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  1. jjhops

    jjhops Initiate (16) Feb 28, 2018 Massachusetts

    Heading to Montreal for the weekend, any must hit breweries? Preferably NEIPA/IPA
  2. DrewLS

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    Dieu de Ciel and Benelux are solid options and within walking distance of one another.
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  3. LukieBL

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    Dieu de Ciel is my idea of a perfect pub. Really good small plates and such a great atmosphere

    Finding a corner here on a winter night might be my favorite beer spot in the world
  4. LukieBL

    LukieBL Initiate (97) Jun 10, 2015 Massachusetts

    Also Vices & Versa is another classic Montreal spot, good poutine and usually great live music
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  5. huuvola

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    Agree with Vices & Versa. Great beer and poutine. A few blocks away is Brasserie Harricana, with great beer and food. Website is in French, but a little googling will get you some English reviews.
  6. jjhops

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    Thank you!
  7. NeroFiddled

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    I'll second Benelux, and it's also probably the closest to your hotel.

    Vices & Versa is also a reasonable walk from Dieu Du Ciel with Reservoir in between just a few blocks to the south, and Helm even a bit further. With Harricana you've got a pub crawl right there.

    Montreal is easy to get around in via public transportation so I'll also suggest Station and L'Espace Public (furthest out but easy to get to on transit); and although they're not that great, Le Saint Bock and Le Cheval Blanc in the Quartier Latin. There's also a Les 3 Brasseurs on that strip if you're curious and want to check them out but I can't really recommend their beer.

    Another place that I enjoy but isn't the greatest is the Brasseur de Montreal to the south, or even further Les Soeurs Grises (any place with a beer called "I'm Batman" deserves some mention).

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  8. MCBanjoMike

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    In addition to what's been mentioned here, I really like the beer they make at Isle de Garde, they have some of the best IPAs in town. It gets really busy in the evenings, though, and the seating policy is "do it yourself", so don't wait for someone to come see you.