Odell Brewing Cloud Catcher Milkshake IPA On Its Way

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by billydrinksbeer, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. billydrinksbeer

    billydrinksbeer Initiate (86) Sep 15, 2017 Colorado


    I'm interested about this one, I hear it is going to be in 6 pack cans and replacing the seasonal "sunny rain" so I imagine it will be priced around $14.

    Rep told us about 2 weeks, hopefully they bring me a sample before then. Only thing I am not stoked on is the 5.3% abv
  2. jonphisher

    jonphisher Initiate (172) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey

    Odell is still a brewery I have yet to try. So much distro but nothing out east. Maybe someday...it’ll be interesting to see if a beer like this can successfully be mass produced without people complaining about freshness.
  3. tzieser

    tzieser Savant (995) Nov 21, 2006 New Jersey

    As much as I liked their beer when I lived out west (especially their Extra Pale), I never really understood the massive praise for their IPA. It's a nice beer, sure, but it's not a 4.25/5 or 4.5/5 (bro score), IMO. I honestly don't know if they would do that well out here. I thought Cigar City was going to do great and they seem to be doing just okay (anecdotally....I have no idea of the sales figures). Maybe Odell would do great here and I'm just under-appreciating the brand.
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  4. jonphisher

    jonphisher Initiate (172) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey

    Probably true I don’t think bigger breweries opening new distro is a good move any more. Sure they’ll sell well at first then sales drop. Local is winning big time in beer nowadays.
  5. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Meyvn (1,389) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona
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    I will give this one a try, I have enjoyed some of their other offerings so I am willing to sample a few of these.
  6. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Zealot (507) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    I'd try it if they undercut the competition on price and sold it for $9.99, but I don't see enough price savings to not go with better local milkshake IPAs.
  7. gardenstatepkwy

    gardenstatepkwy Initiate (110) Jun 1, 2014 New Jersey

    I'm with you. When I lived in CO I enjoyed their beer, along with New Belgium, Boulder Beer Co, and Oskar Blues. I have fond memories of their Myrcenary IPA but I think my craft beer drinking habits and palate have evolved so much since that I'm not sure I'd feel the same way now. I look at those breweries like I do Dogfish, Stone, etc. Beer I once really enjoyed and went looking for that I only drink now when I can't find a new local option. In this current market that seems to be skewed towards hyper-local, fresh hoppy beers I'm not sure Odell pushing out here would be smart business. I think you raised a good question with Cigar City. I wonder how their numbers have been since their distro up here started. I'd also be curious about Bell's sales over the next year.
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  8. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (6,202) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
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    And I think that the scores for the IPA are justified. In the sea of new IPAs, it's still a standout that I enjoy returning to.
  9. ManBearPat

    ManBearPat Devotee (422) Dec 2, 2014 Colorado

    Their canning line is an absolute Rolls Royce.
    To be honest, I've always loved their IPA, but it somehow got even better when they started canning it. And I think they may have tweaked the recipe over the last couple years to reflect the changing market/palates.

    As far as distro, I think their plan has always been to only expand by something like 10% per year so as to not have as much impact on their overall quality. I'm sure some of the other bigger breweries like OB, DFH, Stone, etc could have seriously benefited from this approach- but what do I know.

    Irregardlessly speaking, I'm really pumped to try it!
  10. Dan411

    Dan411 Initiate (88) Mar 20, 2017 Missouri

    Their IPA is solid for sure. One of the better "old school" offerings, and their double, Myrcenary is one of the better doubles I have had. This new one does sound good. That ABV is a little unexpected, although my waistline will thank me for it.
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  11. tzieser

    tzieser Savant (995) Nov 21, 2006 New Jersey

    Yeah, I'm aware I am in the minority on this one (I even like Jai Alai a bit more then Odell). I certainly wouldn't turn one down and I don't think it's a bad IPA by any means but it was never my first choice IPA when it was available (usually went for Dragoon or something local). I'm a big fan of IPAs with a good malt base in them so Odell's certianly has my respect in that regard (Harpoon is my one of my favs when I'm back home in MA, even when Trillium is like a half hour away lol) . I'll have to revisit Odell IPA someday but "to each their own" and all that good stuff.
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  12. elohim

    elohim Initiate (183) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia

    I just drink more low ABV beers to get the desired effect so I bet in my case it ends up being more calories. I drink for effects just as much as flavor.
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  13. MonkeyBread

    MonkeyBread Zealot (587) Apr 26, 2014 Nevada

    Odell is outdated now. Their ipa was actually impressive 5 years ago against the competition at that time. Now it’s an English ipa that tastes archaic. The whole line up got Nevada distro recently and I was excited to go through it again. Tastes completely old top to bottom. Only thing that holds up ok today is Myrcenary.
  14. JohnnyChicago

    JohnnyChicago Crusader (795) Sep 3, 2010 Illinois

    Last time I was in Colorado I remember being thoroughly impressed by their St. Lupulin. If it’s fresh, I’ll buy it! Delicious beer.
    Zero interest in a milkshake IPA...
  15. Hoos78

    Hoos78 Aspirant (214) Mar 3, 2015 Ohio

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  16. billydrinksbeer

    billydrinksbeer Initiate (86) Sep 15, 2017 Colorado

    Their year long core line up is meh for me, but their specialty stuff, cellar series, and seasonals are often fantastic

    I agree, its a super average ipa in my mind, but we sure as hell sell the shit out of it

    English ipa? I dont think so my man

    St Lupulin is a great beer, milkshakes are definitely not everyones cup of tea but I think its smart hopping on the hype train and making one in a 6 pack format
  17. ManBearPat

    ManBearPat Devotee (422) Dec 2, 2014 Colorado

    Its so laughably far from an English IPA that I’m not sure what else to say
  18. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Zealot (507) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    I agree. Maltiness on ipas is not in right now and so even a little bit like in O'dells and lot's of the top stuff from years past seems out of date. Is it a traditional English IPA? No. Does it seem like one comparing it straight up to the current trending ipas that don't have maltiness? Hell yes.
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  19. Hoos78

    Hoos78 Aspirant (214) Mar 3, 2015 Ohio

  20. billydrinksbeer

    billydrinksbeer Initiate (86) Sep 15, 2017 Colorado

    Okay when is the last time you guys have had this beer? It is not in the least bit malty, and doesn't seem like an english IPA compared to anything
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  21. beardown2489

    beardown2489 Disciple (341) Oct 5, 2012 Illinois

    Anything that isnt glowing yellow is an English ipa now. Get with it.
  22. beardown2489

    beardown2489 Disciple (341) Oct 5, 2012 Illinois

    Classic beers never grow old
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  23. denver10

    denver10 Poo-Bah (2,408) Nov 17, 2010 New Mexico

    Odell does describe their IPA as being a traditional IPA from England and Americanizing it.
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  24. MonkeyBread

    MonkeyBread Zealot (587) Apr 26, 2014 Nevada

    It’s an Americanized English ipa as said by Denver10, it’s branded that way and says it even on the label. It also tastes like an english ipa with American hops instead so it fits the description.

    And I’m also sorry to say but classic beers do get old without updating. Nothing wrong with Odell’s core line, everything is well made across the board, they’re just “fine” though. Nothing amazing about them. Their barrel series and sours I haven’t been impressed with at all besides the price point is cheap. I’ve tried probably 10 and never considered a repeat purchase.

    In today’s market nostalgic classic beers that are only “fine” aren’t good enough. We are inundated with superb quality beers with new breakthroughs every month of better and better beers. I can’t imagine buying Odell beers regularly. I don’t wish them ill but in even a weaker beer market like Las Vegas for the knowledgeable craft beer nerds their product won’t get bought here. I fear for the midsize breweries distributing everywhere. Unless you’ve got impeccable, can’t miss stuff you’re just collecting dust on shelves.
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  25. raynmoon

    raynmoon Crusader (780) Aug 13, 2011 Colorado

    I think you're confusing "breakthroughs in quality" with trendy styles in fancy packages. Because all I see are popsicle kettle sours and vanilla bean "ipa's". Nothing about the new beer trends scream "better " to me, Just different.
  26. beardown2489

    beardown2489 Disciple (341) Oct 5, 2012 Illinois

    You might be right that Odell will struggle in some markets. But it won’t be because of the quality or style of their beers. It will be because the beer scene is so hyper focused on new beers from local breweries. Bigger regional breweries are struggling outside of their home market all over the map.
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  27. jageraholic

    jageraholic Disciple (323) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts

    I'm no expert, but i dont think you can strictly go by ABV to determine the calories for a beer with lactose. I bet the OG and FG are a little higher than normal and the residual sugars will make the calories a bit higher.
  28. denver10

    denver10 Poo-Bah (2,408) Nov 17, 2010 New Mexico

    Odell is more than just fine, IMO.

    I get the issue with selling outside their home base, but I think the same stands for the Bells, Founders, Deschutes, Firestone Walkers, etc. Odell fits right in with those guys, all of whom I think are brewing beer that is far better than fine. Cutthroat is my favorite porter, St. Lupulin is near the very top of pale ales for me, Myrcenary was long my favorite double IPA, and while I rarely drink Scottish Ales if I do it is generally going to be a 90 Schilling. Their beers might not be sexy, but they are good (and some I would personally consider to be great). And, as you did mention, you can count on their beer being well made.

    As for their cellar series releases.....that was never my bread and butter either. Their sours and wild ales never did it for me but some of their barrel aged offerings lately have been definite winners. Bullet Proof was a great bourbon barrel stout, IMO. BA Lugene was good too.

    I am obviously biased here as I have drank more Odell beer than any other Colorado brewery beer over the years. They were long my favorite brewery and only reason they aren't any more is because I moved and am guilty of seeking out local stuff, which Odell no longer is for me.

    There is that other thread addressing Annheuser Busch and how their line of "craft" is on its way to being the largest selling "craft" brand on the market. For me, a big takeaway from that is that our beer buying patterns are only one piece of the beer market, and a smaller piece at that. Our habits are probably what the smaller breweries thrive one. But for a bigger company probably benefits more for the non-beer advocate type drinker. We might seek out that new sexy beer that just hit the local shelves like crazy, but for every one of us there are multiple others happy to buy a well made, affordable beer they can find easily enough at their local, which would, IMO, give a company like Odell as good a chance as any to succeed outside of their Colorado market.
  29. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Zealot (541) Mar 28, 2009 California

    If it doesn’t taste like dessert in a can it’s out dated.
  30. ManBearPat

    ManBearPat Devotee (422) Dec 2, 2014 Colorado

    So we agree they aren't making an English IPA... why'd this take so long?
  31. beardown2489

    beardown2489 Disciple (341) Oct 5, 2012 Illinois

    Turns out it is going to be 6.8%.
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  32. ManBearPat

    ManBearPat Devotee (422) Dec 2, 2014 Colorado

    That’s more like it. Seemed strange to me that it’d be the exact same abv as drumroll, yet labeled an IPA
  33. poopinmybutt

    poopinmybutt Initiate (104) May 25, 2005 Nebraska

    love me some O'Dell Irish Pale Ale
  34. billydrinksbeer

    billydrinksbeer Initiate (86) Sep 15, 2017 Colorado

    really? where did you see that?
  35. denver10

    denver10 Poo-Bah (2,408) Nov 17, 2010 New Mexico

  36. southdenverhoo

    southdenverhoo Disciple (355) Aug 13, 2004 Colorado

    This is a good point. I can think of no brewery’s flagship which has changed as much over time as Odell IPA.

    Really, during this decade it has become a (very good) west coast IPA, to my palate, very gradually and by virtue of small tweak after small tweak. I have no way of verifying this, but I doubt very seriously that the Hop bill and schedule remotely resembles what it was in 2008, let alone 1998.
  37. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (3,712) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    I think that Odell is a solid brewery and I wish them well here.

    As has been discussed in a few posts the contemporary US craft beer scene is very dynamic!! There are lots of sub-segments of the overall craft beer market and each of those sub-segments are behaving differently from each other and changing quickly in a relatively short time span.

    I have posted repeatedly and I will mention it again: the market for the larger, distributing craft breweries are hyper-competitive in the US right now. Sierra Nevada has been struggling for the past couple of years but maybe with recent changes in their year-round portfolio 2018 will be a bit better for them? Odell expanding “something like 10% per year” as mentioned by @ManBearPat is still quite challenging despite their modest expansion goals.

    The US craft beer industry is expanding at an outrageous rate of about 3 new breweries opening every day! Needless to say the vast majority of these new breweries are small and will be serving the local market. Despite the fact that these new breweries are small they collectively represent a notable increase in beer production. Is this sort of growth sustainable? I suppose over the next few years we will collectively find out. I have started to think that the new business model for these new craft breweries is the hometown/neighborhood brewery; folks will walk (or drive a short distance) to drink beer at their hometown brewery.

    Most folks have a limited budget for purchasing beer. If they are spending a majority (or all) of their beer budget locally this means there is little money left over to buy beer from the larger, distributing craft breweries (e.g., Odell, Sierra Nevada, Stone,…).

    Well, that is the way I see things.


    P.S. The other important consideration: Shane Welch (@Sixpoint) posted in a previous thread: “By almost all measures the aggregate beer market is not growing, and its actually shrinking.”

    @KOP_Beer_OUtlet @RobH @rotsaruch
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  38. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Zealot (507) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    I'm in agreement. I would imagine the distributing craft breweries you mentioned who want to continue to scale are going to have a harder time going after the those who have access to the fresher, local stuff and will have to grow via converting the macro lager population.
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  39. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (3,712) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Another potential market for the larger, distributing craft breweries is the non-US market. Stone has addressed this via opening a facility in Berlin to serve the European market with their hoppy beers. Maybe there are growth opportunities for US craft beer in other regions as well (e.g., Asia, South America,..)?

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  40. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (6,202) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
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    It made its way to Buffalo Wild Wings in Casper. Well executed example of the style.