MN Distro Protectionist Laws

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    The last thing distribution wants in MN is to have the public and lawmakers see, know and question what is really going on. The pandemic may force that to finally happen.

    There is a reason they fight so hard to protect their turf. This situation might be the catalyst which exposes the whole rotten system.

    Folks - distribution owners are very wealthy for a reason.

    The whole industry needs an enema. That’s not going to be a popular thing to put out there, but it is what it is. Too many breweries combined with horrible protectionist laws ensure profitability is damn near impossible to come by. And the workers in the brewing world suffer because of it. Bad wages, horrible benefits (if any), and owners don’t have it much better, some even worse.
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    Sorry - I suck with tech

    The StarTrib had a quote from Mike Madigan. Here it is. It’s ironic.

    “Conferring special advantages to one tier of the industry simultaneously puts other tiers at a disadvantage,” said Mike Madigan, president of the Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association (MBWA).
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    Before I respond, I want to say, very clearly, I am in favor of bringing MN's liquor laws into the 21st century, and I favor these proposed bills.

    OK, now to respond.

    The laws have been there for a LONG time, so these "too many brewers" who can't make money in the current regulatory environment should have built that into their business plans and not require a change in the law to bail them out. The shut-down has certainly exposed these issues for small brewers, but the issues have been there all along.

    It reminds me of someone who buys a house in the flight plan of a major airport and then wants the government to remove the problem so his purchase doesn't seem so stupid. Or, someone who buys a house next to an operating dairy farm and then blames the farmer for the odor of manure spoiling his use of his deck.
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    oh, I totally agree. I think the mad rush into brewery ownership was idiotic from a macro sense and an issue unto itself.

    A whole separate issue are the laws, specifically distribution (sometimes known as sales/agency) laws. I should have done a better job separating those out.

    On the latter, it’s pure protectionism. I’ve been involved at both state and national levels with this. Even met with members of congress in Washington. I can’t share who I am because of NDA’s, and I apologize, but I just can’t. But the amount of wealth generated at the middle tier would stagger most people, especially compared to the production tier.

    This pandemic might be the tear in that fabric that brings that down, at least a bit.
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