Mott the Lesser (b.10)

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    Mott the Lesser Fall 2019 Release
    • Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 12 PM – 7 PM


    Celebrate the 10th edition of Mott the Lesser! The Fall 2019 release is coming up. The barrels this time include: Port, Apple Brandy, Madeira, and a Jamaican Rum barrel. It's a beautiful blend!!

    We want everyone to have a good time so here are some details to help with your planning:

    2 bottles and 2 draft pours of Mott the Lesser per person on a first come, first serve basis, and while supplies last. There will be one line for wristbands. Once you have purchased your wristband, there will be a separate merchandise line for bottle pick-up only opening at 12 noon. There will be approx. 1,500 bottles available. Bottles are 500 ml at $16 each. No advance purchases available. Drafts will be 8oz pours at $8 each. Food will be available for separate purchase and provided by Blue Mermaid, Lexie's Burger Bus, Jolie Rogers Oyster pop-up, and more to be announced!

    Parking will be available in our lot and satellite lot at 22 Shapleigh Road within easy walking distance. There will be signage and a police detail to direct you. Please consider car pooling, walking or riding your bike if you are local. Please respect our Kittery neighborhood, residents and businesses alike. Cheers!
  2. JrGtr

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    I saw that on FB and am interested - but I don't know if I'll get the pass. Spring release I stopped at one too many breweries on the way out and was much the worse for wear by the time I got home (thank goodness I wasn't driving...)
    Plus, SWMBO went down to my cellar last weekend and saw how much beer I have down there. She things I have too much... Put a kybosh on buying anything for cellaring for a while...
  3. 7irondave

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    Time to really start working on drinking those cellar bottles. That's the only viable solution I see here. :wink:
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  4. JrGtr

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    yeah, no kidding.
    I have been getting a bit more into those lately. I have a few that are likely past their prime, and others that are kinda special, and it's that weird dichotomy that I know they were made to be drunk (drank?) but I don't want to open them...
    but I don't really have enough beer geek friends to set up a good tasting to knock down a bunch of them.
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    Just tell them it’s free beer. People are usually cool with that.

    And if I have an over abundance, I’ll bring some to parties and leave them there.

    Some of these beers are likely past their prime...dick move? Nah, again, free beer!
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    similar problems here. ive gotten better at tearing off the band aid and opening a few bottles a month. slowly narrowing down cellar.

    the other key is not to buy as many more, and the OP makes me want to drive north for this one. Ive never made it previous years. always on my radar though. my 30 year old self would make the drive in a heartbeat.
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  7. mrmattosgood

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    Anyone in the past head up for this? What's the crowd situation throughout the day?

    I think I'm going to try to make it up there, but it wouldn't be before around 4-5pm. If I'm doing my math correctly, 2 pp would mean 750 allotments, throw in some grandmas coming along to make sure the neckbeards get a couple for the cellar, I wonder if getting a bottle is possible.
  8. JakerLou

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    We showed up a couple of hours after the opening and waited in line for about 5 minutes. We were in and out with our beers and split a draft, three ways, in under 15 minutes. I believe bottles actually lasted until Sunday afternoon.

    If you've got some free time When Pigs Fly was really good for lunch, and Spruce Creek Provisions always has some great beers in stock.

  9. mrmattosgood

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    Hearing that the bottles last until Sunday is huge actually. When I just outlined my plan to my wife (“kid’s soccer in the morning —> work for a few hours —> Tributary —> Home for dinner”), she scoffed and reminded me trick or treating was that night.

    Maybe I can parlay good parenting during trick or treating into a great Kittery lunch Sunday.
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  10. rudzud

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    The bottles do not always last until the next day. Showing up at 4pm should still be perfectly fine but if it's a really nice day after 5 it may be a bit close. It's draft pours that always last until the next day. I've gone to every release; sometimes it makes it to the next day sometimes it doesn't really depends on a whole lot of variables (which season, any other breweries doing releases, is it Goods From The Woods, etc. etc.). As far as hordes of mules...not so much. Mott The Lesser gets pretty much no interest in the trade world and even less on the secondary market. It's not like the days of Kate The Great that's for sure! Still though I get there a few hours before noon, wind up being in the first 30 (there is someone who's gotten there at 7 every release). Mostly just do the line waiting for this beer in tribute to the fun memories of the Kate The Great releases. Once noon hits go in, get my two bottles and a pour, chat with Todd for ten minutes, maybe hit up Anju afterwards for some ramen, then homeward bound. Although, with Extrava now up in Portland I'm tempted to head up there after...
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  11. mrmattosgood

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    Ahhh, Kate Day. The OG of beer release lines. Nothing like that wait in the snowy, early N.H. March weather.
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  12. rudzud

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    Driving through blizzards to get calendar sheets, just crazy.
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  13. EnronCFO

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    The ultimate “back in my day” beer story. A lot of great memories from those days. Also a terrible one: fuck scratch-offs
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  14. mrmattosgood

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    I had great luck on those. I got like five or six of them. I want to say my first ever Pliny came as a trade for one of them (maybe Alpine).
  15. EnronCFO

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    I drank there 2-3 times a week for like 3 years straight and went 1 for 10 the first year they did it. There was a guy that lived in the apartment above the brewery and was there all the time that went 0 for 10. And then some douchebag from Boston showed up and went like 13 for 20 between him and his girlfriend. And I’m not just calling him a douchebag because he won, he was essentially the first pastry bro and I’m sure probably flips Trillium these days. I was irate.
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