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    To Do: - Dinner Spots


    Late Night:

    • Hot Chicken – Hattie B’s(west), Prince's(North)
    • Paradise Park
    Breakfast spots:

    • 417 Union, Puckett's, Sun Diner, Kitchen Notes, Pancake Pantry, Biscuit Love, Frothy Monkey, Big Al's Deli,
    Desserts Spots:

    • Savannah's Candy Kitchen, Jeni's IC, Mike's IC, Five Daughters, GooGoo Shop, Gigi's,
  2. baybum

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    So this is some of the info I have gathered for a Nashville trip but would like some local or frequent visitor input. Especially - Bars & Food spots

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    I personally find Bakersfield disappointing. The food is good, the place is cool, but you are always left wanting more and you pay an arm and a leg. Killer margaritas though.

    For gourmet American-ized, but delicious, tacos, I'd recommend Pancho and Lefty's.Still expensive but better.

    Also, there is a Hattie B's on 8th Ave S that is really close to downtown and still somewhat of a secret. Craft Brewed (good beer bar/store) is right down the street from there too.
  4. WPZY

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    List of additions, mostly by group:

    - New Heights

    - 12S Taproom
    - Von El Rods (also could be for lunch/brunch)
    - Craft Brewed

    - City House
    - Kuchnia and Keller (new, great beer list)
    - Josephine's

    - Butchertown Hall
    - 5 Point Pizza
    - Little Mosko's (breakfast/lunch M-F only)
    - Cafe Roze (right by Southern Grist)
    - Pinewood Social

    Late Night
    - 5 Points Pizza
    - Dino's
    - Hermitage Cafe

    - Marche

    Would also add Husk to the lunch group, great burger and fried chicken only available then, and more affordable.
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    I personally really like ACME Feed & Seed right at the end of the strip. Pharmacy Burger is nice as well, but a little far. And you don't want to miss Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, do you? Although you have to travel there and your palate will be wrecked for beer for about a half a day! - and that's if you don't try the "HOT", that'll take at least a day to clear up. :joy:
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  6. Jimmy_Kneecaps

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    I second 12 south taproom and craft brewed. Husk is great for brunch and much less crowded if you get there early. second 5 points pizza as well.
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    This would be the #localprotip
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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll be headed to Nashville for the weekend (3/23-25), and am planning to swing by Bearded Iris and Southern Grist (nations) - we’re staying in between the two.

    Any particular beers I should be on the lookout for? Local BA stouts or sours that may still be on the shelves? Fun trade targets I should learn about? Cheers!
  9. vol4life88

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    Embrace the Funk at Yazoo Brewing for sours all day... nobody is even touching them in the state IMO.
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  10. baybum

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    The Nelson Greenbrier tour was awesome and corsair had a nice ba stout on tap next door. Bearded Iris was amazing if you like ipas. Also Stillery for food and drinks.
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