Monkish Brewing (2019)

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by Frosty11161, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. SoCalBeerIdiot

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    I haven't had any Electric but would definitely try some if readily available :wink:
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  2. artstvn

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    In my experience, I visited Electric about 3 years ago prior to all of this recent hype. I found all of their IPA's to be extremely sweet and overbearing. Mouthfeel great, vegetal finish, and harsh bitterness. I went about 6 months ago, and the IPA's were still very sweet, although they have improved on the finish for me.

    Doesn't come close to Monkish for me. IMO.
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  3. HopHead89

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    Experimental Space Cookie was almost as bad as Monk-Tiki. That one was definite miss for Monkish. Heard guided meditation was pretty bad as well. For Monkish being in business for 7 years they only had about 4 drain pour beers, Monk-Tiki, Nighthawkz, guided mediation & experimental space cookie, that's not a bad track record at all.
  4. R1c0rtez

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    I think you need to add Mango Space cookie in there too. If that's the right variant of space cookie I'm thinking and my friend left our pours at the tap room half filled. Didn't even bother.

    I think this is Henry's OG drain pour though
  5. UnknownKoger

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    OG Red Table was a treasure, though
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  6. Atrox77

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    Yeah I'm really sure that Henry is waking up in cold sweats at night worrying about what Electric Brewing is doing. The stuff that comes out of your mouth sometimes almost has me convinced that this is a troll account.
  7. Hype_Train

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    He's real, unfortunately.
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  8. asong_net

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    Dropped by Electric once on the way to pick up DDG and of all the IPAs I had I only really enjoyed Pay the Piper a lot... everything else was a little too heavy
  9. R1c0rtez

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    Agreed. Needs to make a come back
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  10. HopHead89

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    I'm pretty sure he notices bruh! Not a troll but do have trolling tendencies :grimacing:
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  11. 310gts

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    so today or tomorrow? lol
  12. mlobster

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    double can yall
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  14. OTB

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    If they put Foggier on for fills tomorrow, which seems to be the norm lately, I may have to drop by for a fill, hoping it's as good as always. We dropped in last Sunday on our way home from Santa Barbara because they had Water Balloon on, it was good but not as good as it has been in previous batches.