I'm not a trader, I'm operating at a disadvantage regarding what the "real" NE IPAs are like, but....

    I picked up another 4 pack of Dream Yard at F44 last Friday ... Drinking it now... Damn! I mean, damn, this is good! Nice aroma, thick, creamy mouth feel, taste of oranges and mangos, subdued (but not absent) bittering. Absolutely wonderful.
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  24. laststop126

    laststop126 Initiate (119) Aug 16, 2013 North Dakota

    But in the realm of "NE IPAs", it falls embarrassingly short. It's got good (not great) hops and the "hazy and juicy" factor leaves a lot to be desired.

    There's only one brewery doing the "NE IPAs" style right in the state and that's Disgruntled. Everyone else is still trying.
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  25. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Yeah, well, that's a 7 hour round trip... that ain't in the cards...
  26. MNTraveler

    MNTraveler Initiate (127) Jul 27, 2016 Minnesota
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    Maybe if you were part of the crew...
  27. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Hey, now... let's not get this thread locked, too! :wink:
  28. JakeJohnson

    JakeJohnson Initiate (152) Jan 30, 2015 Minnesota
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    You clearly have not had anything from Forager.
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  29. nograz

    nograz Defender (627) Oct 30, 2013 Minnesota
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    There are a few bars in the cities that get kegs. Grizzlys in Plymouth, Ansaris, Butcher and the Boar and maybe one more so luckily you don't have to travel to far.
  30. CarolusP

    CarolusP Initiate (99) Oct 22, 2015 Minnesota

    From scanning these two threads, it sounds like most of these MN NE IPAs have been taproom or limited release bottle offerings. Is anyone aware if any of these have been readily available in liquor stores for purchase? As a married, working man with children, my ability to chase beer is rather limited.
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  31. Cfred371

    Cfred371 Disciple (367) Jul 14, 2015 Minnesota
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    There's a few beers dubbed NE IPA around, but fall short. Blissful Ignorance from Lupulin, and East Coast from Insight are the two beers that come to mind. I believe Lupulin has a beer coming out in cans this summer that is an actual NE IPA, called Hooey.
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  32. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Depends on what you mean by "these MN NE IPAs"! :wink:

    Plenty of Modist Dream Yard, Lupulin Blissful Ignorance, and Insight East v West were at France 44 last Friday.
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  33. kccoop07

    kccoop07 Initiate (25) Dec 26, 2013 Minnesota
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    My take after visiting Blackstack today without asking about their process/recipes (and years soaking up the New England scene):

    755 and 756 both are both big on late/flavor hop additions. They definitely drink bigger than 6%. 755 reminds me a lot of Sip of Sunshine. Awesome beer but a little too intense to hit this mythical "NEIPA" mark.

    But that's the thing, we shouldn't nitpick too much as there's plenty of variety "within style." For my money, on-draft Dreamyard is the best of the rest for easy drinking deliciousness. But I haven't had a single can from the pack (and packaging can be hard on this style).
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  34. KiddVideo

    KiddVideo Initiate (178) Jun 19, 2015 Minnesota

    Kudos! Moreover, all Black Stack beers including their New England IPA are all malt beers while other NEIPA's have adjuncts like oats etc.
  35. Engy

    Engy Initiate (110) Aug 12, 2014 Minnesota

    Why do they call it a New England IPA if it's not brewed like a New England IPA?
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  36. MNAle

    MNAle Savant (953) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    You must be new around here... :grinning:
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  37. KiddVideo

    KiddVideo Initiate (178) Jun 19, 2015 Minnesota

    Great question. Moreover, Did you know all the New England IPA's were made with adjuncts?
  38. sean_mpls

    sean_mpls Initiate (175) Sep 11, 2012 Minnesota
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    You seem to be saying "adjuncts" as if it's some sort of negative thing regarding these beers.
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  39. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,744) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
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    I'd suggest you look at the post by @kccoop07 two above yours.

    Not every Russian Imperial Stout is brewed exactly the same way, & the same is true of virtually every other style as well (leaving aside the Reinheitsgebot).
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  40. KiddVideo

    KiddVideo Initiate (178) Jun 19, 2015 Minnesota

    Correct. John Kimmich the inventor of the New England style IPA has said, Personally, I find it a little arrogant to try and claim that we do something so different that it deserves its own category.” I have tried plenty of New England IPA's and found them to be delicious but not all are the same.
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