New Beer Sunday Holiday Edition?

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    Has there ever been a New Beer (Holiday) version of New Beer Sunday? For example, for major holidays where most of us (USA, anyway) have the day off work, like Sunday? (Of course, I'm not opposed to other nation's holidays, either... I'd just have to be an evening-only participant...)

    Being a relatively new participant in the NBS threads, IDK the history.

    Holidays like Thanksgiving would seem to be a natural, since it is always mid-week. Others, if they hit on Monday (or are always on Monday, like Labor Day), not so much.

    Just idle thoughts...
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    Good idea and worth considering.
    Ultimately @Todd has the last word though.

    @Todd ?
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    Sounds like a great idea. I'm cool with it.
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    The history is that NBS is just that NBS. There have been special tasting threads organized for Holidays and/or particular beers or styles of beer.
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