OG Rare and Nilla

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    I have a chance to trade for them and was curious if anyone has had them recently? Gonna give up some whales. Obviously they are most likely past their prime, but i want to make sure they're "drinkable". Tickers gotta tick

  2. JacksDad12109

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    If cellared properly, they are probably “drinkable.” I wouldn’t pull the trigger on a trade like that unless I knew the history of the bottles. For example, if the person was the only owner and stored them properly, I would say go for it.
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  3. Beer_Economicus

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    I recently acquired an OG rare. I received it from someone that told me he stored it in his fridge at 43 since he purchased it. He had multiple Rare and multiple vanilla, along with other BC variants, so i do believe him completely.

    He told me that between the two, Nilla is fading a little more (expected due to being an additive I guess). He also commented on having tried some not stored properly, and gen could definitely tell a difference between properly and non properly cellared.

    Also, people say all the time that 2010 is still drinking great. FWIW, and those are probably traded far more than these whales.
  4. PrestigeWorldwide

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    An OG Rare I had a few months back had more marshmallow than any other beer I've had. My expectations were super low due to the age of the bottle, but really wanted to tick it.

    Rarely (ha!) do whales live up to the hype, but that bottle sure did. With the beer being damn near 10 years old, I'm sure there will be variation though.
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    So when are you inviting me over and introducing me to your friend!?!
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    Depends. What can you tell me about the 2015 infection? :wink:
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    Exactly this!