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    I'm headed to Morocco in late June to visit my wife's sister and her family. We'll be based in Rabat where they live but also heading to Casablanca, Marrakesh and Essaouira. I know there's only one brewery in the country and just a few beers that are actually made there. Anyone been recently and have input on bringing beer into the country though customs? I know you can bring 1 liter duty free with you, but always curious how this actually goes down in a predominantly Muslim country. My brother-in-law is into beer and I figured I'd bring some IPA cans to split with him and hopefully some packaged hops that he can use in his homebrews.
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    Just came across your thread and was curious to know how your trip was. Specifically, your stay in Marrakesh. My wife and I are heading to Morocco in October and one of my rules for traveling is to drink only the local beers. Unfortunately, it appears Morocco is limited in both variety and locations for serving beer. Is that assumption true? I also heard the wine is a much better alternative to their beer. Interested to hear your thoughts on the trip.
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    Might need to tag them else they might not see your query @distantmantra
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    Get ready to drink a lot of adjunct lagers. I thought Flag Speciale was the best of what was available, but really they're not all that different from each other. We had to go to a grocery store outside the center of Marrakech to buy beer, but there were numerous restaurants (that cater to foreigners) that had alcohol available. My wife drank the wine and said it was pretty good, but I stuck to the cold yellow fizzy.

    We had a great time in Morocco last year (Rabat, Essaouira and Marrakech). My wife's sister works for the state department in Rabat and she and her husband are fluent in Moroccan Arabic from their time in the Peace Corps so I'm sure our experience was a bit different, but I'd still say that Morocco is a great country and the people were incredibly friendly.
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    Thanks so much for the reply. That’s kind of what I was expecting in the beer department.....just your average lager. The Flag Speciale seems to be what I hear the most about so I’m sure I’ll just stick with that as it seems to be the best local option available. Good to know it’s readily available in restaurants.

    Sound like u a good time. We will not be fluent in the language but I’m sure we’ll somehow get by. Really looking forward to it.
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    Moroccans are incredibly friendly and many speak English, especially in Marrakech. You should be fine.

    I’d say drink whatever beers you find, not just Flag. Casablanca isn’t bad, nor is Stork. They’re just all adjunct lagers and great when super cold.

    If you want to see a super depressing beer selection check out the Carrefour in Marrakech. The fanciest import was Leffe along with Budweiser and Heineken.

    Oh, alcohol is only at restaurants that cater to foreigners. We went to some amazing places to eat but as they were targeting the local Moroccan population they were dry. No biggie.
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