New Beer Sunday (Week 727)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by cjgiant, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. neenerzig

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  2. woemad

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    Busy day, followinng a busy week, almost forgot to post this NBS.

    Hit a couple beers from @Victory_Sabre1973 today. I started with a winter ale that featured both smoked malts AND spruce tips:
    An Interesting idea, but it didn't seem to come together. This was perhaps due to age. I'd try it again.

    After dinner, I had a "cookie beer",for dessert:
    The nose is amazing! Smells just like a pile of Oreos. Taste and mouthfeel fall a little short compared to the aroma, but still an enjoyable dessert beer.
  3. Bum4ever

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    Hi there late night NBS'ers. Spent the day hanging out with the family. Crab chippino with the parents for lunch, then spent the afternoon building a rocket with my 2 girls. After the long day, it's time for a few new beers received from a couple different NBS BIF participants. The theme here is both these beers were actually sent by my targets!!

    First up a beer sent by @MacMalt during the secret Santa BIF:
    Deep golden color with a little bit of haziness. Off-white 1 inch head with some stickiness to it.
    Tons of citrus on this one, also getting a little bit of pineapple and pine.
    Lot more hop bitterness than I was expecting, with a good amount of pine and huge citrus notes. Also has pineapple and tropical fruit notes.
    Medium to full bodied with a nice dry finish.
    Overall I really enjoyed this one, especially liked that it had a good hop bite to the flavor.

    Thanks Rob!
  4. Bum4ever

    Bum4ever Defender (609) Jan 18, 2017 California

    The next new one for the night comes from @Ozzylizard:
    Super dark black pour with little dark tan head that dissipates quickly, no lacing.
    Smell is dark roasted malts, dark chocolate, coffee and a sort of smokey char scent.
    Taste is dark chocolate with a charred smokiness to it, also getting hints of vanilla, caramel and coffee.
    Feel is thick for a oatmeal stout and this is super smooth. Hides the abv well and has a nice creamy feel to it.
    Overall this was an excellent oatmeal stout.

    Thanks Bob!
  5. zid

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    I'm bookending my first beer (the Mikkeller NYC stout) with this one (a stout from Long Island). The Mikkeller beer was brewed with cocoa nibs... and this one was brewed with cacao nibs and vanilla beans (if you're vowel-blind, you'll miss the difference).

    It's quite viscous. Hoppy and/or roasty kick in the finish. There's a umami quality to it that I'm not really keen on.

    This beer is named after a John Cale song, so it really is a fitting end to the Lou Reed start.

    Link Wray and Redbone each have their moment in the doc. I feel very fortunate to have seen Link Wray perform before he passed away. The doc is available to watch for about a week via the link I provided in the other post... but I used a good old TV aerial. There's a segment on Charley Patton that gave me shivers because it managed to totally recontextualize his work for me... and it's great to see Jesse Ed Davis get attention.
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