New Years in Jackson, MS

Discussion in 'South' started by whimlock, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. whimlock

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    Hey folks,
    I’m headed back home to Jackson, well near the reservoir, for New Years weekend. Is there anywhere with a decent taplist? Should I go to The Bulldog? I moved away right before this place opened so have no idea how it is. Is Lucky Town worth a stop on Saturday?

    Any and all suggestions welcome.
  2. cvm4

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    I know I'm late to this... Welcome back! Luckytown is closed on Sundays so Saturday was your only shot, hope you swung by. The Pig & Pint is closed as well. Your best bet for food options with a selection of craft beer is The Bulldog and Hops & Habanas (in Fondren - although I haven't seen a post that they'll be closed or open). LD's Beer Run is worth a stop of you don't want to venture down to the Fondren area and just want to pickup beers.
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