New Beer Sunday (week 729)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by cavedave, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. Vidblain

    Vidblain Savant (977) Feb 17, 2017 Minnesota
    Premium Trader

    After another bout of snowblowing... I believe I may be coming down with a cold, so I am going to make the most of it while I can.

    This beer comes to me by way of @JBowenGeorgia - and I have to tell you, it was a very pleasant surprise.


    Maybe it's something about how understated Other Half's cans are, but they have a tendency to surprise and impress me at the same time. This can sticks with that theme - I'm amazed by how creamy this beer is. It's not a citrus bomb, but it's tremendously creamy with nice orange notes that slowly emerge over time. I like that. The vanilla nose and taste don't make this an orange dreamsicle, but it's similarly delicious - and I appreciate that the taste notes are distinct and not muddled.

    I can't even tell that this is 10% ABV. This fella's dangerous.

    I'd like to thank @JBowenGeorgia again as this beer must have been difficult to part with. In the truest BA spirit, and demonstrating admirable generosity - thank you again for sending this my way, John. Cheers, my friend!

    I'm out of here for tonight - have a great week everyone, and stay warm out there!
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  2. tasterschoice62

    tasterschoice62 Meyvn (1,380) May 14, 2014 Rhode Island
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    Evening! Thanks @cavedave for the sub today. Funny this is my first Sunday off in quite awhile. Some know I've taken a job as Chef at Revival Brewing here in RI. Opening a restaurant takes a hell of a lot of time and effort and I'm just scratching the surface. 60-70 hours a week but it's been awesome so far. I've been absent here for some time due to this so thought I'd crack one with you all today.
    Singlecut Tell Shaky and Boxcar Joe DDH IPA.
    Pours a hazy golden yellow with a 3/4" foamy off white head that lasts a few minutes leaving splotchy lacing.
    This one has quite a huge aroma. Lots of candied tropical notes of pineapple, passionfruit and guava along with orange juice, grapefruit, lime and lemon. There's also ripe peach notes along with gooseberry and white grape. Grassiness, floral notes and pine resin round out the incredible aroma of this brew.
    Taste follows with tropical notes and sweet citrus notes along with grapefruit juice, pith and pine.Theres a wine like aspect as well. It's a whopping mouthful of flavor with a pretty intense bitterness but the underlying sweetness brings some balance to the indicated 145 IBUs. Alcohol shows but not overpowering. For the 9% this is going down easy.
    Feel is medium to full bodied but highly drinkable. Finish leaves a dry, pine resin and grapefruit pith bitterness with nice carbonation throughout.
    Overall a really nice DIPA that does have a very high bitterness but still drinks incredibly well. For hopheads this is the shit. It really showcases an incredible beaucoup of hops. Highly recommended for hop lovers.
    Happy to be back and enjoying all the posts today. May be awhile before you see me here again. We shall see. Btw I forgot to take a pic so this is halfway through the glass. Peace![​IMG]
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  3. cjgiant

    cjgiant Poo-Bah (4,347) Jul 13, 2013 District of Columbia

    You can have the wordiness title this week, since I’m on vacation. I’ll get back to serious excessive word production next week.
  4. superspak

    superspak Site Editor (26,579) May 5, 2010 Michigan
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    Newest Spontaneous series offering. WOW. This was amazing. Fantastic fluffy head retention/spotty soapy lacing. Aromas and flavors of big juicy/tart/tangy huckleberry, blueberry, raspberry, gooseberry, fruit skin/seeds, lemon, lime, orange, peach, plum, pear, apricot, melon, red/green apple, red grape/wine, toasted oak, hay, straw, and grass; with moderate wheat, cracker, white bread dough, light brown sugar/toasted malts; with lighter notes of oaken vanilla, peppercorn, leathery/musty/lacto funk, red wine vinegar, and yeast earthiness. Light-moderately fruity/lactic tartness, fruit tang, and light yeast/oak tannin spiciness on the finish. Medium carbonation/body, and fairly crisp finishing. Balanced creamy/grainy malts, lactic acid, fruit tang, and light oak tannins in the mouthfeel. Light-moderate increasing acidic/tangy/tannic dryness, zero puckering. Superr smooth, not overly lactic, minimal warming 7.5%. Perfectly balanced jammy berries, Brett/Bacteria complexity, oak presence, and pale/wheat malts against acidity. Expensive, but worth the price! 4.38

    Cheers, have a good night NBS.

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  5. WesMantooth

    WesMantooth Poo-Bah (2,521) Jan 8, 2014 Ohio

    Most of their beer is solid. Don’t sleep on the Double Overhead if you haven’t had it yet.
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  6. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,478) Mar 12, 2009 New York

    Wow I bet folks would love to find out what this beer is like, especially its smell, taste, mouthfeel, your overall impressions of it, and if you recommend it or not. That is what this thread is about. Thanks for joining us. Cheers!
  7. kemoarps

    kemoarps Meyvn (1,328) Apr 30, 2008 Washington

    I had an IPA with kveik yeast from Stoup a couple of weeks ago and thought it was really interesting. As folks have said... kind of funky/earthy/fruity. I enjoyed it, and it was definitely an interesting one.
    I feel like every instance of it I've heard of has been an IPA. I wonder if that's primarily just a function of the popularity of the broader style or if it's intentional as far as characteristics/matching.
  8. woodychandler

    woodychandler Poo-Bah (8,725) Apr 9, 2004 Pennsylvania

    Happy New Porters & Stouts Sunday (Week 729), A Divergence From Happy New Russian Stone Beer Sunday (Week 729)!

    I was faced with a dilemma when I realized that my new Russian Kvasses would also be new to my local, in-person trader, @tone77 & when I contacted him only to find that he is briefly out of town, I applied the brakes. I usually drink about half & give him the other half & I didn't want to ace him out. I then decided to look through his latest drop-off for some applicable beers for the remainder of the day.

    No Tarts & Sours, please & I am not in the mood for AIPAs or DIPAs at this point. Aha!:
    Not bad, but now I am in the mood to CANtinue, this time with:
    & the grand finale:
    Oh, what a perfect day! I'm glad I spent it with yinz. Nothing like some Lou Reed & RIS to close. I CANnot say what next week will bring as I am attending a CANbined monthly bottle share & birthday party (mine - 54 on 25), followed by a birthday dinner at Mad Mex (Wynnewood) on Sunday afternoon & maybe a beard competition at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy. I'd like to get in at least one, though, so stay tuned ...
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  9. bobv

    bobv Poo-Bah (2,451) Feb 3, 2009 Vermont

    A Dugges/Stillwater collaboration
    brewed and bottled in Sweden!

    I'm really impressed with this fine dessert beer!


    11.2 oz. bottle which states 14% abv.
    Moderate pour yields a 1/4 inch tan head over a black body with some sticky lacing. Nose of milk chocolate, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate; you know, that chocolate Easter Bunny shit. Also a bit of vanilla, coconut, and whisky. Taste mirrors nose somewhat with the whisky coming forward as it warms. Very nice feel and overall, I wasn't really expecting to like this as much as I do; I'm a bourbon drinker, but wow! The cacao really dampens the scotch to a point where it is just whisk(e)y. Do you know what I mean? Cheers to these crazy guys!!!
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  10. kemoarps

    kemoarps Meyvn (1,328) Apr 30, 2008 Washington

    Alright what I thought was going to be a day chock full of drinking turned into just the Griddle this morning and what I'm about to crack into.
    Reaching back into the box o' goodies from @Dragginballs76 during NBS BIF #8 I figured Saison Blanc was thematically appropriate, with some intentional malapropisms (are they implicitly intentional?) for the blank/white season outside.

    Pours a crisp clear noble golden colour with a jaunty white cap that settles itself into the classic ring and galaxy.

    Nose has a lot of familiar notes of earthy/funky and some oaky/musty as well. It's an interesting expression though of those familiar notes though. The earthy funky in particular has some wet hay to it as well as... something I can't quite put my finger on. It gives a really refined and nuanced impression.

    Flavour emphasizes more the white wine character than the earthy funky notes (there's still funk remaining, however, don't get me wrong [by the time I hear the next pop, the funk will eb within me]). Oak and must lead here with a dry finish.

    This is a really well done one that I am enjoying quite a bit. Thanks Mike!


  11. scream

    scream Crusader (701) Dec 6, 2014 Wisconsin


    Pelican Father Of All Tsunamis a winner

    First time w this one after receiving a case a few days ago. Just very well done and balanced beer-could be dangerous !
    Look -dark w some chocolate brown tinges 4.25
    Smell- roasty caramel and vanilla 4.5
    Taste-of cocoa and dark fruits 4.25
    Feel- just well balanced, not too heavy and not too light 4.25
    Overall-very well done quite pleased 4.25
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  12. JBowenGeorgia

    JBowenGeorgia Crusader (737) Sep 1, 2016 Georgia
    Premium Trader

    Missed last week so I thought I better squeak in a quick one tonight.
    Got this one from a nice box of goodies from @Dragginballs76

    Pours a cloudy, somewhat dark orange with two fingers of white head.
    Lots of tropical notes on the nose, mango, papaya, also getting some light citrus pith.
    Taste follows pretty closely, tropical with a lingering pithy finish
    Medium to full body with good carb levels.
    Overall another winner from Heist.
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  13. Lingenbrau

    Lingenbrau Poo-Bah (3,029) Apr 9, 2011 Oregon

    Knowing you're a fan of Pelican, I hope you can get your hands on some Captain of the Coast as well. Great BA Scottish Wee Heavy if I do say so myself.

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  14. scream

    scream Crusader (701) Dec 6, 2014 Wisconsin

    Do you know when that comes out ?
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  15. Lingenbrau

    Lingenbrau Poo-Bah (3,029) Apr 9, 2011 Oregon

    Earlier than MoaS and the one you just had. I wanna say October-ish.
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