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  1. Holweger

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    In October I'll be moving from Minnesota to upstate New York. The trip will be about 1,000 miles. Most of our belongings will be packed up in PODS and shipped there, but since I'm driving I'm getting a small UHaul trailer to bring some valuables - including my beer, guitar, and record collections (my wife and daughters will be flying there).

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about moving a beer cellar like this. For example - Is it best to try fit the beer in my car, rather than have it in the trailer (which will vibrate more, I'm assuming?). Otherwise, any tips or things to avoid that you may have learned at some point would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I think your concerns about vibration make sense but I'd be more concerned about heat. Good time of year for it though, unless we get hit with more heat. Still, insulated properly and packed in the center of a POD it should be OK. I 'd be concerned about the car or trailer because I'll assume you'll be stopping for the night unless you can pull that 16 hour drive - I've done it twice, but it wasn't easy. If you think you can do that put it in the car with you.
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  3. NickTheGreat

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    How much beer are you talking? People fly with beer all the time, bubbled wrap, dirty socks, etc.

    I've transported beer in those boxes made for shipping wine before, too.

    But if you're talking 1,000 bottles, this would be tough.
  4. Joe13

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    You can ship all of your beer and records to me to hold on to...

    But in all actuality, when I moved I packed all of my bottles into wine boxes that I got from a local liquor store. For the more valuable beers I got foam inserts which actually also help with maintaining a cool temperature. Although foam does not help maintain a cool temperature here on earth, sorry I hate foam and try to be environmentally friendly as much as possible, but hey, they worked really well with the bottles, and I held onto them to reuse. As Nero said, I'd be more concerned with temps rather than vibrations, although that is a valid concern as well. Just remember if you stick them in the trunk, they will got much hotter back there, especially when you're stopped at rest stops etc. If they do go into the trunk, try and stick them in the way back.
    I'd also like to add, don't stack your records on top of each other, though if you are a record collector I'm sure you already know that. I suppose I'd also be concerned with temps for the records as well.
    Any way, best of luck with the move!
  5. Holweger

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    Thanks everyone. The PODS are already packed up (we moved out of our MN house in April & living in Asia until October), so the only way I can get them there is via my vehicle/U-Haul trailer. I've got them boxed up already (had to temporarily move them into my sister-in-law's basement when we sold our house) but I think I'll try get some extra foam or other insulation to provide extra support. I think it's right around 200 bottles right now, btw.
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  6. Beer_Economicus

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    I moved this year. The trip was only about 3 hours, but I wouldn’t do anything differently if I was traveling 16 hours.

    I moved approximately 8 cases of 24 12 oz bottles, 8 more cases of 750s, and then probably 6 -6shipper foam fillers. Another 2 cases of various other alcohol.

    Not everything I have is valuable - the stuff I really cared about included the styro shippers, and probably 2 cases of each type.

    I would not be worried about temperature in October...for a total of two days. It won’t get hot enough to worry about for that short of a time period. Even in the heat of the summer in the south, I would not be that worried for just a 2 day period, but I would take precautions if it were those circumstances. If you search this forum enough, you’ll read plenty of stories about people accidentally leaving something in the heat for a day, a few days, a week, whatever, and I have yet to read a horror story - unless it is an entire season.

    The main issue I would worry about in terms of travel is just make sure everything is actually secure. A divider of some kind (cardboard etc.) between every bottle. Cases boxes of various kinds all work fine.
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  7. bozodogbreath

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    Just keep them from being light struck and you will be fine.
  8. JrGtr

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    A bit late to this party, but as others have said, you should be OK with the beer, especially in October.
    The one thing I would add, get good locks for the trailer, both for the back door and to lock it to the car, presuming you're staying overnight somewhere. Assuming it's a hotel or something, park under lights, in view of the door or your room if possible.
    As far as the guitars go, electric guitars would be fine in the trailer - as long as they're in hardshell cases. Acoustics should be in the car, and bring them in the hotel room at night.
    There's too many stories of cars being broken into for a guitar case.