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    North Rhine Alt – Dusseldorf Altbier - AG

    6 gallons to fermenter
    1.051 OG
    1.011 FG
    5.3 ABV
    11 SRM
    43 IBU Tinseth

    70% Efficiency Target

    Grain Bill
    9# German Pilsner (2 SRM)
    2# Munich (9 srm)
    1# Belgian Aromatic
    0.5# Caramunich (56 SRM)
    0.1# Blackprinz

    Hop Bill
    0.8 Magnum 14.7% 0.8oz at 60min
    0.7 Tettnang 4.7% at 15min

    250ml slurry of Wyeast 1007

    Targeted Brewer’s Friend “Balanced Profile”

    Mashed at 152F for 90 minutes using a ratio of 1.5#/qt
    Fermented at 60F for 2 weeks then let rise to 70F over several days and held there for 2 more weeks
    The recipe is based of Brewing Classic Styles, but tweaked for my system and newer ingredients and the target numbers and water was built and/or verified using BrewCipher.

    Other Notes
    This beer won 2nd place BOS at the Robert’s Cove Germanfest this year.
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