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Official SA Bishop's Barrel thread

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by icetrauma, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Sep 30, 2007 Texas

    I was just messin really, didn't go the way I wanted it to I think lol

    That and I've never heard of hearsay, so I prob should have asked since on its face the post doesn't make any sense, unless you know what hearsay was of course , heh.
  2. thirdeye11

    thirdeye11 Feb 3, 2009 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I agree that the post didn't make sense, but I figured since you were confused, and I was confused, you're in Austin and I'm in Dallas, that the outside possibility existed of a place called "Hearsay" in Houston. Googling "Hearsay Houston" worked oddly enough :)
  3. Erik

    Erik Mar 5, 2012 Texas

    Hah. Yeah, I should've clarified and said it was a bar instead of sounding like an angry lawyer. Objection, hearsay!
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  4. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Sep 30, 2007 Texas

    Use google to figure out things?!?!?!

    Unpossible! ;)

    Ps. That place looks like one to hit up. If I'm in Houston sometime ill let you know, maybe meet for a brew.
  5. Walt

    Walt Aug 6, 2006 Texas

    I grabbed a few cases at Flix. Note, the beer isn't for sale just yet. I'll update you.
  6. kmello69

    kmello69 Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    This makes me very happy. :)
  7. Ahaley

    Ahaley Dec 24, 2009 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Woo hoo!
    -aaron in austin
  8. slimchill

    slimchill Apr 10, 2008 Texas

    FWIW I have one bottle FT. beermail me with a worthwhile offer.
  9. mcanderson0

    mcanderson0 Oct 24, 2012 Texas

    Some folks here acting like they're better than this beer... Why are you in this thread then?

    I'm lucky enough to have left work early. Petrol Station at 4:20, got in line, opened at 4:40, sold out of BB1 at 4:50. Totally unexpected but stuck around after and had some other beers on tap with some friends. A second 'shipment' walked in around 6 and I grabbed a couple more bottles since there was no line at that point.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the whole release-in-bottles-at-bars thing... SA know they can sell these beers, so they might as well increase production now.
  10. icetrauma

    icetrauma Sep 7, 2004 Texas

    SA knew, or should of known, these beers would sell like hotcakes. With all the recent hype about the fall SA and Karbach beers, it should of been obvious.
  11. icetrauma

    icetrauma Sep 7, 2004 Texas

    Would BB1 be worth a trade for a bottle of Bodacious?
  12. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Apr 13, 2010 Texas

    10$ worth of beer?
    kmello69 likes this.
  13. kmello69

    kmello69 Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Because this isn't a fanboy thread - its a place to discuss opinions about beer, some of which might disagree. Nothing wrong with some people not liking a beer, a brewery, or a distribution pattern.
  14. cfh64

    cfh64 Aug 16, 2005 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I agree for once. They should have stopped brewing everything else about a year ago when they put this beer in barrels in anticipation of the hype of the fall Karbach/SA beers. They also should have anticipated the hype surounding Pumpkinator and should have brewed 3 times as much as last year instead of just twice as much. I also think they should have dedicated all of their barrels to this one batch, even though they've never brewed it before, just to screw people over with more hyped up beer. It was so obvious, f'in idiots.
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  15. H0rnedFr0gs

    H0rnedFr0gs Mar 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I can't agree more. What's great is many of these brewers frequent our threads. I assume we provide a valuable focus group of a sorts. I mean it's a whole lot easier to learn from mistakes or perceived avenues for improvement if you know about them.
  16. icetrauma

    icetrauma Sep 7, 2004 Texas

    And to take it a step further, the DR series has been out for how many years now? And the rat race is crazy for each release.

    Can't beat a free marketing focus group such as BA.
    cfh64 likes this.
  17. cfh64

    cfh64 Aug 16, 2005 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Lol, touche.
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  18. HoustonZ33

    HoustonZ33 Sep 10, 2012 Texas

    So can someone recommend another BA'd Stout that's reasonably accessible in Houston?

    I loved BB1 and I wanna try others, BAD.
  19. lindsey624

    lindsey624 Feb 14, 2009 Texas

    Dont know what the fuss is all about in Houston. This beer is still at plenty of bars, just have to ask. Of course the biggest accounts sold out quick, but i'm still seeing 1 if not 2 full cases still sitting around places
    FUNKPhD likes this.
  20. LukeM23

    LukeM23 Jul 8, 2008 Texas

    We received 2 cases of the bishop tonight at the Dancing Bear Pub in Waco. As of 9 when I left tonight there was only 1 case left.
  21. icetrauma

    icetrauma Sep 7, 2004 Texas

    And these bars are?
  22. lindsey624

    lindsey624 Feb 14, 2009 Texas

    The two i remember for sure are Shepherd park and Washington Ave. Drinkerey. If i recall correctly, little woodrows heights as well.
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  23. icetrauma

    icetrauma Sep 7, 2004 Texas

  24. Dajtai007

    Dajtai007 Jan 15, 2009 Texas

    we got some over here at Cottonwood too, a couple cases left.
  25. BeanBone

    BeanBone Oct 12, 2006 Texas

    You must be new here...
  26. Azzy

    Azzy Jul 16, 2012 Texas

    Soon Burried Hatchet.
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  27. Erik

    Erik Mar 5, 2012 Texas

    Unfortunately we don't have much in terms of BB stouts in Houston and can't think of anything here completely comparable to BB1. Karbach's BB Hellfighter Porter is good if you can find it on tap. And as Azzy said, BB Buried Hatchet should be available soon. There are some oak aged beers and whiskey barrel beers we get that might be worth checking out. BBA stouts/porter and my favorite so I usually do trades for them.
  28. UHCougar12

    UHCougar12 Feb 21, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    A buddy and I had them at Lil woodrows in the heights on Saturday. I asked the bartender what SA seasonal she had and she said "i think Oktoberfest" then brought back Bb1. The bartenders didn't even know they had them in the back. So I'd say just ask at each bar you go to.
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  29. kmello69

    kmello69 Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Just saw this tweet from Dig Pub in Cedar Park: "Looking for Bishop's Barrel #1 we've still got 10 bottles. w00t!"

    Also know that Flix in RR has some, but I dont think they've made it available to buy yet. (correct me if I'm wrong, Walt)
  30. slimchill

    slimchill Apr 10, 2008 Texas

    $10 worth of equally limited release beer.
  31. Walt

    Walt Aug 6, 2006 Texas

    HomeField got a lot in today and it is on sale now! On-premise only.

    Flix's might not be for sale until Monday.
  32. TexasStout

    TexasStout Jun 22, 2007 Texas

    It is rare man, don't ya' understand? :rolleyes: Rare = awesome in BeerGeekVille.
  33. H0rnedFr0gs

    H0rnedFr0gs Mar 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Rare = awesome
    Rare + awesome = whale

    My first year beer thesis is complete.
  34. Ford

    Ford Sep 8, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    All I know is I really liked it. Would love to find a bottle somewhere again, while out next week, but I'm guessing that will be hard!
  35. channels321

    channels321 Apr 16, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    ^This. I really enjoyed this beer. Luckily I was able to grab 2 bottles so I have 1 to age, but would not hesitate to grab more if I were presented the opportunity. Paid $7 a piece and well worth it to me.
  36. Lutter

    Lutter Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    I really like the progression of this thread from: hmmm to OMG to meh to WHALEZ BRO.
  37. soultrain19

    soultrain19 Feb 28, 2008 Texas

    Just picked up 2 today at Crazy J's Icehouse on Pinemont. Oh and did I mention they have Krunkin Punkin AND Pumpkinator.

    Looks can be deceiving. They even have Endeavour on tap (really good HH price). The owner mentioned he was going to have a BB1 and DR12 party. Yup. DR12.
    Ford likes this.
  38. cfh64

    cfh64 Aug 16, 2005 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I'm just disappointed this beer doesn't seem as hard to get as everyone originally made it seem. I already miss the bitching about having to chase it down, St A's conspiracy hype theories, there not being enough when it's apparently sitting on shelves at bars/restaurants, etc. I think they should brew half as much BB #2 so some of the complaints will then be justified.

    Pumpkinator you say? Still on shelves? Impossible, that's become a TX whale according to some. Brew half as much, 2011 style, these beers are too damn easy to get for St A's. That's so Shiner.
  39. H0rnedFr0gs

    H0rnedFr0gs Mar 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    A lot has to be said for a local loyal fan base. I would posit that there is a significant and awesome difference between people bitching about wanting more and people bitching about having it.

    2 world class beers in their arsenal, 1 a seasonal and 1 year round DIPA, successful launch of a Barrel program with another series on way (was it named Icon?..my memory fails)

    I guess that's what you call one of those good problems.

    Note:this still hasn't shown up in Fort Worth
  40. awinkro

    awinkro Oct 15, 2008 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Icon is correct. Was just brewed yesterday. No need to worry about chasing it down. It will be brewed multiple times. Think of it as another seasonal, ala Lips of Faith if you will.

    Should probably start another thread for Icon.
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