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  1. jkblr

    jkblr Poo-Bah (3,035) Nov 22, 2014 Indiana
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    Good morning (barely here)
    It's about time to get this thread rolling. For the uninitiated, this is the thread where we discuss new-to-you beers. Try to touch on the appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and overall impression of your beer. Pictures are encouraged, but not required. I'm not great at it, but I'll go first.
    Taft's Oktubber Fest

    12oz can stamped 082021 (about two months old now) poured into a dimpled mug at fridge temp 5.7% ABV. The beer pours mostly bright very light golden amber with off white head. The head recedes to a thin ring and single layer of bubbles. The aroma is faint with a little malt and yeast. The taste is semisweet pale malt with a hint of tart, medium floral hop flavor and bitterness. Noticeable diacetyl. The mouthfeel is thin to medium bodied with average carbonation and a mostly dry finish. Overall, not great.

    Cheers all and enjoy the new beer in your glass this weekend!
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  2. Roy_Hobbs

    Roy_Hobbs Champion (878) Jan 21, 2017 Connecticut
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    Thanks for the start @jkblr! My first new beer of the weekend is a mystery beer courtesy of a ninja box sent my way by @foundersasap. I love reviewing beers blind, even though I'm rarely on point with what I'm detecting.

    It's a nice, cool day here in New England and I was in the mood for something dark, so based on the initial pour, I think I'm in luck
    Dark, dark brown in appearance. A half inch of mocha colored head receded to a thin ring. Overall, a nice looking beer. 3.75
    Aroma is quite sweet. It's taken me multiple whiffs to try and figure out what I'm smelling. I thought I was picking up raspberry at first, but now I'm getting plenty of prunes / plums coming through and maybe some faint toffee hiding behind. Smells decadent. 4.25
    Taste is rich and boozy with prunes / plums again the predominant flavor I'm picking up. It may be the aroma that's still messing with me, but I still feel like I'm getting some raspberry. I won't be at all surprised if it's just my imagination on that front, though. Whatever it is I'm tasting, it's quite good. 4.00
    Feel is silky smooth with a nice warmth, but not burn from the alcohol. Medium carb and fairly full mouthfeel. 4.00
    Overall - whatever this is, it's tasty. The 12oz format makes me think of a Revolution beer, but what do I know.

    The reveal?
    French Toast Devil Dog, a bourbon barrel aged oatmeal stout from Roak Brewing.

    Further proof that while I love beer, I'm very much a novice when it comes to formal reviews. In retrospect, the maple and vanilla are what I was picking up and oddly translating into prunes. Either way, I'm really enjoying this and it's EXACTLY the type of beer I was in the mood for this morning.
  3. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (5,159) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Do you prefer it wet (and wild?)?


    Well, in this instance I am referring to wet-hopped vs. regular hopped beers.

    The new beer today is Fat Head’s Wet-Hopped Head Hunter IPA. It is my understanding this is a new beer brand from Fat Head’s for 2021. I can report that I have never seen this beer before.

    There always seems to be an annual thread/discussion on BA about “Fresh” vs. “Wet-Hopped” beers. The term of “Fresh” can be ambiguous but the terminology of “Wet-Hopped” is clear – it is a beer brewed using freshly picked hop cones which have not been dried (hence the word “wet”) and have been used in the brewing very soon after harvest (e.g., within 24 hours). Every year I homebrew what I brand as Harvest Ale using wet hops picked from my hop plant in my backyard. My friend Gary helps me with this batch and he picks the hops as I am boiling the wort. Those hops have been harvested only a few minutes prior to me adding them to the brew kettle (an end of boil aroma addition).

    Below is how Fat Head’s describes their Wet-Hopped Head Hunter on their Tap Room website:

    “WET HOPPED HEAD HUNTER IPA: 7.5% ABV 80 IBU 16oz: $6.50 Sample: $2.25 Growler ToGo: $20 Crowler ToGo: $10 Bright, green, juicy fruit aromas. Baked up with resinous, piney, grapefruit flavors. Medium-high bitterness with a balanced finish.”

    It seems to be popular that breweries will describe their wet-hopped beers as having a “green” taste. I am familiar with the word green as being a color but I am uncertain what a green flavor is supposed to mean.

    I also have regular Head Hunter IPA in my refrigerator so I figured it would be fun to conduct a side-by-side tasting here.

    Below is how the regular Head Hunter is detailed on the Fat Head’s website:


    7.5% ABV 87 IBU






    Well, it appears that the Wet-Hopped and Regular versions are comparable in terms of ABV and IBUs. I wonder if the Wet-Hopped version uses the exact same hop varieties?

    Served in my small Duvel tulip glasses:


    Wet-Hopped Head Hunter: Golden yellow colored with a white head.

    Regular Head Hunter: Ditto but with better head retention.


    Wet-Hopped Head Hunter: Citrus in the forefront and pine/resin in the background.

    Regular Head Hunter: A combination of tropical fruits plus some pine/resin.


    Wet-Hopped Head Hunter: The flavor very much follows the nose with a combination of citrus and pine/resin. On the mid-palate the pine/resin is quite prominent yielding a sticky sensation. There is a notable bitterness.

    Regular Head Hunter: The flavors follow the nose with a combination of tropical fruits and pine/resin. In comparison there is no ‘stickiness’ to this beer. There is a notable bitterness.


    Wet-Hopped Head Hunter: This beer is medium bodied with a dry finish.

    Regular Head Hunter: Ditto but in comparison the finish is a bit drier.


    Wet-Hopped Head Hunter: I think this beer is very good – excellent.

    Regular Head Hunter: I also think this beer is very good – excellent.

    While these two beers have some similarities (e.g., appearance, amount of bitterness) the flavor profile does differ. FWIW my preference between the two is the Regular Head Hunter.

    My wife was watching me as was conducting this side-by-side taste test. She requested a taste of both beers. I told her since I had an ‘extra’ beer she could have one. She selected the Regular Head Hunter.


    @rotsaruch @RobH

  4. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (5,159) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    If you had known up front that this beer included maple and vanilla do you think that would have influenced you in a positive way? Or are you like me where I have a non-positive view of 'adjunks' being used in beer?
    Perhaps a benefit of drinking this beer blind?

  5. Roy_Hobbs

    Roy_Hobbs Champion (878) Jan 21, 2017 Connecticut
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    In general, I'm not a huge fan of adjuncts, especially if they're used with a heavy hand (which these weren't) Reviewing this blind probably helped in that I didn't go in with any negative bias on that front. At the macro level, I was very much in the mood for a stout as well, so that was a bit of "blind" luck (pardon the pun).
  6. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Meyvn (1,420) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    Thanks for kicking things off today. I'm starting a few minutes from where I did yesterday to kick off the Beer Advocate Malt Liquor & European Strong Tasting going on through the end of the weekend. I hope you can join us, it has been really fun, both the tasting and the comradery, and the beers to date have rated an average 3.0, with some solid selections. You may find a few beers for either this weekend or down the road that you will really enjoy. I aborted my new beer review for my first selection, but this one is OK so I will present it in this thread.

    Zywiec Tatra Malt Liquor (Niepasteryzowane)


    Can Notes: Tatra Malt Liquor, Product of Poland. Full-Bodied Taste.7.0% ABV, 16.9 oz. Imported by Amtec International of NY Corp. Brooklyn, NY 11222.Contains malted barley and baley pasteurized. Best before *see bottom of the can". L1061515R1919. I'm guessing this may mean mid-April 2021, which makes this six months past best by. Wouldn't buy normally with the indecipherable date, purchased only for this tasting.

    Golden tan clear base, medium constant carbonation and bright white creamy head, settling on a ring around the chalice and light layer above the base. 3.75

    Sweet heavy malt aroma, frosted flakes next, faint cardboard and honey back. The aroma is faint in strength, but what does emerge is far too sweet for my liking, though I suppose consistent for the style. 2.75

    Consistent with aroma, heavy barley tastes like frosted flakes made of cardboard. Wish it taste more like frosted flakes, and I don't prefer sweet especially in beers. Wishing there was a hops presence, but again this was brewed to style. That said, lack of complexity and poor malt flavor could be vastly improved. 2.25

    Medium body, carbonation holds throughout, sweet malt taste dominates, no hop bitterness whatsoever. Clean crisp finish with negligible malt sweet aftertaste, so glad it isn't too strong or lingers. 3.0

    This beer accentuates attributes least favorable to my preferences, mainly malty sweetness. That said, it was somewhat enjoyable, I am finishing this beer, it's just not a repeat purchase with all the choices out there. It is brewed to style and is an acceptable beer, though the barley taste should be better than this. 2.5

    Returning with an American classic Malt Liquor tomorrow.

    Musical Accompaniment - Tori Amos

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  7. MNAle

    MNAle Poo-Bah (2,217) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    Thanks for the start, @jkblr.

    I'll be participating in the Online Tasting: Malt Liquor & European Strong Lagers (October 22-24, 2021) later. Before that, though, here is a locally-brewed Kristallweizen.

    Utepils Plaid Bikini Kristallweizen
    ABV: 5.2%
    IBU: 16


    This beer was included in Utepils summer beer sample pack, which I bought the other day on a whim.

    Utepils labels this as a "summer wheat."

    Crystal clear yellow, well carbonated, topped with a tall white head with OK retention and some lacing. (The lack of clarity apparent in the photo is due to condensation on the glass.)

    Moderate aroma of banana, fruit, and clove.

    The taste is mild and refreshing. Typical wheat beer flavors of banana, although weaker than most. There is also a bit of a sour note in the middle and carrying through to the finish. I detect the (typical?) Utepils mineral taste in the background. Given how often this minerality appears in Utepils beers, either my palate is super sensitive to this or it is intentional. Either way, the result is a crisp and refreshing beer. (Although, in truth, the mineral taste does wear out its welcome before the beer is finished. I'd like it better sans minerality.)

    The mouth feel is light and tingly, appropriate for a summer beer.

    Overall, I enjoyed it (even though I'm having it well into fall).

    L: 4.0 | S: 3.75 | T: 3.75 | F: 4.0 | O: 3.75 | Rating: 3.79
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  8. MNAle

    MNAle Poo-Bah (2,217) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    If they're not being used as fermentable sugar, the proper term is "adjunks." :wink::sunglasses:
    @JackHorzempa? :grin:
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  9. beergoot

    beergoot Poo-Bah (7,667) Oct 11, 2010 Colorado
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    Miller Brewing Co. (Molson-Coors) -- Mickey's (malt liquor)


    3.9/5 rDev +54.8% | look: 4.25 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

    Crystal clear, light gold body; excellent, fine carbonation; thick and creamy head, white and sticky; sheets of foam coat the glass. Decent aroma; cereal grains; lightly sweet. Light grain taste; light corn; light hop bitterness; clean. Medium body; nice residual sugar mouthfeel, soft; delicate warmth permeates the beer.

    I'm not sure why there is a lot of dislike for this beer. It's at the low-end, ABV_wise, of being a malt liquor, yet it comes across balanced and relatively complex for an adjunct lager.

    Poured at 45 F; MAR1422


    ...I'm sure I've had this one a few times over the course of my life, but not since being a BA member...

    ...Mrs. BeerGoot and I are hosting our 'Mostly Annual Neighborhood Chili Cook-Off' tomorrow, so I've been busy most of the day making an impromptu smoked pork chili verde for our entry...I used mesquite for the smoke, and making my own green chili sauce with Anaheim, jalapeño, and poblano chilies, tomatillos, cilantro, white and yellow onion, and a few spices...the smoked Boston butts:

  10. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (13,467) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
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    Hoof Hearted The World's Baldest Conga Line Imperial Stout, 13.5% ABV. Pours black and thick like oil, with no head. Nose is banana, chocolate, and peanut butter. Taste is chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, and pineapple, slightly sweet, slightly bitter. Thick and smooth mouthfeel with moderately heavy carbonation. Overall very excellent.

    4.11/5 rDev +2%
    look: 4 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.25

    If you have this beer, be sure to roll it and tumble it a bit to agitate the sludge. I was rinsing out the can and found some of the flavor I missed.

  11. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (13,467) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
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    Actually, it's "add-junk" or "add-junks". :wink:
  12. snaotheus

    snaotheus Poo-Bah (5,368) Oct 6, 2008 Washington
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    I recently got to try Industrial Arts' Torque Wrench as a result of @MacMalt's generosity. This is especially well-timed, since I had recently acquired Wrench on my own, so I get to try them relatively close together in time.

    16oz can served in a big snifter. Dated 09/03/21. Bought it somewhere in NYC and shipped it home to myself.

    Pours hazy pale yellow with a fairly small head that dissipates pretty quickly. Smell is bright citrus pith.

    Taste is mostly down the same path as the aroma. Citrus pith and moderate resin bitterness.

    Mouthfeel is medium leaning toward thick, slight grittiness.'s perfectly fine.

    I came in way under average here, with an rDev of -12%. What I'm tasting is a pretty straightforward, pretty good hazy IPA. Nothing special. Wonder what I'm missing. I found Torque Wrench much more interesting and enjoyable. Lately, I've been enjoying single IPAs more and doubles less, and this stands in opposition of that trend.
  13. Roy_Hobbs

    Roy_Hobbs Champion (878) Jan 21, 2017 Connecticut
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    cross-posted (more or less) in the Malt Liquor tasting thread

    Founders DKML, an Imperial Malt Liquor Aged In Bourbon Barrels. It "Kicks you where you most expect it"
    3.51/5 rDev -10.2%
    look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.25 | overall: 3.5

    Light amber in color with an inch of surprisingly dense and long lasting head. Aroma is very sweet and mostly one-dimensional. Not picking up any of the bourbon barrels on the nose. Taste is sweet yet harsh. The barrels are more present here, and help to add a bit of depth to the flavor, but the sweet / harsh combo is hard to overcome. Overall, this isn't a bad beer, just not a great one either.
  14. champ103

    champ103 Poo-Bah (5,184) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    Between yesterday, pre gaming before the Astros, and this afternoon, I have a few new beers to review...

    Was at New Magnolia Brewing yesterday. Had their Redwood IPA. 6.9% ABV, with Cascade and Centennial hops.


    Pours a darker orange color. A small white head rises and recedes quickly. Light lace is left behind.
    The nose is fairly simple. Pine resin, grapefruit and citrus notes. Classic C hops, and thats all you get. Not much nuance, but enjoyable enough.
    Taste wise, like the nose, all the C hops are up front. Pine, citrus, grapefruit. It becomes woody like as well, along with lingering bitterness that lasts forever.
    A medium body. Moderate carbonation, and pretty clean. Though the bitterness just takes over after a while for me, along with the simplicity, makes this more of a one and done for me.

    Definitely an old school west coast IPA. Just C hops and bitterness. Reminds me of the IBU wars about 10 years or so ago. Nothing particularly bad about this. just fairly one noted and bitter. Which makes it a middle of the road IPA for me.

    Overal score is 3.51, which is a B score for me.

    Next up is their Provisionale Brett Saison. 9.0% ABV.


    Pours with a light haze, an orange color. A small white head forms and recedes to a ring that sticks throughout. No lace left behind.
    Aroma...Oh, big plastic like phenols in the nose, along with a fresh cut hay like character. A touch of fruitiness, with peach and citrus.
    Taste, yeah, plastic phenolic spice all the way. It just takes over for the most part. A touch of nondescript fruitiness, and just a touch of bitterness lingering.
    A medium body and moderate carbonation. Becomes a bit slick and oily after a while. Not perfect, but not particularly hard to drink. I appreciate the try, of making a Brett Saison, more than anything.

    This reminds me of the old Brux Brett beer that Sierra Nevada made years ago. Like that particular offering, this has a very strong plastic like, phenolic Brett character that just takes over. While I typically love a good Brett Saison/Wild Ale, when that character takes over, its not something I'm a fan of. So again, respect the try, and not bad but not my preference for the style.

    3.5,...Again, right in the middle, a B score for me.
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  15. MacMalt

    MacMalt Poo-Bah (5,096) Jan 28, 2015 New Jersey
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    Good Saturday afternoon, New Beer Weekenders. I'm still stunned by the amount of superb beer I received from @FBarber during the NBS BIF. It's hard to decide what to drink next. Old Irving Brewing Co. in Chicago is new-to-me so I was anxious to try Triple Beezer, a TIPA hopped with Mosaic and Citra and with a grist bill of wheat, oats, and 2-Row and Carapils malts. It could pass for a Milkshake IPA given its sweetness and body.

    Poured into a Spiegelau IPA glass. It pours an opaque, muddy tangerine with a very large, creamy, eggnog-colored had and thick soapy lacing. The smell is tangerine-forward with notes of stone fruit and creamy oat sweetness. The use of oats and Carapils 2-Row malts gives it a very sweet initial taste. The tried and true combination of Citra and Mosaic hops add flavors of bubblegum, mango, melon, and lemon. There is very little bitterness. The mouth feel is fairly creamy and viscous with moderate carbonation, and despite the sweetness it doesn't seem like 10% ABV. Overall, Triple Beezer is well-done albeit on the sweet side.

    4.04/5 rDev -3.3%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4

    I'll be back tomorrow with a mystery beer and a very highly-rated Saison. Cheers, NBW!
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  16. WunderLlama

    WunderLlama Poo-Bah (3,153) Dec 27, 2010 Massachusetts
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    Thanks @jkblr for opening the tap

    slow start to my day after taking the red eye home from the left coast

    Reubens Brews Fresh Hop Doubke Crush hazy India pale ale

    4.09/5 rDev -2.9%
    look: 4.5 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

    Pint can received in Lif14 from @snaotheus

    New to me beer, new to me brewery

    Canned 9.28, opened 10.23, poured into a teku. Hazy orange liquid crowned by an off white three finger foam cap , very good retention , settles to a finger thick rocky , fluffy layer, occasional lacings

    Aroma is tropical , orange citrus

    Taste is tropical , orange citrus

    Mouthfeel is low sudsing, juicy, smooth ,citra hop bite on the finish

    Good beer, thanks @snaotheus for letting me Rey this beer
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  17. beergoot

    beergoot Poo-Bah (7,667) Oct 11, 2010 Colorado
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    Anheuser-Busch -- Hurricane High Gravity (malt liquor)


    3.16/5 rDev +29%
    look: 4 | smell: 3 | taste: 3 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.25

    Light gold body, clear; lively carbonation; thick white head, dense and foamy. Very faint aroma; just touch of graininess. Respectable flavor; grainy, sweet, and bitter with a fairly prominent alcohol presence; phenol suggestion. Medium-heavy body; some sticky residual sugar notes; somewhat dry with a strong alcohol effect.

    A basic American malt liquor. It hits the ABV style squarely, has great looks, but little distinctive smell and the taste, while not bad, doesn't lend itself to repeat visits.

    Poured at 42 °F; canning data on bottom of the can: 21269

    ------------ okay malt liquor, but not one I'll actively look for in the future...
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  18. champ103

    champ103 Poo-Bah (5,184) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    Another local brewery, I visited today. Baileson. The owner is a huge Labyrinth fan, as am I. So they named this after one of the big Jim Henson puppets from the movie.

    Ludo, Black IPA. 6.6% ABV.

    Pours a near opaque black color. A tan head forms with good retention and lots of lace left behind.
    Roasted malts in the nose. Chocolate, coffee and earthy hoppy aromas. More grassy in the finish, but the malts are the show.
    Taste wise, a nuanced roasted malt flavor here. Again, chocolate, toffee, coffee. There is an earthy and grassy bitterness lingering. Though resembles more of a porter, which is probably why I like it more that a typical Black IPA.
    A medium to full body. Good carbonation, that is ultra smooth. Enjoyable to drink, I can come back to this pretty easily.

    This definitely resembles more of a slight hoppy Porter, than Black IPA. Which I'm all good with. As more often then not, I get competing bitterness, from heavy roast/malts, and lots of hops. That never meshes right with me. This is just simple and well balanced. Might not be what some look for in the style, but something I'll come back to more often.

    Overall score is 4.1, A- for me.
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  19. MacMalt

    MacMalt Poo-Bah (5,096) Jan 28, 2015 New Jersey
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    Mickey's Mean Green will always have a warm place in my heart. I helped increase the brewery's profit margin when I was in college.
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  20. foundersasap

    foundersasap Disciple (328) Feb 2, 2015 Michigan

    Hop Butcher, Double Grid 7.5% NEIPA, aroma jumps right out of the can, nice, opaque orange with nice foamy head, leaving lacing aplenty, sweet melon, pineapple, smooth, light bitterness but overall, loses its appeal about half way through. Enjoyable, but world class? Is this due to local bias perhaps? Glad to have a chance with the Butcher, thanks @WunderLlama
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  21. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (9,083) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
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    #21 BBThunderbolt, Oct 23, 2021
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2021
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  22. MacMalt

    MacMalt Poo-Bah (5,096) Jan 28, 2015 New Jersey
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    There's an interesting backstory to Wrench and Torque Wrench. When Industrial Arts opened, it didn't brew hazies. The story I heard was that Wrench was brewed when one of the key brewers was on his honeymoon but it was so immediately popular that they continued to brew it. Torque is the DIPA version of Wrench. It was first brewed in December 2017. I'll never forget that when I stopped at the brewery to try it and buy cans, I was told by a bartender in the tasting room that it was probably a "one-off." Needless to say, Torque also became wildly popular. Pocket Wrench is the session version and Impact Wrench is the TIPA version. To many, the "Wrenches" define Industrial Arts but the brewery produces a lot of great styles.
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  23. snaotheus

    snaotheus Poo-Bah (5,368) Oct 6, 2008 Washington
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    It is time for my mystery beer from @MacMalt in BIF #14. Before opening the bottle, this is what I know: It appears to be 750ml of liquid in a glass bottle, with a metal cap covered in white wax. The contents are not emitting enough radiation in the visible band to be detectable by human eye through the brown paper shielding. Unless Rob's playing tricks on me, I'm going to assume it's 12.1% abv, and the liquid is beer.

    I have poured myself a serving as you see above, and will now commence analyzing it, but will not unwrap it until my wife comes home and has a chance to try it blind, too.

    It is black with a very small, dense head. It looks thick and syrupy. It immediately exudes vanilla, booze, and chocolate aromas that make me think of bourbon barrels. Putting light behind it makes the "black" conclusion slightly doubtful, I could believe it's a super dark barleywine, especially combined with the dates/raisins I get in the aroma when I put it up to my sniffer. I do get some coffee and possibly some anise, but it doesn't smell particularly roasty, which seems odd for any beer this dark. I do get something fruity, maybe cherry or raspberry, but fairly slight.

    Appearance: 4
    Smell: 4.25

    Taste is moving back toward comfortable BA imperial stout range, but not all the way there. That lovely vanilla and oak, chocolate is light, coffee is a little stronger, more of the anise and less of the dates/raisins. Still boozy for sure, but not overwhelmingly so. Leaning on the sweet side.

    Mouthfeel is of course very thick. It's almost chewy. It's very smooth, no chalky/gritty texture at all. Not very lively, but doesn't feel "still."

    Taste: 4.5
    Mouthfeel: 4.5

    Very nice. It helps that I was in the mood for a big, dark beer today. It's raining outside. In conclusion...despite the appearance, it really seems barleywiney to me. I'm going to guess it's some kind of BA barleywine, but I am tempted to say it's blended with a BA imperial stout. Or maybe the other way around.

    Overall: 4.5

    I'll be back shortly with the reveal, since my wife has weighed in below...

    Mrs. snaotheus says: Smells like a barleywine, but looks too dark. WOW, that tastes syrupy. Maybe molasses? I think it's barrel aged. I don't think it's a stout. I have to go with a barleywine.
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  24. snaotheus

    snaotheus Poo-Bah (5,368) Oct 6, 2008 Washington
    Society Trader

    That's very cool. I love it when I hear that kind of story, an almost accidental home run becoming a defining beer.
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  25. MNAle

    MNAle Poo-Bah (2,217) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    I'll be trying a couple of new-to-me malt liquors this weekend as part of the on-going online tasting.

    First up is:

    Mickey's Malt Liquor
    ABV: 5.6%
    IBU: NA


    Crystal clear yellow-gold, ample carbonation, but my pour started out too gentle and even though I poured the last 2/3 quite vigorously, it still only garnered a short white head that disappeared in a minute or so. Some lacing as I tip the glass. I thought about just chugging it from the wide-mouth bottle for more authenticity, but instead I used the closest glassware I have to what I remember from the dive bars in the 60s - a sham pilsner glass.

    Aroma is not bad at all. Kind of nice, actually, if not too strong. Bready and grainy with hints of fruit.

    The initial swig starts with an impression of a taste that is, well, interesting. The grain from the aroma is more prominent in the initial sip. The middle picks up some sweet corn flavors, perhaps honey, with the finish and aftertaste being bread doughy with a mellow, doughy, aftertaste. If there is any bitterness there, I almost have to imagine it. IOW, it is quite mild. While my initial impression of the taste was "interesting" (Minnesota-speak for a "nice" way of avoiding stating an opinion), the flavor did grow on me, even by the finish of that initial sip, and it continues to does grow on me the more I drink. I actually am enjoying this, and could see pounding a few in a summer afternoon on the deck.

    Mouth feel is medium to thin bodied, more substantial than most AALs.

    Overall, as I stated, I quite enjoyed it. The only format I could find was the six pack of 12 ounce bottles, and I won't have any problem wanting to finish the rest.

    L: 3.5 | S: 3.5 | T: 3.75 | F: 3.75 | O: 3.75 | Rating: 3.69
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  26. snaotheus

    snaotheus Poo-Bah (5,368) Oct 6, 2008 Washington
    Society Trader

    The conclusion: Kane's 8th anniversary beer, 2920. Not sure what the number means, but I'm guessing it's the brew number.
    Reading the label, it seems like a pretty cool story: Blend the new anniversary brew with the old ad infinitum (which reminds me of the whiskey infinity bottle concept).

    BA classifies it as a strong ale and the description is clearly barrel aged, so I don't think my "barrel aged, more barleywine than stout but maybe a little bit of stout" guess is totally off base. Apparently they used rye barrels, which passed my mind but was quickly dismissed -- not for any specific reason, just because it seemed unlikely and it didn't obviously scream the rye spice flavor that I would recognize. Now that I know it's there and it's warming up a bit, I think the rye is noticeable. I'll give myself a C+/B- on this one.

    Mrs. snaotheus only wanted a tiny taste (you can see it hiding in the background) and I'm not sure I can handle the other 21 ounces of this in one sitting, so I'm putting a hat on it, and maybe I'll have a little more for breakfast tomorrow.

    This is an excellent, extremely rich beer. Thank you, @MacMalt!
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  27. Thankin_Hank

    Thankin_Hank Poo-Bah (1,819) Nov 18, 2013 Texas

    I've finally found this Imperial IPA *fresh* enough to buy. "The Jabberwocky" :whale: Lone Pint Brewing, Magnolia, Texas bottled August. It's thick and rich with some West Coast bitterness but doesn't finish dry. Fruit, citrus and pine. 114 IBUs. Overall? I'd buy it again. Fresher.
    Cheers :beers: to each and every one of you for coming out and listening to my bullsh*t. :poop:



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  28. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (9,083) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    As y'all are likely aware, NBS has a BIF. As part and parcel of said BIF, we receive a Mystery beer to review, blind. Here is my blind review of the Mystery Beer I received from @Ozzylizard :

    Mystery beer from Ozzylizard as part of NBS BIF #14. .5 litre, ceramic, swing-top bottle poured into 14oz teku. Poured a solidly, almost muddy, dark brown color with about a quarter-inch of rocky head that had minimal retention and very light lacing. 3.5-4

    Very malty, and somewhat alcohol-ey, aromas at the front of the nose. Just some very light, floral hops. The more the beer breathes, the less notable the alcohol component is. 3.25-3.75

    Very similar on the tongue, grainy malts and very light floral hops, and a touch of heat at the finish. 3.25-3.5

    The body was full and smooth, with relatively low carbonation, and a medium-sweet finish that lingered a few moments. 3.25-3.5

    Drinkability was good, a sipper, not a quaffer, for sure.

    Overall, a nice beer. I think it’s a Barleywine, English not American, Worth trying if you see it.
    #28 BBThunderbolt, Oct 23, 2021
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2021
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  29. jonphisher

    jonphisher Defender (670) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey

    8 years = 2920 days @snaotheus

    Also I spy Legos??? We were building just a few hours ago.
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  30. snaotheus

    snaotheus Poo-Bah (5,368) Oct 6, 2008 Washington
    Society Trader

    Nice! Are they skipping leap days, though?

    And yes, my son has littered our still incomplete island with still incomplete Legos. :slight_smile:
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  31. Roguer

    Roguer Poo-Bah (6,382) Mar 25, 2013 Connecticut
    Moderator Society Trader

    Good early evening, Weekenders! I've got plenty of new beer for the weekend, and a brand new beer in my glass - but before I get to it, I've got three from earlier today to catch up on.


    My partner and I went for a Fall hike (I like to hike at least once in every season up here, to see the contrast), and stopped by Tree House to restock the fridge. Fortunately, she can be bribed by company, beer, and puppies. :grinning:

    My three new beers from earlier this afternoon are*:

    Doubleganger 8.2% IIPA

    Doubleganger is the amped up version of Doppelganger, a beer I have had before (and loved), so this was an easy first choice. Absolutely lush with tropical fruit, with notes of mango, pineapple, papaya, mild dankness, and a touch of bright herbs.

    The mouthfeel is a little less creamy and full bodied than what I've come to expect from Tree House IIPAs, but it's nonetheless very smooth and soft.
    4.47 / -3.5%

    Big Chocolate - Oreo 9.8% Imperial Milk Stout

    I've had the regular Big Chocolate, and I found the name quite appropriate. This is apparently the same beer, but with Oreos - and, well, it shows.

    Tree House doesn't temperature correct their taps for the beer style, so their stouts come out ice cold. Even in front of the fire, it takes a while to warm to a suitable temperature, but when it does, the magic happens.

    The nose on this one alone is absurdly rich with chocolate, even cold. Plenty of chocolate is delivered on the palate, along with cream, toffee, cookie, and Oreo vanilla creme. There are brief moments of cola and prune.

    Thick, chewy mouthfeel; lovely.
    4.59 / -0.9% (1st full review / 2nd total rating)

    That's What She Said - Chocolate Fudge 5.6% Coffee Milk Stout

    This beer needed to warm even more than BC-Oreo; the coffee came through plenty right off the bat, but the chocolate fudge was barely noticeable.

    Until it warmed.

    Once it did, it became much richer and more complex on the palate, delivering notes of toffee, caramel, coffee, honeycomb, and fudge.

    Delivers a ton of flavor for the ABV, with a nice creamy mouthfeel - but once someone has put "fudge" in your brain, you're really expecting something much thicker. That's unreasonable at this ABV of course, but hey, tell that to my brain.
    4.33 / added to database

    *All reviews are much briefer than my standard, with no notes on appearance. I hate reviewing from my phone.
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  32. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (3,914) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    All NBW BIF #14 all day today and tomorrow. All beers and glassware today courtesy of my friend @BBThunderbolt and Wander Brewing out of Bellingham WA. The brewery is one I’ve experienced before in a BIF and a favorite - all thanks to @BBThunderbolt.

    He is the Gretzky of beer nerds.

    Let’s do this.




    4.14/5 rDev +9.5%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4

    Pours a very slightly hazy golden color with a white head that grips the glass like a 10-year-old gripping the safety bar on his or her first “grownup” roller coaster. Beautiful beer in the WCIPA style.

    The nose features nice citrus and pine notes, and those notes translate perfectly to the taste, with the star for me the nice resiny pine bitterness. Straight old school WCIPA, which I love.

    The mouthfeel is is medium and nicely dry. If this was a regular rotation beer, it would be a contender for my “shelfie beer fridge IPA.” Really good stuff.
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  33. bobv

    bobv Poo-Bah (4,137) Feb 3, 2009 Vermont
    Society Trader

    Another busy day in tourist town Vermont!.


    16 ounce can.
    Canned 09/??/21.

    Moderate to vigorous pour yields a nearly two inch white head (with overly large bubbles) over a hazy golden body with lacing. Nose of dank pine and very slight citrus and tropical fruit. Taste mirrors nose somewhat with fruit coming forward just a tad in the beginning and middle, but the finish is almost all dank pine bitterness with a bit of citrus pith bitterness as well. Feel is light and somewhat flat. Overall, a tasty beer to be sure even with its shortcomings in the head and feel department.
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  34. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Meyvn (1,420) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    After a free night of the new Revolution Hazy Pitch beer and a bunch of Fire swag, more free beer is on tap courtesy of the Zuniga Club at Soldier Field. This is my fist Fire or MLS game (second watched after the Game on Wednesday, first MLS game, first football game here since the 1994 World Cup, and first professional game since the Chicago Sting nearly forty years ago.

    First beers are two 11.2 oz cans of Peroni, which I’ve had before but never rated.

    Peroni Nastro Azzuro


    Can Notes: 5.1% ABV, 139 carbs per 11.2 oz, natural ingredients, imported by Birra Peroni Internazionale Washington D.C..

    Appearance: Two 11.2 oz can pours into a short plastic cup. Clear straw base, light carbonation and bright white head disappears quickly leaving a white ring around the rim and fine lacing. 3.5

    Faint malt despite a few attempts. 2.25

    Faint barely there taste, faintest of hops or malts, I guess grainy but this is close to fizzy water. Inoffensive but also close to non existent. 1.5

    Fizzy carbonation lingers throughout, light body, light dryness, easy drinking. 2.25

    I guess this is beer based on the can, lightest of light beers even though not billed as a light beer. Would never pay for this, inoffensive, nothing. 1.75

    Musical accompaniment Pearl Jam.
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  35. Roguer

    Roguer Poo-Bah (6,382) Mar 25, 2013 Connecticut
    Moderator Society Trader

    Good evening, Weekenders! Time for my first chance to sit down and review a beer in real time.

    Zero Gravity Madonna 8% IIPA

    Zero Gravity is a brewery that has always been a little special to me - a bit of a hidden gem. On various trips to Hill Farmstead and The Alchemist (I've still never made it to Lawson's :astonished:), Zero Gravity was one of those breweries with some really fresh and tasty beers that I could only find on tap at the various restaurants in Vermont. No one was really coming up there for ZG, but every local knew and respected their product.

    This beer is a bit of a conundrum. It boasts 90 IBUs, and it smells like a throwback IPA, with bright citrus and pine ... but it's not. On the palate, the bitterness is relatively now (until the finish), and the flavor profile is almost entirely tropical.

    It's nice and soft, due in part, no doubt, to the wheat, but it's much lighter than I expected, especially given the ABV.

    There's nothing about this beer that is bad, don't get me wrong, but it's not what I expected, nor what I anticipated after the aroma. Parts of it are quite good (really good), but it doesn't come together perfectly for me.
    4.0 / -2.4%
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  36. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (3,914) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    #2 from @BBThunderbolt, it should be a felony to make a beer this good. IJS.



    4.25/5 rDev +8.4%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25

    Pours a gorgeous copper color with a little bit of haze and a creamy white head that laces the glass nicely. The nose has caramel and toffee malt notes as expected and a floral, fruity hop note as NOT expected. Wow.

    The taste is a really nice balance between the caramel/toffee malt flavors and the fruity/floral hop flavors - and all crammed into a 5.8% ABV beer that is the very definition of “quaffable.”

    I could literally drink this beer until it came out my ears. Excellent stuff, IMHO.
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  37. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Meyvn (1,420) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    Next up, a new to me brewery and beer from Eugene, Oregon. Free courtesy of the Chicago Fire FC.

    Hop Valley Bubble Stash IPA


    Can Notes:
    12 oz 6.2% ABV, 45 IBU, best by 12/21/21. Our stash of Mosaic Cryo Hops bring a blend of fruit citrus tropical flavors and a touch of resin to this new age IPA. You won’t want to pass on this one.

    Multiple pours into a small plastic glass Orange clear base, creamy egg white head covers base and leaves fine bubble lacing. Nominal carbonation. 3.25

    Light but pleasant citrus aroma, sweet but contained. 3.25

    This is a good ipa, citrus predominant, light pine and grapefruit. 3.5

    Light to medium body, light creamy malt balances well against the hops. Easy drinking, clean finish. Nice. 3.75

    This is a good IPA, mild and balanced, easy going. Glad I sampled, would drink again. 3.5

    Likely dove with new beers today, see you for New Beer Sunday!
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  38. Roguer

    Roguer Poo-Bah (6,382) Mar 25, 2013 Connecticut
    Moderator Society Trader

    Before you get too hard on yourself, keep in mind that prune and cola notes are pretty common in stouts. The maple and vanilla might amplify that impression, as well.

    In addition to prune and cola, I often get banana and nuts, which I'm 98% certain is due to the yeast strains preferred by some breweries.

    Most importantly, sounds like it hit the spot! :grinning:
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  39. Victory_Sabre1973

    Victory_Sabre1973 Poo-Bah (2,819) Sep 15, 2015 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Hello New Beer Weekend!!!

    Another week around working our way around the Sun, and a week closer to winter.

    I'll cut to the chase today, and post my new beer. It's interesting.

    Cut Off Flannel - Arvon Brewing - Imperial Stout - 11.5% ABV.

    So why is this beer interesting? Because it was a total gusher. I started to pop the top and it started looking like Old Faithful. Everywhere. On my coffee table (not like anyone would notice), my computer, my tablet, my carpet, kitchen floor, sink, and on me as well. No damage, but a lot of clean up needed.

    Now,seeing all that carnage, you'd think it's infected. Well, It sure as hell isn't at all. It's really how it should taste. Great flavors, and aroma. This, in spite of the problems, is a damn good beer.


    4.07/5 rDev -4%
    look: 2 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4

    I'm going really low on the look here, not because it looks bad in my glass, but because, when opening it up, it exploded in a geyser all over my coffee table, my computer, my tablet, my carpet, kitchen floor, and sink. I've got a lot of clean up here.

    After all that, it pours a pitch black into my glass. There's about a 1 finger tan head. This head dissipated almost immediately, and produced no lacing on the glass.
    The nose is rich with barrel notes. I also get chocolate, caramel, coffee, and lactose on the nose. Quite pleasing, and it's a sign it's not infected.
    Taste - not infected at all. I get a lot of lactose in the flavor, which makes sense, considering the style. I get caramel, toffee, raisin, plum, and chocolate, as well. These flavors are damn good.
    Thick, smooth, creamy body. Very little burn, just the faintest hint.
    In spite of the start, it ends up very well.

    Probably it for tonight. See you all down the road.
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  40. LeRose

    LeRose Poo-Bah (1,616) Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts

    What a beauty of a fall day here today. Maybe a bit warm for a while, but not for long. We have had reports of a black bear sighting here way down in Southern MA. No bear signs in my six acre slice o' heaven, but we spooked two deer out in the back this afternoon. the glass, and not too late yet:

    Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest, 2021 version (thankfully).

    Pretty attractive on the pour with super clarity and wild honey amber color. Nice cap of a tan head. Laces decently as the foam recedes fairly quickly.

    Smell is caramel, slightly toasty bready malt, a faint grassy herbal and vaguely spicy note.

    The taste is very smooth. Slightly sweet, lightly toasted bread or biscuit, caramel. There is a very nice herbal top note going on and there is a slight but noticeable spiciness on the finish that I can't quite define. Reminds me of rye - that kind of spicy/peppery.

    I'm thinking this should be a bit more full bodied than it is, which is medium at best.. Lightly carbonated.

    Easy drinking and smooth. It is a well-made beer and hits the style markers well enough. Be good for an October cookout. But it is not a gotta have for me. Objectively it is a 4-ish beer, but subjectively not a fave.
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