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    Hi all! I bought a house last year and the previous owner was awesome and installed a two tap draft system in the bar. Well due to some new child rearing I'm just now getting around to figuring this whole thing out. I have a big family bash in a couple weeks and would love to have some suds on tap. I've looked some pics below and basically I just need to know some good resources to quickly get up to speed on what I need to do. I'm sure I'll need to check the co2 status and clean the lines. Not sure how all that works. Anybody got a crash course? I'm not sure of brand otherwise I'd head to their documentation
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    This is the place for goof information. Welcome to BA.

    You mentioned line cleaning as one issue. Consider replacing the line, known as choker. Search this forum for Choker and line cleaning, it is a frequent topic of discussion.

    Based on the pics,
    • you have a new Canadian Beverage Systems regulator, and that is probably a very good regulator, then don't sell any crap.
    • you have Perlick flow controls, and those are as good as anyone could ask for.
    • you have an Igloo kegerator, which is a cold box in this instance because
    • red alert... you have remote faucets. Those Perlicks are mounted to a stained block, there must be a good way to keep the beer lines cold once they leave the igloo. This is going to be a project to fix, and it must be addressed.
    Attach photos of the inside of the rig if you can. Unfortunately too often DIY draft projects neglect the very important cold beer requirement. The lines need to be kept cold from the keg to the faucet, no exceptions. But it can be fixed.

    Research our corner of BA and ask questions as you need. We will be happy to help, as long as you put in the effort.

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    Sorry for some reason this forum didn't email me that you replied. THANK YOU for the info. What additional pics dud you want? Inside the igloo you mean? Pic of the back side of the setup to see the lines?
  4. billandsuz

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    Yes, how the lines go from the igloo and into the shanks, the back of the faucets.

    There needs to be some way to keep that beer cold since it is outside of the refrigerated space.

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    Ok I'll try to get that today
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    The Igloo kegerator is a fairly cheap system sold by big box stores like Home Depot (I've got one that I've had for a few years). The good news is that it actually does its main job of getting cold enough which a lot of these cheap kegerators don't do. The temperature sensor is mounted on the cold plate, I have to defrost mine every so often since it freezes over and the temperature sensor is in ice (tower connector is not sealed perfectly which I believe is causing my frost issue).

    Speaking of the tower connector, my model came with a non standard tower and connector which I replaced and had to mod (which is why it doesn't have a perfect seal). You might want to get pictures that show the top of the kegerator so we can see what issues are there where the lines come out. The faucets also have the older cursive "P" rather than the stamped modern "P" which probably means the kegerator has been there for a while, I'd bet the lines are pretty old too. They probably put the flow controls on there because they were getting foam from the lines most likely being too warm. My brother in law has a setup like this and he's ok with the foam but he doesn't use his much anymore. He doesn't even have the flow controls.
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    Ok got some extra photos that I added to the link, sorry I've been crushed busy lately. I see what you mean about the foam it's definitely warm in this cavity where the lines run so I'm sure that's causing an issue.

    He basically built a cavity behind the bar and adjacent to a laundry room on the other side of the wall. I need to defrost the fridge apparently. The lines run up from the fridge where I guess it hits the regulator you are talking about. The co2 is further above and runs down. The lines to the taps are on the right of the photos in the gray PVC pipes. I figure changing the lines is a good starting point but might be a pain. I think I'll need to remove the keg fridge and crawl back into this cavity
  8. billandsuz

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    That sorta kinda sucks.

    You'll need to get the beer lines cold. So
    Build a conduit, 4" ID flexible duct with insulation is available for HVAC.
    Install a tower cooling fan.
    Insulate the shanks.

    It will still foam a bit because you're not going to get the lines to maintain 38, but it will be a lot better.

    Good luck.
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    Ok cool I'll definitely look into that. So can y'all give me a quick idea on how this works? I'll get the tank filled, I'll regulate it so it's between 7-15 psi depending on the beer. What are those two valves mounted to the wall exactly do? Also there appears to be two adjustment arms on the side of the faucets. And if i wanted to get this up and running this weekend just to play with it all before r fixing everything we've talked about is there a way to clean and disinfect the existing lines prior to running the beer through?
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    First thing, don't rush it.

    Be sure you can get the beer to 38F in the keg. This is absolutely the most important thing to do. I suggest you replace the beer lines.
    Use 6 or 7' id 3/16"x7/16" pvc beverage tubing. Do not use generic tubing or your beer will smell like plastic. Get it online if you have to, and buy more than you need because you'll eventually replace it again.
    Install the tower fan and insulated pvc pipe to keep all lines outside of the cooler as cold as possible.
    Buy a line cleaning kit with BLC.
    11 psi.
    The red valves are on/off ball valves for the CO2 gas. Just for convenience.
    The faucets have flow control. Once you get beer flowing turn the lever and you'll see.

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